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  1. Blu Ray Title Trade

    3:10 to Yuma (Blu-ray. Brand new, still sealed) Slim case US version. Region Free. $12 shipped.
  2. So is Universal the only studio in Australia releasing 4K titles with slipcases, or has anyone noticed other studios following this trend?
  3. Blu Ray Title Trade

    For sale MAD MAX: Fury Road (4K) with slipcase This is the UK release. Still sealed. $26 shipped (or trade for another mint 4K title, especially keen on The Arrvial 4K, or, 3:10 to Yuma 4K)
  4. I got the 4K one for $31.98 with the coupon, but no magnets inside
  5. I remember there was a site, michaeldvd, comparing dvd's between different regions and rating them there a similar site for 4K movies that does mini-reviews and comparisons between a blu-ray title and 4k title? i wanted to read if there is a big improvement between certain titles and if they are worth the upgrade to 4k, or going from 3d to 4k, etc...
  6. So, will this also apply on eBay purchases, or only places like Amazon?
  7. Is it on stuff coming from anywhere in the world under the value of $100 or any value?
  8. Blu Ray Title Trade

    I've got a sealed copy of the 3:10 to Yuma Blu-ray for sale. It's an import from USA, but it's Region Free. $12 shipped.
  9. Blu Ray Title Trade

    For sale, Planet Earth II - Blu-Ray $25 shipped in standard envelope. Both discs are like new. Region B (UK import)
  10. whoa, please save them for me next time, i'm crazy about those things
  11. Is there a way to tell on those shop websites if a release comes with a slipcase or not? I know Warner in Australia doesn't have slipcases for 4K movies, but they do in the UK, i think Sony is also the same, not sure about other studios though...
  12. Great to know, and thanks for confirming guys, i can now import Passengers 4K without worrying, it's a nice release they got in the states with the 4K disc and also including 3D disc.
  13. I got the Xbox One-S recently so i'm slowly getting into 4K. From what i can see there are better deals and titles in the states, so i wouldn't mind importing a few, but, is it 100% true and confirmed that all 4K discs are region free worldwide? Does anyone know and can verify? I really want to try The Arrival 4K but it says Region Locked, so i don't know if it's referring to the blu-ray disc as region locked or the 4K disc or both? Thx...