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  1. Well, I never thought they'd actually fire them up again, but over at http://www.itopfield.com.au/forum/ they are back... amazing! See any of you fellow Topfield owners there. I'll be ****ing about my loss of service problems more
  2. Tf7000 Topfield Hd Pvr - Owners

    Yeah, I'm currently running with 0.99.84 at present... and it sounds like I would do nothing but lose features to go to 1.00.10. My issue with the 'leave on 24/7' solution is that it slowly starts to get both response lag in changing channels, and loss of EPG information. And doing a factory reset (preserving timer/channel data) only helps so much. You have to turn the unit off sometimes to let it clear out whatever shite it accumulates in its messed up interior. As for me getting a refund on this thing... not likely. I have had it repaired once under warranty as it bricked when I updated the firmware straight after I bought it... but I bought this one through the previous suppliers of Topfield in Australia. When they got rid of Topfield as a client they ended up with heaps of units left, so I bought this for $380 or so. Great price for a twin HD PVR I thought... although now... now I wish I had spent a bit more and got something more reliable. Although I _thought_ I was buying the most highly respected brand around. How wrong I was. Poor design of software and apparently hardware, and pretty damn average support too. Never again. I'll still try to clear off everything on this unit and do a full format and reset, but being that I'm in the process of getting our house ready for sale,, it's a low priority at present.
  3. Tf7000 Topfield Hd Pvr - Owners

    Well, looks like once we've watched everything on the machine I might do the 'upgrade' to 1.00.10 and format the bugger and see what happens. That the box can become so unstable due to signal strength (ie having TOO MUCH) seems like insanely bad design in the hardware or software. I'll report back with findings.
  4. Tf7000 Topfield Hd Pvr - Owners

    Has anyone found a resolution to the incredibly frustrating reset bug? I'm about ready to throw this thing against a wall... so often when you turn it back on it's forgotten all channels and (by FAR the worst part) all timers. It's incredibly annoying to try and remember all the timers you had set. I'm running out of patience with it, and have missed many shows because of it. I'm running the last supposedly 'reliable' firmware before the one that they have on the site now (the 1.00.10 one), and wanted to know if anyone thinks it's better to go with that. I'm now happy to lose the listing of timers by name instead of the stupid decision to list by time and channel (who would do that?) if it means no more resets. Really, Topfield are in my list of brands to NEVER EVER buy again because of this. But I can't afford to buy a new PVR so am hunting for a way to make it more reliable. We recently got a new Antenna installed, and that bumped the signal up so much it made some channels not work (thanks to ABC's signal being so strong), so the Antenna guy put a filter on the line which brought down the ABC signal and now we get no issue with reception at all... ever, but it almost seems like we get this reset problem more now that we have a better signal, which is utterly insane. Anyone have a view on what the absolute best firmware is to run on this darn machine?
  5. So, on this new firmware, the 1.00.10 version... Is it stable? Is it actually good? Does it show your stored timers with the name you gave the timer, or back to the old way of having just the channel/time? Should I upgrade from .84 to this?
  6. Topfield Forums?

    IS the EPG fixed though? If it is, then that is a big step forward, but I'm yet to see any confirmation. Being that the topfield forums really are gone now (even via direct access to the old website), it would seem the main forum for discussing the state of affairs on the toppys is gone. I was having pretty much no epg, but realised I hadn't done a reset (keeping all timers and channels) for ages, and did so, and my epg came back and has been quite fine since. I'll stick with what I've got for the moment.
  7. Just to close this thread on a high note. The unit was returned, fixed, one day under a month after we took it in. Works fine and dandy now. Thank goodness for the 3 yr warranty
  8. Topfield Forums?

