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  1. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    Will do, thanks wklie !
  2. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    If I'm already using my MagicTV in none-Freeview mode, then I'm assuming the EPG change won't have any effect ? Will the EPG remain 7-day only ?
  3. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    That's just because the tuner in the Samsung is or is not using the scaler in the display. Switch the Beyonwiz to 720p or 1080p or 1080i to see the same effect - if you've got it set to 1080p, then the de-interlacing and scaling is happening in the PVR. If you have it set to 720p then the scaling will happen within the TV, but the deinterlacing will happen within the Beyonwiz for 1080i channels, etc. etc.
  4. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    It's debateable that S-Video can be described as "reasonable" quality - If you want to capture video today, you'll get much better results using Component or HDMI (although HDCP can complicate things here) video feeds. There's any number of HD-capable capture cards on the market, like http://www.hauppauge...a_colossus.html and once the content is in your PC you can do whatever you like with it.