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  1. WTB: Svs As-eq1 or Audyssey Subwoofer EQ

    Hi RJ. We can assist here with AS-EQ1. Please email me @ [email protected] Cheers. Peter
  2. Rip Warrick

    So sad when I heard this news. Such a gentleman. Condolences to Warrick's family and to the staff of T.C.C. RIP. You will be missed. Peter
  3. Fs: Denon Avr-X4000

    I saw this unit at Kazz's home whilst installing a couple of PSA subs. If I recall you just purchased it as you wanted the dual subwoofer correction XT32 Sub EQ that this unit incorporates. This unit will be in pristine condition like all Kazz's HT I would suggest. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Power Sound Audio Subs

    Thanks bohn. We'll continue to offer DTV members similar pricing to pre-order pricing. That is $100 discount on S1500 and V1500 and $150 on all the larger ice models (V1800, V3600i, S3000i and S3600i). Please be sure to mention your membership when contacting us. Peter
  5. Power Sound Audio Subs

    Grill pins arrived today and as per my emails to Sub25 & Jutta this afternoon your replacements are now in envelopes to ship to you both tomorrow. Please sing out if any assistance required for swap out. Cheers. Peter
  6. Power Sound Audio Subs

    Sub25 & Jutta. Grill pins should be to us next week. I'll email you both upon dispatch to your respective addresses. This is an easy fix as Tom described in post #77. Thanks Tom. Cheers. Peter
  7. Power Sound Audio Xs30 Subwoofer Review

    The SX30 & XS30SE models ship with grills in a separate carton, either inside with the subwoofer or as a separate carton. The grills are never attached to the subwoofer when shipped (new). All PSA models have solid protective packaging and we've not had any issues so far when we ship new models to our customers. Sub25 please send me an email and I'll chase up PSA and see if we can get you some replacement pins. We've not seen a broken pin so far. Sorry to hear the person you purchased from left the grills attached. Peter
  8. Power Sound Audio Subs

    Hi Guys. Our mission with Power Sound Audio (PSA) is to supply their products at similar prices (less where possible) as if self-importing and to supply local back-up and support if ever required. Oz prices can never be similar to US retail (US retail prices do not reflect US state taxes which are added after the sale) as PSA are not a wholesale to retail model. Our Ice model pricing has supported this philosophy (prices same as self-importing) and if after receiving actual shipping charges we can pass on any further savings we will. The 70 cents exchange rate hurts us all big time (both for stock and shipping charges) on the new Ice models. X series prices reflect our previous shipments when exchange rates were simply so much better. As we get closer to the early November container's arrival we'll see about posting a DTV member price for all models. Please feel free to email me at any time. Peter.
  9. Power Sound Audio Subs

    Hi John. I've not seen these in the flesh as yet (as stocks arrive early November) and from what I've read the Drivers for the Ice models are similar to the XS30SE however they have been updated/optimized for the Ice modules. The dual opposed 15" drivers (sealed model) S3000i is rated at 1700 watts and in affect will replace the XS30SE. The just released dual opposed 18" drivers (sealed model) S3600i is also powered by the 1700 watt Ice amplifier. Should be incredible! Cheers, Peter.
  10. Power Sound Audio Subs

    Hi Guys. Thanks for your interest in The Power Sound Audio (PSA) subwoofers and speakers. The new "Ice" powered subwoofer models are now packed to our Container with departure from the PSA factory in Ohio USA this Tuesday. Shipment should reach us the second week in November and we are offering a pre-order discount on any new Ice model order taken prior the to end of October. Pricing on the new models will be up on our website in a day or two. Please feel free to email us at any time should you seek any information. Tom V. from Power sound Audio does drop by this forum from time to time so do feel free to seek his input on any technical question (or otherwise) that you may have. Cheers, Peter.
  11. Dolby Atmos Gtg @ Tcc

    I Have Edge of Tomorrow so I'll bring that along together with- - Tubular Bells 2003 (Mike Oldfield) on DVD audio 5.1 mix - Hotel California (Eagles) on DVD Audio 5.1 mix - Hell or High Water (Sarah K) SACD 5.1 mix (also has a CD layer in case TCC player is not multi) Cheers.
  12. Dolby Atmos Gtg @ Tcc

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there. T-18 will be there too. Peter
  13. Dolby Atmos Gtg @ Tcc

    I see. In that case the T-18 commences gym training this week in readiness.
  14. Dolby Atmos Gtg @ Tcc

    Thanks for the invite Warwick and we'll bring the bass to the party. Power Sound Audio T-18 subwoofer. Should be a fun day.
  15. Power Sound Audio Mt-110 & Mtm-210 Loudspeakers

    Hi guys. Here's a couple of images of the new MT-110 stereo pair along with a pair of MTM-210 with a MT-110 Centre at Power Sound Audio HQ. Also is an image of the all new Triax 18 subwoofer next to a MTM-210. These should be shipping to us in the next few weeks. Peter