    I _know_ it's just one user's experience. Hence I said that it was ONE user's experience. It's just not a good sign so far, that's all. ie. It's worth a 'wait and see'. I completely agree that people are FAR too accepting of any crap they read on the web. And some think that they are 'checking' their data by seeing how many sites are reporting the thing they are trying to verify... ignoring the fact that it really has little baring on how many places report something if all of them are just parroting what was said in one single, unverified report. Having said that... I will wait and see if there are volume of people who say this new firmware gives them any benefits over the old one. (There is indeed a new one as it's on the official site, and I have downloaded it... but the description is: "Some features are modified to improve performance." Thanks... very helpful Topfield)
  9. Just to update here so that there's a record for those who want to know what it's like dealing with TEAC for warranty support. So. The weekend that I got back from overseas to the news that the unit was not working I tried calling TEAC (left a phone message I think) to no avail, as it was a weekend, same with the local authorised service center unitech. So I sent both parties an email. Monday was a public holiday, but on Tuesday early I got an email reply from unitech saying they could indeed fix it under warranty, and bring it in. So we did, this was Tuesday the 10th of March. (Teac never returned the phone call OR email) It is now the 2nd of April and we still don't have our set. We have discussed with Unitech a number of times what's going on, and they worked out it was a mainboard that was broken, one that is attached to the back of the panel. They said that with most manufacturers, a fault like this would just mean 'change the panel', but Teac had said 'no... no, we think we can source that bit'. So... many delays from Teac... some refusals from Teac to admit they'd received any order for said part (even though Unitech had received the OTHER items they had ordered from them on the SAME order), and general complete incompetence from Teac. Now they said they're trying to source the part locally (fat chance I say considering how long this unit has been off the market), and if they have to get it from overseas it could take around 4 weeks... My wife has had the latest dealings with them on the phone and expressed her complete dissatisfaction with the situation and that a delay of this sort for getting our tv back under warranty was not good enough. Apparently the gist of the response was 'Eh... tough'. So. I will never be buying anything of substance from Teac again. Once burned, about 14 times shy I'm afraid. I'm getting very sick of watching tv on a tiny 51cm CRT, and not being able to use my media server, and not being able to use the Wii... So, yeah, dealing with Teac for any sort of warranty handling is shite. I'm used to companies like Dell who I have dealt with on a couple of occasions who are quick, efficient, and just replace the broken bits in a flash... on site, so this sort of faffing about irks me a lot.
  10. Topfield Forums?

    Holy Moly! A new firmware. Although reading just one user's experience with it notes that it didn't fix their EPG. *sigh*. But it also seems like it has become a common codebase with the 7100, which is a good thing as we should see improvements as they update the firmwares for the actual IN MARKET unit. Fingers crossed, but I don't know if I'll update just yet.
  11. Hi Guys, As an owner of a Toppy 7000HDPvr, I every now and again check the toppy forums (http://forum.itopfield.com.au/) to see if there's a new firmware version that can fix my one remaining gripe with the unit (gaps in the EPG)... but as of late all there is is an 'under construction' page. Anyone know what happened to the forums, and whether they are due back any time soon?
  12. Well, the good news is that I found the receipt (so faded you almost can't read any of it, but it's there)... so I can call them on Monday and hopefully get things resolved. Being that there's a service center here in Croydon, it would be great to be able to have them fix it under warranty. I'll keep you posted.
  13. Yeah, it's a huge pain that the receipt is missing, we have our folder in our filing cabinet for all our receipts/manuals, and the manual is there sans receipt (which'll teach me not to staple the receipt to the manual). I have emailed the local service center (They were closed for the weekend when I called) and teac both and hope that they might know the solution. On thinking about the image, it isn't actually negative I don't think, as nothing is really black. The on screen, which is usually a white teac logo on blue background is actually a pale teac logo on a not so pale background. It's as if, maybe, the lcd pixels just aren't getting one or more parts of the signal/power they're supposed to get to switch into the correct state. I will report back with what happens though
  14. Hi all, So, in October 2006 I bought a Teac 3233A (As detailed in my review I did then) and since then it has been performing brilliantly. However, I just got back from work overseas to have my wife tell me that the other day the screen just went white! On looking at it now, it's not entirely white, but the images do seem to appear, however they are but pale shades amongst the white screen. I've tried going into the service menu (holding down the input button) and resetting everything, but to no avail. [edit] Actually, the visual appearance of the picture is more like a negative image than anything... and I can't for the life of me find any setting for setting the image negative. [/edit] Now, when I bought this set it came with a 3 year warranty, which means it should still be under that, however: a) I can only find the manual, not the receipt & I've heard that even with a receipt if you can't prove that you were given a 3yr warranty at the time, they won't honor it (the standard was 1yr, it was a special deal with a sticker on the set... which I don't have anymore, it's not like it said you needed it) So. Does anyone have any idea what might have gone bung in my set? And if there is a) A way to get Teac to fix it or a way for me to fix it? I don't have a grand to buy a new set.
  15. Please do... I just found it frustrating that being that they're all 'exclusive brand' stuff, you can never find information about them anywhere. So, gathering it in one spot would be helpful I'd say. If you're interested, it's AldiReviews.com