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  1. Okay here are my list of what I consider excellent movies both transfer and enjoyment wise, I use a PJ when viewing these: DVD: 1. Geronimo (1993) 2. Jurassic Park Trilogy 3. The Lost Battalion 4. Anzacs HD-DVD: Pretty much every HD-DVD I have and I have a lot, are superb transfers. Enjoyment factor: 1. Transformers 2. Band Of Brothers 3. The Frighteners 4. An American Werewolf. BR: 1. Fly Boys 2. Harry Potter Complete Set
  2. I am out of the GB, SWMBO reckons we will make do with the old Onkyo for now. Sorry Webbsy.
  3. I would expect it would, Audyssey on my old Onkyo TX-SR805 does as I ran through the setup yesterday and it definitely did the sub. So I would expect newe HT amps with Audyssey would do so as well.
  4. It is well out of warranty but I spent the afternoon today fault finding and foud the problem, I have now repaired it and it is alive again. Still has the front right channel power stage dead but the pre-out is working so I am feeding that into a separate amp.
  5. Okay I am a contender for the GB on the 3313.
  6. Well of all the luck, I bought a two channel amp about 3 months ago to get the right front channel working again and last night we went to use the system and it was totally dead. So I guess I will be in th emarket for a new HT receiver/amp. I certainly will not be buying Onkyo again, my old Denon is still going strong after more than 10 years, the Onkyo did not even last 4 years before it died. I think I will go back to Denon.
  7. Actually we were Austar customers since they first started in Alice Springs but having moved to Canberra late last year we decided to give pay TV the flick and now we just watch FTA TV. There are enough channels now that we can find something to view each night and find we are not missing pay TV at all. Even our kids are good with FTA especially Eleven which my daughter is glued to, she is enjoying all the golden oldies like The Brady Bunch etc. On the odd occasion there has been nothing worth watching we simply stream youtube programs now that they have full programs loaded on to it, got to love Mrs Browns Boys.
  8. Not really any real reason other than that entertainment unit is too heavy for me to move by myself so it is where the removalists dumped it. Slack of me I know but it actually worked in some respect as we enter the room from the right hand side and so there is a sudo walkway down that side of the room passing the lounge. The chair was only there at that time it gets moved all over the place, it is a bit of a PITA that chair but it will soon be in the rumpus room at the other end of the house. I have not set up the Audyssey on the Onkyo as yet but I did a roughing in on it by ear when setting the distances up and the soundstage is pretty good. I will try the Audyssey set up this weekend to see if there is much of a difference, not sure how it will go with having to use a separate amp for the right front speaker.
  9. From the photo it looks like they are hard up against the wall but they are actually a good distance from it so they can breath. I have yet to mount the rear surround speakers which are also Klipsch Ref. My problem is that I have two large roof windows in the room, you can see one of them but the other is behind the PJ. I have been looking for a railed blockout blind of some type so I can use the system during the day and on bright moonlit nights.
  10. HI All, What are the recommendations for a 37" TV for wall mounting to a bedroom wall? Already have the mount in place, I am leaning more towards the better brands like Sony or Panasonic. Would like 1080P resolution.
  11. Still in the process of setting up the lounge room with our old HT gear, really only need to run the HDMI cable now through the roof space to the projector and down the wall cavity behind the entertainment unit in order to finish it. Items are: Onkyo HT Amp ( the left front amp is blown so I am running the pre-out to a dick smith 2 channel power amp for the left main speaker.) Pioneer BR player HD-DVD player PS3 BR region A player PT-AE700 projector Grandview motorised screen LG Smart TV Speakers: Fronts – KLIPSCH Reference Centre – Krix Surrounds Klipsch Reference Sub – ACCUSOUND Certainly not a purists set up that is for sure but it gets the job done. At the moment I am using a DVD player, PS3 BR player, and HD-STB sitting on a bookcase on the side wall near the projector and running a HDMI cable from them to the PJ. Once I have run the HDMI cable through the roof space I will relocate all that gear to the front of the room. I also have a fibre optic cable going from the side wall equipment down to the Onkyo to get the audio to it. The PJ is located about halfway down our lounge room.
  12. Sorry to be a PITA but was there anyone at the viewing that knows they are susceptible to rainbows but did not see them at the viewing?
  13. Yes I have thought about it but we have other plans at the moment they would mean a move to Wales so I will wait to see what occurs next year for us. No sense in buying new gear to turn around and sell it again.
  14. It is through wireless. I found that when using the youtubeXL page if I leave the video playing without making it full screen it reacts very much like a webcam type of thing where the video is very jerky and laging the audio but when I switch to full screen it is fine and like watching a normal TV broadcast.