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  1. Guess I can easily disregard your opinions in future then ?
  2. I don't usually take stickers off - keeps it looking new and delicate. Holes in the walls are many, much work still to be done. Will soon post a finished up room pic.
  3. Alrighty will take a look at that. Hope it works out as a strong solution.
  4. Ok - I have come up with a small issue w.r.t to the speaker mounts. Does anyone know what the mechanism to mount bookshelf speakers on these is? Problems I am facing are: 1. there is no front support bar for this mount 2. Keeping the speaker in a tilt will cause the speaker to slide when there is vibration 3. There is no drilled holes on these from which to screw to the bottom of the speaker I have made some workarounds by running nylon wires around the speaker and so forth - but I would really prefer a correct solution to using these mounts.
  5. Finally AV rack procured and gears shelved.. yea! Next to plaster up all the holes in the walls.. Av rack + gear
  6. Love these. Just got myself 2 7ch versions for my setup. So far tested with 2ch and it's got me pumped. I am able to go so loud and yet no fatigue. Yet to break-in too. Looking forward to getting my whole setup completed to experience the full potential.
  7. Excellent - so I am going the right way forward then. My layout is the same as the design stated here http://www.audioholics.com/audio-technologies/immersive-audio-loudspeaker-layouts/speaker-layouts-for-dts-x
  8. Things are picking up speed once again after the slow few -months- !! I have now completed the additional wiring towards all the speakers in their locations. Tomorrow will be the proud owner of 2x Elektra HD2 7ch systems. Now a question that has me thinking is - at what height do I place the side and rear surround speakers? - is it ideal to have the tweeter in same level as ear. maybe +/- 2 inches ? for the height speakers, I am planning to place them close to the ceiling and point down to the sitting area. Any feedback? Cheers! AJ
  9. Hello All, Just resurrecting this thread again, as I am planning to get an Elektra HD2 7ch for the ATMOS setup. Thought I would confirm some specs in a group rather than ask the engineer directly - more fun. The output impedance on Elektra states 47kOhm + 47kOhm .in balanced mode. Does this mean its 94kOhm in balanced mode? Cheers!
  10. Hi, I just thought I'll ask out here around loudspeakers that are close in make to an Oppo PM-3 headphone Maybe weird as a question - but who knows, I may be asking a valid question. The experience of using a PM-3 and Dragonfly Red has just opened to me a whole new world to enjoying music. The details, the mids and all that on spotify. Everything was nothing less than spectacular. I definitely don't get this in my home theater room and I know whats missing. Maybe its my room acoustics or the amplifier or thats probably what you get. Dunno! What I would like to know is, if there are any speakers out there are made of the same technology as these planar magnetic speakers. Anything that maybe a close match?
  11. Ok never mind the interest. Ordered one DragonFly Red 1.5 - expensive but what the heck!
  12. Hi, I am looking for a used Dragonfly USB DAC v1.2 or Cambridge DAC Magic XS. Condition: Excellent Location: Melbourne Price: Negotiable I am still researching on whether I need an extra amp.The primary need here is to use the same as a portable asset along with my Wired headphones and be good enough to play spotify music from mobile phone. Thanks AJ
  13. Well unfortunately i would have to side with the seller in this case. No deposit or deal was struck and progress was taking too long i guess. Good stuff!
  14. So enticing!!! Would have grabbed it if i didn't already have the 40es. A definite choice for all new comers into the hometheatre world for sure.
  15. How useful is the manual masking? - Is there anyway to automate it if I wanted to?