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  1. The Eagles "Farewell 1 Tour Live from Melbourne" 16x9 DTS-HD MA 5.1 (region free Aussie version). Video 4.25/5; Good, clear and crisp picture but just felt that I have seen better. Audio 4.75/5; Two choices here, a stereo mix and a thumping 5.1 DTS MA soundtrack. When I first bought this i had a quick listen to a couple of tracks in the 5.1 mix, wow great kick in the seat of the pants bass. Played disc tonight and thought where has that bass gone. Realised it autoplays the stereo mix; switched over to the 5.1 Dts hd ma and wow.... no comparison. Really good audio on this, and the surrounds get used for instruments not just crowd noise as well. The concert 5/5; If you are an Eagles fan; and I am; this disc is a must have. Not a bad song on it and some I had not heard before; Joe Walsh "One day at a time" a rollicking track about his struggles with booze, loved it.
  2. Bought it yesterday and have had a quick listen to a couple of tracks. "Nobodies fault but mine" wow; rollicking powerful version of this song gave me goosebumps. "Kashmir" again just superb. Video quality looks very good. A must have for Led Zep fans.
  3. Hi nang, thought I had read about someone with bash amp problems on AVS. http://www.avsforum....-13-thread/9930 post 9936/37
  4. With music being important i would tend towards a sealed subwoofer, the new SB 13 Ultra from SVS looks very tempting. SVS dont bs with their output figures.
  5. Got that wrong... Sb13 ultra is listed at $1999 at Deep Hz.
  6. Be careful when selecting fans with lights, some of the bulbs fitted to the fans can be next to useless. I bought 2 fans last summer, one with remote and found it takes oven type bulbs which dont light the room sufficiently. i suspect its because of the remote unit in the fan which is limited in its amp rating. Fans are great in summer and we use them most of the time unless its a very hot night when the A/C is turned on.
  7. Amateur review of the SB13-ultra price wise I can't seeit being any cheaper than the outgoing SB13 plus which was $2499 rrp.
  8. Check amazon UK and US, Uk is setup better for sacd and is easier to find possible titles, they have sacd in the format section. (hard rock and metal section linked).
  9. If you intend to use hdmi only then the 93 would have been a better buy. The main advantages of the 95 upgrade is in the analogue audio section, particularly the stereo outputs; where the best sabre dacs are used. Obviously to take advantage of these you have to use the analogue outputs of the 95. i would as suggested above try the stereo analogue outputs of the 95 to see if cd reproduction improves. i dont know wether you have any sacd's but some of those are well worth giving a spin, they can sound spectacular in 5.1
  10. I have Heart "Alive in Seattle'. Haven't watched for some time, from memory Video and Audio ok with 1 caveat, the DTS HD MA 5.0 surround track. Note no dedicated LFE soundtrack. I would tend towards the later bluray Heart "Live" which does have 5.1 lossless.
  11. Might have to watch it again just for the THX demo, didn't know that was there.
  12. Saw the trailer for this at TDKR, looks very good indeed.
  13. SVS (Deep Hz) give a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with purchase.
  14. Brilliant movie and a fitting end to the trilogy. I will be buying this on blu when released.