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  1. Yep i am going through this phase at the moment. I have a 10m concord which is going from my projector to my bluray player and a standard 1.4 out from bluray to marantz bluray input and it works great but it will not go from projector to marantz as i get no signal.I am going to get Als Recommended officeworks as well so i can run from projector to marantz.This very issue can cost you a small fortune so thank god for these forums otherwise i would be pulling my hair out.
  2. Yea thats what i am doing Blonk but my old mac address is in the box and dont have an option to change it as there is no box to put my new mac address in so my new unit (mac address)can match the generated key.
  3. Hi Blonk, i am on the website but there is no option to put in my serial or mac address so the old mac address is not compatible with the key i am generating.I am in the installers portal.
  4. I have this new Marantz 8802 which now has a different serial number to my last marantz 8802 and when i generate a new key to run audyssey the serial number is from the old unit and i cannot seem to change it. Is there anywhere i can enter the new serial number.
  5. I woke up this morning and believe it, I had this song on my mind and I was thinking back to the last concert they played and when this song was introduced as their next song, one of the members in the band said out loud,"well I ain't".A lot of ill feelings in this band.Yea Porcaro played on a lot of albums,he was a classic studio drummer.
  6. New unit came today and went through setup ok. I now have a nice even screen Will be testing all HDMI inputs tomorrow after work.
  8. I started my home theater journey at Todds Hifi and have done some work for Alan at his house. My Yammy speakers were purchased from Todd's and still going strong today. I can vouch for the company and have always been looked after by Todd's.That's all i can help you with Kaishin.
  9. Here is another which is a doobie bros cover.
  10. Some of the best in the country.They are also the underlying theme of some off this countries big acts.These are the hard workers in the music scene that Aussies don't hear about.I have in my possession some very rare music of live acts that is some of the rarest in this country.I mean raw stuff that was recorded off a tape deck featuring people like Rex goh,Paul kneipp,Leon Berger,Andy burns and more.Brenton White is another.Awesome muso's.
  11. A friend of mine Paul Kneipp who is on drums here playing in the Kites with Jack Hilson on vocals. Paul has also done a stint with seals and crofts, Leon Berger,Wendy Mathews and loads more too many to mention.
  12. Also too,before I purchased this projector I went through your End user perspective thread of you 7000 and noticed your screen shots which I loved and I could not understand all the fuss some people were making on why you were posting them.Those screen shots stuck with me and gave Me a standard to shoot towards because frankly I would not know what a good picture was if I was staring straight at it.All this stuff does help especially someone like myself who tries to keep a certain standard in home theatre.That,s why I like this so much I guess.Your photos gave me a plan to work too for my own needs and it seems to be paying off.
  13. Totally agree as although the image was natural in a sense, it was also a fraction dull which I did notice.Thats one of the draw backs really as because I have had the Yammy for so long and not really viewed another projector since, I forgot what the new projectors are capable off to a degree I don't know what I am looking at. Also to add to that when I viewed the image for the first time out of the box it just popped out t me and after following the video that pop was definitely gone.It just goes to show that there is a lot more at play here than I first thought.I do really like a picture that pops out at me but it seems it can come at a cost.Oversaturation maybe?
  14. Yea,my light meter got delivered the other day,as I took Dave,s advice and got this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005A0ETXY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1