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  1. decryption, if you go to page 2 of this forum, you will find a thread entitled "Transfer From Homecast Ht8000 To Windows 8.1 Computer.", in which I gave instruction to enable the OP to obtain "HcLoad" from my drop canvas, and I believe it is still there if you follow the instructions (if you still need the program) Unfortunately this is my first visit back to this forum, since the last of my posts on the aforementioned thread, and hope this is of some help to you (and anyone else in the same situation) Best of luck, don't forget to let everyone know how it all goes donhe7
  2. Thanks for the information regarding the HS9000 flintstone, it had me wondering, as to my knowledge that model was not sold in Australia, and also it explains your post on the subject on the Cabsat Forum. which I spotted the other night .........I posted on that forum a while ago, hoping to find an answer to my daughters' problem, namely, the recovery of a number of files from her Homecast HT8000 Hard disk drive, which she has replaced, but somehow, (for some reason), re- formatted to a different file structure, making a very interesting puzzle for anyone to solve. Just as well she's not in a hurry for that solution!! Regarding the "broken" HS, you've obviously had it open so any signs of distress should be visible if the capacitors are at fault, if it has a cooling fan like the HT8xxx series, check it for rotation also, as this is/was a cause of capacitor and HDD overheating, a fact which you could follow up on if you have the time and inclination(!!!), by looking at the thread that was mentioned earlier in this thread, there being upwards of 1000 posts on that machine in this forum alone, covering a lot of different aspects of the "animal" Best wishes to all at your end and a merry Christmas. donhe7
  3. I'm glad to hear of your success, flintstone, it makes one feel as if their effort has not been for nothing when you hear of someones' success using your help. When you say your "broken Homecast HS9000", it makes me wonder, where did that beast come from, and also, how is it "broken"??. Further info, please ......... donhe7
  4. flintstone, I have uploaded the file " " on Dropcanvas the canvas name is MID 1002, and I will attempt to copy the url onto this post. Do not download any of the other files on the canvas, unless you are attempting to update a Thomson MID1002 Tablet, in which case you may find them useful!! Here goes my attempt to copy the url ................: Well!! that was pretty painless, let us know how you go with the file, it is a simple "drag and drop" from Dropcanvas to your Windows Explorer page, so it should all happen easily ........... donhe7
  5. Peter G, with the price of USB sticks as they are now, it would be quite simple to have more than one stick with your programs on, and 8Gig or 16 Gig sticks would hold quite a bit of data, at a reasonable cost ( some retailers offer packages of several 8Gig sticks for a good price at times) donhe7
  6. I can only wonder, when one goes to the trouble of answering a query, why there is no response from the OP. One would think that it is at least worth SOME response .............. donhe7
  7. Hi there, obsessive, how are you going with your search for the Fw Upgrade for your '2500T? If you are still interested, a search on the TEAC Website turned up the filename, which unzipped as HDR2500T_20110429.rs232. Whilst having the '3500T, not the '2500T, the method of updating the firmware that was used was to load the unzipped file onto an EMPTY flash drive, and in your case the procedure for upgrading is given on page 31 of the Manual, (which I also downloaded from the website). Please let me know if you have any difficulty in the procedure, best of luck, let us all know how it goes donhe7
  8. Riv39, while not having fetch, nor having used it at all, recently our Toshiba RL900A decided to lose synch, so I performed a "factory reset", which involved re-entering all settings to get back previous capabilities, and included modifying the audio delay (specifying 0 delay , manual setting), which cured our problem. While not, in our case, using an external amp at the time, the problem was solved, so it may help in your situation as well, so may be worth a try. donhe7
  9. Myself and my good wife, she is the main "watcher", whilst I am the "programmer", an art that she has not attempted, she not being skilled in the art of such matters, but I think I'll keep her anyway!!! donhe7
  10. billy1, while not looking at what's available, we do have a Panasonic DMR-XW390, and find that with the 500 gB HDD, it does good service as a PVR, whilst having the ability to record to DVD when required. From what I've seen around, DVD recorders are not as plentiful on the market, so if you are able to test drive the '390, give it a go, I don't think you'll be disappointed donhe7
  11. pardeydr, I'm sorry about the delay in responding to your post, but have been "otherwise occupied", and not been watching the forums. You do not state how long after boot-up that you attempted to access the HDD, but I'm guessing you tried very soon after switch-on, and if this is the case, maybe the HDD has not been given enough time to get up to speed and be recognised by the rest of the system, this has occurred to me with both the HT8000 and other makes and models of PVR. If this is the case, I would not be particularly concerned (if it is a rare occurrence), but if the problem persists, then it sounds like a visit to the vendor of the unit is in order. As you have not sent a later post on this matter, I can only guess that you have the problem solved, but am eager to hear from you about results, if any. donhe7
  12. I would tend to agree with Paul, have a look at the f**tel dish and see how many cables are attached, there could be two, (that is, if you are unable to access the back of the aerial wall-plate, even so, that won't tell you from where the attached cables originate), looking at the dish I feel would give a better indication. donhe7
  13. Have you had the capacitors replaced in the power supply?? After that length of time, and the symptoms you describe, they would be a safe bet, (failure of them, I mean) Your machine is well out of warranty, so opening it up and looking at the power supply board, you should be able to see any signs of bulging on the base of the capacitors, possible dark staining around them and on the base of them. If you are not sure of what you are looking for, then ask further on this forum donhe7
  14. As I said in a previous post on a forum somewhere - Try the FJ Holden "overheat" light trick -- a bit of plastic tape solves the problem donhe7
  15. A search on google brought up this url ..........., which may get you out of strife. Why the bluray player makers re-introduced this region farce is a mystery to all and sundry, it is just another frustration for the buyer of the equipment, and not publicly disclosed, so we don't find out until we get the gear home and try to use it. To my mind, a disgrace!!! donhe7