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  1. Much appreciated. I've heard good things re audio for Marantz processors but 8801/8802 are out of my budget. What is the general consensus re Emotiva XMC-1 vs Marantz 7702Mk2b It seems that both have all the feature I require but I'm not sure re sound quality or usability. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  2. I'm running a two channel system that is primarily used for TV / Netflix (50%), music (30%) and movies (20%). Set-up involves stereo speakers that run full-range with a few subs that augment bass (<80Hz) and deal with room modes. I'm wondering whether to add a centre channel given that most of the viewing is related to video and dialogue in 2.0 down-mix is sometimes problematic. Such a change would entail adding an A/V pre-processor as well as a Gallo Strata centre speaker to match the existing Gallo left / right speakers. The cost isn't insignificant so I'm keen to make sure that it's a useful upgrade. Is much free-to-air (ABC, SBS) and Netflix content available in surround sound? And is a centre channel of benefit in situations where the front left / right speakers are wide dispersion? Finally, it looks as if the Emotiva XMC-1 will allow me to run left / center / right (3.0) or left / center / right / LFE (3.1) but it'd be good to know other options to investigate.Any and all advice is appreciated. Regards P.S. If I do go ahead, then I'm not sure as to the right model for LFE. I've got some 10" Gallo TR-3D subwoofers that, right now, are located around the room and augment main speakers <80Hz. The two options look to be a) set-up one sub as a dedicated LFE with the remainder used for <80Hz or wrap the LFE into front speakers and then use the existing mechanism to with <80Hz subs. One consideration is that the subs are good but not capable of extreme output so the idea of sharing the burden across multiple subs might be a good idea. Edit: Thought a bit more about this issue and it seems as if there is little LFE content above 80Hz so a natural answer is to use an "enhanced bass" mode in which the pre-pro SUB output is set at LFE + <80Hz for large speakers and then routed to all subs. Edit: Strange. I'm able to see this post on the web but it's not fully formed on Tapatalk.
  3. Item: Emotiva XMC-1Price Range: Based on condition Item Condition: New or UsedExtra Info: Prefer unit purchased locally with local warranty
  4. WTB: Parasound P7 Multi-Channel Pre-Amp (Black) - must be in perfect working order and incude manual / remote etc.
  5. Thanks Peter. We've been happy with the Fetch TV but the one downside is that it's not that great for streaming local media. (The User Interface is poor and quite often there are issues with playback) Hence the interest in a new solution.
  6. Our Fetch TV has been the heart-and-soul of our main TV has just died and I’m after advice on options. Main functions that we’ve used Fetch TV include record TV, watch live TV, catch-up TV, Netflix and, on occasion, streaming local media.One alternative is to use our Panasonic ST60 TV which has a Netflix App and PVR functions but – with a wife that started using PVR with TiVo Gen 1 – I’m guessing that it’ll not be up to scratch. It also doesn’t seem to have all the HbbTV apps. A second option is to use my purpose built HTPC (JRiver, Dual TV) that works well and would allow for excellent streaming of recording media around the house. That said, despite treating this as a production machine, I’m hesitant as to whether it’s reliable enough for the everyday family use – I will, though, press it into service as back-up over the next few days / weeks. What, then, are the recommendations from the current crop of devices? Ideally, I get a single unit that can do PVR, (local) media streaming and apps (e.g., Netflix) but I understand that it might not be that simple (the Fetch TV streaming of local media is rudimentary). Options from Google include Humax 4tune-PVR seems like a fully featured unit. Another alternative looks like BW T4 which seems to be a dedicated PVR without apps / catch-up TV / streaming – might work as I can get Netflix from the ST60 but lack of catch-up TV is a problem. Any suggestions?
  7. How does the Panasonic DMR BWT955 perform for streaming media of the local network? We're using the FetchTV which in our case works well for TV / Recorded TV / Netflix but the user interface is quite clunky for the local media (DLNA) so I'm considering alternatives. Also, is it correct that the unit also supports optical disk playback? [The instructions seem to show that this is the case but I just don't see the optical drive on the front panel.]
  8. Thanks. The second HTPC is the back-up option. My preference is for a dedicated device for usability and stability. Great - I'll investigate. I've also been told that the Humax are now supporting DLNA.
  9. A long-time TiVo User looking for a replacement DVR option. My base set-up is that the device will be connected to the TV via HDMI and local LAN via Ethernet, and it must be user / wife friendly. The reason for the post is that I’d also like to be able to play the recordings from my HTPC (Windows 8.1 / JRiver) as this would allow me to use the digital x/o that I’ve built within JRiver for my DIY active speakers. Ideally, recordings would be available over the network as copying files from the DVR to HTPC doesn’t seem like a user friendly solution. Are there any DVR that can deliver on this requirement?
  10. I'm unable to send the PM - might be post count, will try again in the morning
  11. Al I'm interested in the Elektra Theatron 7 but not the speakers. Let me know if this works as interest unfolds. Zydeco