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  1. Thanks Eli. For anyone interested in photo's I can email or txt through all the photo's. Bruno28 good dac well... I would use this when I was listening to my head phones on my old phone. I thought the improvement was night and day, well worth it. Now my new phone seem to be an improvement and wont be using the fiio as much. Cheers
  2. item: Fiio e17 alpen dac + amp Location: Newcastle Price: $80 Condition: mint Reason for selling: No longer needed as I have a new phone Payment method: cash or bank transfer Info: Photo's can be seen over at stereonet as I couldn't download them here. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php/topic/105419-fiio-e17-aspen-dac-amp/
  3. I must apolagise to jutta and Kef ci 2000 for not responding. I did consider the Jamo's jutta, and unfortunately kef the wife didn't want speakers that needed repairs. I ended up getting Q acoustics 2050i (piano blk) from Selbys. They haven't arrived yet but I'm very keen to see what the hype is all about. Bit risky but if I really don't like them I can always move them on without taking too much of a hit ( I hope )
  4. Thanks anyway, it was a long shot. 18yrs old and still looking as young as ever.
  5. Hi brodricj, Iooking for a second set of speakers for a large room 7x5. Would it be ok to run these off yamaha rxa810 (avr) ? Are they in good condition ? They need to meet waf, any photo's. I live on the east coast 2287, do you have original boxes + foam inserts, and can you courier ?
  6. Hi guys, looking for a pair of speakers, will be used in second lounge rm. Mainly just tv viewing and maybe some music. Will be driven by yam rx-a810. Room is about 7m x 3.5m. I realise bookshelves wont fill the room but that's not important. I will consider bookshelf or floorstanding at the moment. I live in the Newcastle area and local would be good but will consider deliveries if original boxes can be supplied. Speaker need to be in good condition to meet WAF. Hoping to get away with $500 but if something worth while came up I could go to $1000. Cheers.
  7. I'd say gillmaverick will have one awesome sounding shed, or might be shopping for a friend.
  8. Just curious what does the B stand for ? Is it black ?
  9. Oppo has always been ahead of the game.
  10. I would like to thank Digitalhome for your time and effort. The sub was as describe, delivered, set up and sub cable provided. Plus the hundreds of questions he answered. I hope your own h/t situation can be sorted asap and live up to your standards. Thanks v.much
  11. New Range From Richter

    It looks like you've taken the dust covers off, not sure if this was for the photos but it's recommended to leave them on, something to do with the design of the drivers and dust getting in. Looks like your right in the middle of the action on the couch!