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  1. These are the ones I've got. Can get from quite a few retailers
  2. Definitely go 3 recliners... or motorise your curtains. The problem with a 4 chair set up even with a love seat is no-one gets the sweet spot! You can always get some designer beanbags for the kids. My room is 6m deep so I have 2 rows of 3=6 seats for 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs . It's the warmest room in the house so the dogs love it. We found dog covers to fit our leather recliners from a weekly promotion at Aldi of all things. We couldn't find decent recliners at less than around $1600 per seat, and that was on sale. We got the IMG one from Berkowitz. Our back 3 don't have the power fitted so they don't recline (or would catch on the sub and toch row in front)
  3. Interesting that my old post came up in this thread as I'll be soon selling my Elektra Reference 2ch power amp and Elektra Pre with Home Theatre bypass for less than you can buy the Pre new... As can be seen in my sig, I ended up setting up a 2nd system in the family room for 2ch and the HT room is now for AV use only. Looking back to that 2013 post, I've bought a heap of gear over the last 4 years, I blame Al
  4. Will this pass 4K? I only ask as I have one and soon getting a 4K processor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. i was going to post in your f.s thread but its been closed already :(   whats the upgrade path plans ? What are you thinking will pair nice with the focals?

    1. blybo


      I've already set up a Marantz AV 7702mkii. Hard to adjust to the menu system but takes another step up in SQ. Fuller, slightly warmer sound all round. Speakers disappear better and seems a more complete #D sound experience... even without ATMOS.

      Now to get that pro Audyssey license

  6. I only got $1300, but also considering this is newer and sonically superior to the 4311, the buyer got a great deal. Frustrating when considering the new features newer avrs and processors have are rarely used. What % of the population cares about atmos or 4K? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Now $1500 firm. Priced for quick sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. @hatlesschimp @oztheatre Would you consider this fabric suitable for covering acoustic absorption panels? I have several sheets of polymax absorb under and to each side of my screen and just want to tidy it up. As I wish to use this fabric to line my ceiling, it seems an obvious choice for covering the panels too. The idea is to simply make simple timber frames the polymax will free stand inside, and then stretch fabric in front so the polymax can't topple out. I guess the other option is a form of speaker grill type of material.
  9. Item: Integra DHC-80.3 9.2ch AV Processor Location: Melbourne Price: $2000 neg Item Condition: 9/10 Has spent it's entire life in my AV cabinet (apart from warranty work) so assume virtually unmarked except perhaps some rear scratches from inserting HDMI cables etc. Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 1st owner and comes with original packaging and accessories. Bought from Audio Trends around 3 years ago, will have to hunt down receipt for actual age, still under warranty. Integra/Onkyo had a few issues around time of release with faulty HDMI boards and this unit has had the entire processor board (which house HDMI board) replaced under warranty as a large % of them have, but I'm told by Ambertech the new boards simply do not fail. This was basically the 2nd best processor available at the time, the Marantz 8801 being the best at time of purchase but much more $$$. Couple this with a good 5/7ch power amp and take HT to amazing new highs. 9.2 channel processor Audyssey XT32/Pro THX Ultra 2 Certified Dual monitor out if wanting to run TV & projector set up Basically it's quicker to tell you what it can't do, which is throughput 4K video but can upscale DVD or Bluray to 4K. I use this with a UHD player but video goes direct to my ptojector and sound to processor. Also does not decode ALAC music files but happy with FLAC Mp3 etc etc The features list is too long to quote so check here for full spec Price based on this. The new DHC-80.6 added atmos/4k passthrough but lost Audyssey, so for most people this is still the premier Integra processor. Pictures: Best I've got at the minute
  10. I've already got strips of fidelio above and below my OZTS 130 scope screen that I bought off Prior( the fidelio not the screen). Would be nice to match it, in other areas of the stage I have polymax absorb in black which is nowhere as absorbing as fidelio but doesn't cause reflections either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry for digging up an old thread. Is that actually Fidelio or just the closest available in Oz? I want to line my walls and ceiling in the front stage area of my HT.
  12. Have you tried shoving one of the existing ones tight into a corner? Boundary effect is your friend here!