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  1. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    I understand you are not happy about having to put your had in your pocket to fix your projector, and I'm sorry to be so blunt, but its seems you are a little out of touch with the reality of running a "business". A guy who mows laws for a living charges around $100 per hour and doesnt have to pay rent on premises, pay staff including sick pay, long service leave and superannuation. Pay accountants to do GST returns, company tax returns, weekly staff payroll etc. Pay for insurance on premises and public liability. Cover the cost of warranty on your own work etc, etc, etc, and MAKE A PROFIT because its a "business" not a charity. PLUS, after all that hand over about one third of what profit you do make to the government. Still reckon you are in the "wrong line of business"? I hope you never have to call a plumber.
  2. LCD panels are inherently non uniform and can vary markedly from panel to panel, so even with perfectly even back lighting you can still get uniformity problems like flash lighting, bright corers, etc. Think back to the days when all LCD's where all CCFL back lit, no edge lighting at all then. Panel uniformity was no better then and you entered the panel lottery every time you purchased an LCD screen, just as now. Two TV's of the same size, model and using the same brand of panel can perform very differently. What's different, is it the panel or the lighting? When all examples have much the same problem its almost certainly the lighting system, when there is great variance between examples its almost certainly the LCD panel. Edge lighting is not ideal but it can and does work quite well if properly engineered, especially on smaller panels which are easier to manage. Similar to one person is unacceptably different to another. If you value colour accuracy, motion interpolation performance and the finer points of image processing a Hisense is not a good choice unless a lower price is paramount. Plenty, if not most people, are not aware of or bothered by such things so for them spending extra on a "brand name" TV doesn't make much Hisense.
  3. From your link. "The THX cinema standards have no references to a "best" or "optimal" vertical viewing angle." If some people think looking up at the screen is "best" or "optimal" good luck to them, its not IMHO.
  4. That's a matter of opinion and depends on how you use the display. For bright room dynamic systems are not only unnecessary but highly counter productive. The back-edge lighting should be constant for best performance. With a decent VA panel in a dim room with suitable bias lighting dynamic systems are again unnecessary and highly counter productive IMHO with black level float, haloes and all round picture inconsistency. I much prefer to turn all dynamic crap off in this situation, and when you directly compare the dynamic enhanced image next to an accurate non enhances image you will see why. The high brightness used for HDR magnifies the problems with dynamic lighting by a factor of 10 or more. In a dark room dynamic dimming does provide deeper blacks in some areas of the picture but again this comes with visible negative side effects that the individual may find acceptable or they may not. When you compare with a high native contrast display that does not do any dynamic trickery the shortcomings of dynamic enhancement will become apparent and its up to the individual to decide if the trade off's are worth it. A simple bias light can make a top line FALD LCD perform better with its dynamic system disabled then with it enabled. Something for people to think about.
  5. A PC isn't an "extra box" its the ONLY box that can do everything and will continue to do so years after your smart TV's app's are no longer supported and obsolete. Even a brand new "smart" TV's cant do what a 10 year old PC can do because they are dumb. If you are after the best playback quality possible a properly configured PC is not optional its a requirement, and I DON'T consider madVR in any way essential or even needed, I prefer FFDshow. A smart TV is not in the same class as a PC and never will be. I haven't played a game since the 1990's, and putting up with a dumb as dog sh!t "smart TV" is not my idea of fun or progress.
  6. There is no "benefit" in so called smart functions in TV's that will quickly become outdated and obsolete. Put your money into a solution that will always be upgradeable like a PC that is FAR more "future proof" and functional. How are discussions about Hisense TV's relevant in this thread? They are not in the same class as the models in the thread title.
  7. Dynamic dimming systems of any kind are NOT the way forward, they where and will always be a patch up job attempting to make inherently low native contrast LCD more acceptable. A FALD LCD would need as many zones as pixels to compete with OLED, and since thats almost certainly going to be more expensive to implement than OLED or future emissive technologies why bother?
  8. How many people wall mount a TV with the centre of the screen at eye height when seated, thats about 1m off the floor. VERY few in my experience because it looks odd. Wall mounted TV's are normally placed quite a bid higher then that which is far from ideal for viewing and a real problem for LCD, ask Blackman. Not if you actually follow the manufactures instructions and use the tether point, cant tip forward then.
  9. It can but its not ideal for that either. Wall mounting is a silly idea IMHO, mount the TV at a height that looks appropriate, as you would a painting, and its too high to be viewed properly. Mount it low where in needs to be for viewing and it looks out of place.
  10. That stand is a total fail, doesn't even allow the screen to sit vertical, and why would you what the bottom of the screen touching the surface the TV is sitting on? Crazy and a classic case of fashion before function.
  11. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    The Pacparts price was $163 US when I posted the link, its gone up. Even so, compare that to want JVC AU want for it and it may be well worth ordering it from the US. It should take about a week to get the part from the US and then as long your repairer takes to do the job, which may only be a day or so. The ballast board may be easily and very cheaply repaired, as per my link so parts cost could be minimal. Even if you do plan on buying another projector it would be foolish not to repair your current one so it can be sold.
  12. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    I'm shocked that you consider the price of the part from the US as anything other than dirt cheap, it is. Check how much JVC AU want for it, that WILL shock you. The purchase of the lamp is not a waste at all, you will need it if you keep the projector and it will add value if you sell. Given that a few hundred dollars in repair cost is unpalatable for you I dont see how you could possibly consider spending thousands more on a new projector.
  13. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Unfortunatelly the ballast circuit board is buried deep inside the projector and is a pain to get at requiring lots of disassemble. Its an expensive part from JVC but the same part can be obtained from US parts suppliers for a fraction of the price. Its the same part as used in the X3/X7/X9 http://www.partsimple.com/qal1305-001-jvc-n-13.html http://www.pacparts.com/part.cfm?sku=964TDO8072-778 http://www.fixya.com/support/t24917326-jvc_dla_x3_bu_will_not_power_2_lights
  14. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Its likley the ballast (lamp power supply) has failed.
  15. Why rush, you can pick up a better quality TV on the side of the road for free, and I know of two people who have done just that. I see the 2009 vintage LG 60" 1080 Plasma regularly and I would MUCH rather view it than ANY LCD TV. The cheap no name LCD's are just nasty and not suitable for people who require a "quality" picture. ALDI have dirt cheap TV's for sale all the time, they sit in my local ALDI store for quite a while as few are interested in them. If you buy used you can get a very nice TV for $799, VASTLY better than what ALDi or others are offering new for that price or anywhere even close.