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  1. No, you dont need 3 tuners...Its as I said above...Two channels have to come from the same broadcaster...The two that are recording remain as normal, however the second channel from the ABC or Ch 7 for example cannot be time shifted...just watched. so its as I said...record 2 and watch another one from one of those two muxes all at the same time. I have recorded both HD Ch 7 and Ch 10 and watched SD Ch 7 untimeshifted all at the same time... As a matter of fact, I have just done that very thing just now to double check it...recorded HD 7 and recorded Ch 10 and watched any of the other 4 Ch 7 that is actively handling 3 channels at the same time...and that can be handy in the situations as listed above... so if you were recording on both tuners any broadcaster that had more than 1 channel in the mux, you would be able to watch any of the other channels they broadcast...such as ABC2 or Ch 7 sporting hi lights etc...or the other way around...record the sporting hi lights and watch the channel And I have just checked that ...recorded ch 7 HD and ABC and watched any of 7 other channels broadcast by either ch 7 or ABC foss
  2. Hmmmm....well if they could record on both tuners and watch a recorded program, or another channel from one of the broadcasters that you are dual tuner recording they would say more than this. 'The twin tuners allows one program to be recorded while watching another.'.....that ability is basic and only 1 step above a Strong and certainly 1 step less than the Toppy's ability It seems to be no more than a record one channel and watch another.....the Toppy for example can record two tuners such as the ABC and Ch 9 and also you can watch ABC 2 on the same box... now that's ability.. the same thing can be done with say recording Ch 7 and Ch 10 and also watch another of Ch 7's channels, such as ch 71 which might be highlights or different angles or par 3's. Or just record your 2 channels and watch something you finished recording earlier, ad free. With the Toppy, its all about choice, and the Toppy and its associated programs and TAPS give you that. foss
  3. Mark...You have quoted me as saying to watch the Topfield site etc...I inadvertently quoted that portion of Jason's post and have now removed it...I have no idea what Topfield future plans are and I would imaging they are very distressed over the whole are very quick to pick negatively on every little thing I say just about every time I post...the main point I was quoting and do know is that the reason for the delay was as Jason has mentioned...and that is common knowledge ...I was just clarifying for Grampus...... No wonder I stay away from this forum, and that is just the final nail in the coffin. If you want to focus on one line that I did not edit at the end of the paragraph instead of the actual point of my post to Grampus, then I guess that pretty well pigeon holes and confirms your attitude toward Topfield.... Sigh ...... here we go again! <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  4. Grampus. The information that JasonBB has written and I have copied pasted below in bold is accurate... The worst part about the whole revelation is that there were working models of the 7k in Korea, and the box was good things will come to those who wait. fossil You have to remember the chipset is what makes the box run, this was the second chipset the 7000 was developed on which did the job, the manufacturer of that chipset just signed a multi million dollar deal with Direct TV in the US to supply this chipset for their box, the plant is now running at full capacity and they have dropped all there other customers. The 7000 is still there but the process has to be started again. Topfield Australia has just lost a huge amount of revenue from this, if there was any other way the 7000 would have been released. .
  5. Hi...I'm not too bad thank' limited knowledge (more practical than technical or programming)has not been needed so much lately, because more and more folks know the Toppy inside and out, ... If I were Chowder, I would have immediately accessed the drive via either TFtool or TopfHDRead/write on the PC to see exactly what was going on...Altair does not always tell the truth...He may have done that but I don't see it mentioned. Its not a matter of having two Toppy's, because that is still very limiting...its what you can do with the drives....and you can have enormous flexibility with 1 Toppy, 2 or 3 drives and a caddy at the Toppy and a caddy in the PC for drive swapping ...Ideally you should be able to copy from Toppy to PC..PC to Toppy and Toppy to Toppy drive and also be able to access and correct drive errors with those two programs..... and of course the whole drive can be copied if need be...just tick all boxes . Sometimes the Toppy does do some strange things, but it has been a very long time....probably 6 months since I lost a program or file....but it is a mistake to keep the drive full of data...Get it to the PC and write to disk...can't lose anything then. regards, foss
  6. Hi Folks, thank's for your thoughts... I am taking a spell for a while....In the past I have tried to help folks who ask questions...well back in the early days there were many questions and not a lot of answers... and because I was a Beta tester of both HW and FW I tried to help where I could, and I did feel the need to input there when I figured I knew the answer or could at least help... Then came the realization in about FEB 2004 that the Toppy was much more than a PVR recorder and just about anything can be done with it with regard to adding drives and transferring data to and from DVDs in any way you can imagine and running EPG programs I tried to help in that area where I could... Then I tried to help new newcomers understand the versatility of the Toppy, both in this and the Toppy forum which obviously increased my presence on the forum, till it looked like I was doing nothing but bragging, when all I was doing was offering my setup as a working example to new folks coming along The answer to every possible question is either in this forum or the Toppy forum...though, obviously new programs questions and answers will need to be tended to... There is really nothing I can contribute at the till something NEW happens...I will be around...but at the moment I am giving my two typing fingers a spell for a while.. regards, foss
