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  1. Hi Dave ; the early Spendors were usually very easy to drive with an impedance that was nominally 8 ohms Another review vvv ; point being when picking any new lcr's make them easy to drive for the Marantz sans separate power amp - for the time being Krix have a background in cinema sound ; that may well translate to better efficiency than most ; and they are home grown..
  2. Been mentioned a few times that there will be more dynamic metadata HDR solutions shortly Blackman These have the plus of being royalty free for those ce's that don't want to pay dolby royalties this is a reference to what Samsung is doing for scene by scene ; Place your bets ;
  3. Another vote for keeping the 3 ways kezzbot . A dedicated midrange to take the stress of the tweeters high frequencies range it needs to cover and it also gives some leeway as to where the crossovers go There are places down in SA to revitalise surrounds and cones if they have been hard driven ? Ime sure you don't have foam surrounds and get salt damage though.. Try a pack and send quote for them
  4. You've solved the problem Blackman ; Kim Jong un's nuclear ground tests across the border have shaken your lg tele's and thrown the backlighting out of alignment Not quality control after all Good to see the new one is better ; I could never pay 10k extra for 10'' more diagonal though 10 years ago the panel would be a lot smaller for the same amount so its all relative I spose
  5. There just sayin what I said earlier arry The auto setting will automatically send an undecoded bitstream to be decoded by the decoder in your avr ie a dolby digital bitstream for example . The pcm setting will mean the tv decodes the signal to pcm [ if its got the right decoders ] As Mark says set the tv to pcm for any mpeg audio sd channels your tv tuner is receiving . If you want dolby digital from the hd channels you need to pick auto to send a bitstream.. Or buy a hd pvr and let it feed your avr instead
  6. Even the best local dimming leds are confined to zones Blackman as MLXXX said and its logical they don't want to compare with the opposition . One example I found was Stephen Dawsons review of a carry over fald model Panasonic with a clever honeycomb pattern when you get rid of the lg consider the effectiveness of dolby vision is only as good as the panels inherent quality and dynamic range ; this also may look familiar -
  7. Little surprise this news ; as long as the actor does eccentric well like Tom Baker ' its a bit inevitable in this day and age imo
  8. No expert with music server software Mr C but with the Meridian name behind it it should be top shelf ; and its got a free trial . Its also soon to be compatible with another hot codec at the moment - MQA ; and it can handle very high bit depth and sampling rate audio . If its good enough for trinnov ? Even tells you when a signal is upsampled by a component ;sweet ..For those who also like buckets of info about their music .
  9. Enjoyable read Mr C ; trinnovs professional roots certainly matter . don't get too comfortable but you haven't tried roon yet
  10. Trinnov have been developing a less expensive 16ch version of the 32ch software/ firmware upgradeable pre pro . This is a bit of info on the French prototype to see what has been optioned out to drop the price - looking promising if you can live with 16 channels Note the xlr balanced only outputs ; no unbalanced - no great loss
  11. Its possible you may need to switch ARC off in your new tv arry if its the default setting . Or make sure your hdmi in is ported to a non ARC hdmi input . HDMI basically communicates [ via their edids ] between components so the tv for instance assigns the right codec to the signal input . Layer over this the decoders the tv may have dd/dts and your old plasma didn't and it may be pcm or a bitstream your sending out the optical so check the sub menu's on the off chance Also switch off any cec like anynet ; viera link depending on the make . Separates are more flexible than an avr utilising a pre pro and separate power amp . One handy thing with hdmi iterations coming each year seemingly is being able to keep your expensive power amp and just upgrading your pre pro , if you don't want/ need dolby atmos dts-x or you don't have the room for it a good 7.1 pre pro may be all you want without the extra power amp channels needed for ceiling speakers ..
  12. Hi Vudoo ; maybe determine through avs forum whether some other makes will be getting a dv software upgrade as built in chipsets aren't strictly needed ; as the mediatek in the oppo has demonstrated already
  13. The manufacturers are much more tolerant of dvd's rf capability Aurora ; they have less tolerance for higher quality as they think we are all pirates making high quality copies even though that ship has long sailed away
  14. Its a good reason to buy components that are double boxed Rob ; some ce;s care enough to do this ' most don't Hope the next one measures up drummerboy ' maybe get the retailer to check it out before you get it
  15. Region free for bd needs a kit ' if your handy or wiling to install it bluray dk will send you one or get "one of the rack'" from gattiweb