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  1. Well no, but I think you could do a lot worse than buying a Toyota.
  2. Hi Diesel Tivo are easily the worlds largest manufacture of PVR. They also use a clever subscription model overseas, to sponsor the devices development. So I guess their success came about because they have invested so much more into R&D than any other firm. Look I agree the Tivo may not suit everyone (cost is certainly a factor), however I am convinced it is the most reliable PVR at the core functions (Have you ever seen a My tivo missed a recording thread) and it also has the simplest and intuitive user interface. Anyway its just my personal advice. Regards Markus
  3. Nothing brings as much enjoyment as a game of Will it Blend . Markus
  4. Hi Dave I totally understand your frustrations but in all respect almost every manufacturers forum is sensored at some level. Fact of life I guess. Luckily however the solution to your headache is straight forward. Simply sell your existing PVR on Ebay and invest whatever sum it brings into a base model Tivo. The Tivo is the most reliable product available on the Australian market. Its years ahead in its function & useability. Simply, no other brand come close - despite all the marketing hype. This was the best decision I have ever made. Don't laugh, but I now own 4 of them and even have one of them in my kitchen regards Markus
  5. Hi I have been in contact with DX the author of this TAP to try and locate a copy of the sourcecode, however it seems that it maybe lost forever as Geocities (the repository) is no longer in existance! Would anyone have a copy that they could send me and/or possibly offer a copy to DX from the Thanks Markus
  6. Hi Austen if you can return it, I would do so. Otherwise maybe the retailer might exchange it for a different brand? Otherwise take the retailer to the small claims tribunal. Regards Markus
  7. The Tivo get my vote. It might cost a few extra $$$ but its really worth it. Honestly it has no peers. Markus
  8. The world would not stop if the ABC had advertising.
  9. Maybe supply them with a sample file as I its possible that this could be a firmware related as I had similar issues in my Popcorn hour a few firmwares back.
  10. The indication is in this forum that this is not a generational change in the Sigma processor so I would think if you can get the P1 for a reasonable price then you would be better off, assuming you have no need for the new input. Actually I'm quite disappointed about the Sigma processor as they have been advancing their technology in leaps & bounds! Markus
  11. But I dont think the media support on Beyonwiz is up to the capabilities of the Popcorn Hour. Is anyone able to confirm as the Sigma designs processor on this only seems capable of 1080i? Does anyone have a popcorn hour and a Beyonwiz and can confirm the support?? Markus
  12. I think I'll give VideoReDo a try then. I already have Nero to burn so I don't think I'll bother with the TV version. Markus
  13. Hi Which package do you recommend for converting your PVR content to DVD? I want the dirt. What good & bad about the package? Is it easy of use? Cost? Speed? Does it work for all PVR or only one brand etc? My DVD player can process DivX, so should I be using this format instead?? Finally what media format do you compress your burn to? Dual-layer DVD, Single-layer DVD, VCD?? thanks Markus
  14. Pete - What video editing package do you believe is the best? Does it matter which PVR you own?? <MARKUS> I relocated my question to a new thread, rather than hijack this discussion<MARKUS> <MARKUS><MARKUS>
  15. I don't do anything other than count the number of threads on each brand. I'm really not interested in dealing with a brand where people have had to take it that far. To narrow the search use: +"fair trading" +brandxyz I do a similar search using google's advanced search feature by limiting the results to a particular domain. You'll need to change the brandname 'brandXYZ' in the above address to the product your interested in. I hope you find a product your happy with. Regards Markus