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  1. The Fifth Element 4K UHD

    I am getting mine through the ParcelPost pick up points - and it is somewhere in Sydney now. ETA Friday
  2. Marantz 6011 7.2.4

    I can't be sure about the Denon but have definitely configured the Marantz 6011 to do that. The reason the 6011 is hard to find is because it's possibly the cheapest unit to do the full 11 channel. And that the 6012 is probably on its way.
  3. Marantz 6011 7.2.4

  4. Sony Releases UBP-X800 4K UHD Player

    7th Gen OLEDs have DV out of the box. I was contemplating the Epson LS10500 now that it's out finally out but I'm kinda happy with the X9500 so might wait for a laser DV for the next upgrade. The Sony ZD9 is supposed to be getting a DV update this year
  5. My guess - There's no video content in the vertical bars. The TV uses the zoom function to compress the signal so it displays in a 4:3 window inside your 16:9 TV. With the horizontal bars - there's a video signal - a black level that's being displayed as a washed out grey on your display. You could use a test pattern generator like with DVD Essentials or a more modern BD or UHD disc with the same signal resolution as the picture above to adjust the blacker than black level. And get that closer to black.
  6. Marantz 8802 manufacturing defect.

    I would just go through the dealer - the dealer network have their own contacts to sort it out for you. That's why you have a local dealer. I'm not sure the Product Manager is the right guy to call - he'd likely put you through to support and returns to handle logistics and approvals. I had an issue with my 8802A and it was replaced with a direct shipment from the AP warehouse in Singapore. Took about a week. But the second unit was perfect.
  7. No Dolby Atmos on UHD disks

    Atmos can be carried over DD plus or Dolby TrueHD containers. If the AVR can only decode TrueHD, it will ignore the Atmos information and you can still get the hires Lossless TrueHD track.
  8. OooH now More Double Dipping

    Sumofabeech- I found a sealed copy of Terminator2 - some steel book Skynet edition I think. Too disgusted with myself to take a photo. Think I'll skip the UHD. Promise.
  9. How about Avengers and the original original Star Wars sans tampering.
  10. My First Surround Sound Product

    First surround setup was a Richter Sound JPW 5.1 with a passive sub and a Kenwood Dolby ProLogic AVR. I got that from saving my uni allowances from my sponsor [emoji51] while I was studying in London. Picked up a 20" CRT from a flea market that took 15 minutes to warm up. And a VHS deck from the same place. Ah the joys of the local Blockbuster. Didn't even need a remote. The small bedsit I was in meant the TV was within reach of my foot! For easy channel changes.
  11. Should I bother with ATMOS/DTS X

    I've been using the Elac A4 Atmos enabled. Set them up at the recommended locations and they do sound pretty impressive - creating a real height envelope around you. Even with Atmos Surround upmix on DTS HD or TrueHD tracks, the effect can be quite apparent. Was amazed at the way debris sounded like it was thrown up into the air and falling around you in the explosion scene in Patriot Day
  12. There are 3 types of 4K projectors. 1. Native 4K x 3 for RGB - Sony 300/500/1000/5000 series and subsequent generations along with the JVC Z1 These use 4096x2160 4K panels which is the format used for digital cinema. UHD BD movies are actually 2x1920 = 3840 x 2160 = 4x the no of pixels of a 1080p panel. The thing is until you get to the 1000 series Sony and up, the lens on the entry level 300/500 series isn't quite as resolving for the improved panel resolution. So you'll find that in many AB comparisons, the second group of "fauxK" projectors don't look too bad. 2. 4K compatible aka wobulation panels aka FauxK panels like Epson 9300/10000 or JVC X9/7/5000 series These accept a 4K signal but use 3x1080p RGB panels and then "move" the panels diagonally across to approximate the 4x increase in pixels but in reality is closer to 2x. 3. 4K DLP projectors which use one panel. DLP uses tiny mirrors to reflect light. And most DLP projectors use only ONE panel. But because they switch so fast, you can use the same panel for RGB. A light wheel changes the color of the light source and does it so fast that you can get the effect of 3 panels in the time domain. With the new 4K DLP they added an extra trick. Instead of 1920x1080 (2K x 1K) mirrors on the old FullHD DLP the new ones are about 2K x 2K - but each mirror can reflect at 2 angles in the vertical resolution so it creates the effect of 4K by 2K when done very fast. So in effect you get a full 4K addressable space in the time domain. If you considered a single chip DLP as a full HD RGB display, the same principle would apply to the 4K DLP. --------- That's the basic tech. In reality though, 4K is going to be critical of the lens so be prepared to pay more for the lens or the added resolution would be hard to discern. Also you may find other qualities to be more easily discernible - like black levels. Or contrast level. Or the ability to handle HDR which imho is something that makes the new UHD BD format stand out - far more than the increase in resolution per se.
  13. Best Whole Home WiFi Solutions

    The PAKEDGE is the real deal. Add a Power Over Ethernet switch and you can have the wireless access points connected where they are most needed without the need for getting a power point next to the AP. The weakest link of most consumer grade access points is the power supply. More often than not, they fail after a year or two of 24/7 usage. I'm now trialling the VELOP at home. Still a product in infancy. But seems to be working quite well now. But with the main (wired) node in the living room and another wireless node in a guest bedroom it reported low connection strength. Good thing I bought the three pack and placing the third mode in between seems to have fixed the drop in connection strength. I also like that I can now hook up a switch to the VELOP wireless nodes and give some of my gear a wired connection to the LAN.
  14. In the 2016 range HEOS was only available in one AVR and one AVP. So I guess they don't seem as big an impact. That will change in 2017 when even the baby slimline AVRs and up will get HEOS