  7. Thanks ChrisX for your concern...or lack of it I have been unwell as can happen as time moves on...there was no genuine concern apart maybe Peps post...just the usual baiting...not interested...sorry foss
  8. You are definitely doing something wrong...who knows what..but I will have a guess. you appear to be accessing Dolby digital which has a wider dynamic range, hence the volume will be lower than non dolby at the same setting...and you have probably connected via component (yuv)...there are many posts on how to connect the Toppy properly, both here and in the Toppy forum.... Some TV's don't display the Toppy's component very well...The answer is to use RGB or RGB converted to component VIA a converter called a Cypress RGB to component converter... you have not supplied details on how you are I have had to guess...if this has not covered your situation, please supply your sound and video connection details The Toppy supplies a picture that is equal to or better than what you get from a video 720x576 resolution foss
  9. Hi, Sounds like you are trying to watch RGB without a sync...and reading your post again, you are.. you need to see if your Plasma is similar to the NEC plasma and allows the selection of the component connectors to be assigned to RGB in conjunction with supplying a sync from the Toppy's only sync provision...which is the yellow video out... so what I am saying is when I choose a setting called scart 1, I am able to use RGB using the sync coming from video out to the NEC video in...but if your plasma does not allow single wire sync for RGB then you are in trouble doing RGB from the Toppy. Try syncing to the H or V connector that would be next to the RGB connectors if there are a set of connectors called RGBHV (VH?)or similar If you are not happy with component, you could get the Cypress RGB to component converter like I have...I have the choice of either..and chose the Cypress way...due to the need for compatibility with other equipment going to my A/V ....all component in and component keep things simple and using the one controller...etc foss
  10. Hi Stephen.... did you get a manual for that box... A friend of my wife has just bought one.... and can't work it...I was trying to tell her how to record with common sense thoughts from my end on the Anyway ...any thoughts...I am still looking for a manual on the web... Kev
  11. search PeterU's posts ...he has named a file that does the job for Seagate foss go here and here However I have not used it, and don't know if there is an acoustic management tool amongst it all foss Hi Gooball According to this price search site This place is pretty good Regards Gary <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I installed a 300GB Seagate drive last night and it works well. I do notice seek noise more now though whereas I didn't from the old drive. Does anyone know how to put it into quiet seek mode? I have had a look on the Seagate site but cannot find out which utility does this. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  12. Hi Jamie...what you have stated is my main concern..who knows where he will be even next month...we can probably say that about many businesses...however...if the wholesaler/Aussie distributor is known, and it is known that the drive originated from a genuine shipment to Australia, not a box he imported...we probably stand more of a chance of getting it replaced... Then again, looking at it the other way...he might be completely genuine...and there would be no problem at all...that's the unknown factor.. foss I asked this question of the seller and got this response.... "if there is a problem with the drive you just return to me and a new drive will be sent out to you" So they are processing the warranty return, and sending you a new drive as an exchange.. I guess it's just a question of if the seller will be around for the duration of the warranty ... i'm trying to find out more info... Jaime <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  13. Who will you approach for guarantee if the disk fails in 2 years time...for example a Seagate has a 5 year guarantee and WD have a 3 year one..Maxtor seems a bit dodgy..1 year (with 2 more if you return to Asia) is not good enough just to save a few dollars... I have all WD drives...but if Seagate were around then with a 5 year guarantee, I would have used them had they been available when I purchased... At that about this time last year.... Seagate's largest drive in Australia was 160 gig and cost a lot...and the guarantee was 3 years...? Just interested ...guarantees are important.. Heat is not a concern if you use a fan or even better, a caddy system foss
  14. just to clip a bit of the lid at the back...about 8 - 10 cm to allow IDE cable and power... Some folks with the later version longer cables just bring the OEM IDE cable and power cable through the lid above where it sits normally need for any cables...just a hole in the lid... my cable was too short when I did my conversion...(so I needed the whole kit an caboodle)...but that means your caddy will be on the lid...but the heat is outside the box so its not a let the cable out...if you cut the might vibrate the motherboard...but it could be not to squeeze incase the wires in any cable are exposed.. Like I said...if you need help PM unless of course you want some other harm in that....balls in your court now foss
  15. Hi Yes all two finger stuff...while I am not Unco..I just can't get my brain around Touch Typing at this stage of life.....I just blot out time and tap Yes ..just get a power is a common cable as is found in PC's... PM me if you need help...Its easy if you do it correctly and every one except one person has succeeded ...but I am not convinced he followed all directions..some questions he has not answered... So before you purchase anything PM me... foss