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  1. Thanks Peter Much appreciated for the advice and we have decided on the two devices. Regards Dave
  2. Hi All My partner is new to Australia and bringing over her 6 year old flat screen Sony. I am after a FTA STB and something that is internet connected with apps to play Netflix and Stan. I have searched but cannot find anything apart from say the FetchTV box but thought there would be cheaper options around. Anyone know of devices that cater to this that is budget friendly, $150 or less?. We are not really interested in recording such as FetchTV but not fussed if it is available. Regards Dave
  3. Hi Marc, thanks for taking time to reply It really helps if you advise your location, this may allow someone with knowledge of your area to give a specific response, or failing that, a more generalised one based on their experience in other reception areas. I live at Kuraby in Brisbane and use the Mt Cootha aerials. SBS seemed to fluctuate a lot. Not clear to me if this is before the upgrade, or after. My comments are assuming the latter, ie after. Not fluctuating since aerial and masthead amplifier installed. so installed a digital aerial. Make & model number would be helpful. Dick smith http://dicksmith.com.au/product/L4033/vhf-uhf-combination-outdoor-tv-antenna All channels bar SBS get perfect reception. This might imply that you are receiving from a capital city transmitter, or at least one that has SBS on UHF. Yes, pointing to main aerials on Mt Cootha Just recently installed a masthead amplifier Make & model number would be helpful. KMD24 http://www.kingray.net.au/products/matv/matv-masthead-amplifiers/KMD24FS and now get 10's across the board. So, this is a Panasonic? What were the readings prior to the amplifier being installed? Prior to aerial, quad cable and masthead amplifier the SBS channels was fluctuating down to 0's, other channels were okay and around 8's. Only issue is every now and then the audio on SBS sounds like it is breaking up and warbles slightly. This can be caused by caused by impulse noise corrupting a weak signal, amongst other things. Okay Whilst this goes on I check signal and no problems. That is quite possible. The signal readings, particularly the quality ones, are usually after the first level of error correction. This means they may indicate no real issue until the signal is very close to failure point, at which point the indication may start to show poor readings. Depending on the latency of the error/signal indication, these indicators may not change at all, particularly if the interference is of a fleeting nature. Okay The audio problems only go for a minute and back to normal. A minute? or only a second or so? I would expect, based on my experience, that if the auduio problems went on for a minute or so, the picture would breaking up as well. Definately will go for a period of time, not a minute but more like 30-45secs, enough time to go to settings and check strengths etc Not sure what the issue is Only measurements of your signal by a suitably qualified person may be able to suggest a cause of your issue. Okay but could it be I need to turn down the gain on the amplifier? You could try, but if the signal for SBS is being corrupted before it enters the amplifier, it is unlikely to have much effect. Without knowing the antenna/amplifier combination you are using, I can't be more specific. No probs. Dave
  4. Hi All Previously had an old standard aerial and sub standard reception so installed a digital aerial. All channels bar SBS get perfect reception. SBS seemed to fluctuate a lot. Also installed quad shielded cable from aerial to TV using the F connectors etc. Just recently installed a masthead amplifier and now get 10's across the board. Only issue is every now and then the audio on SBS sounds like it is breaking up and warbles slightly. Whilst this goes on I check signal and no problems. The audio problems only go for a minute and back to normal. Not sure what the issue is but could it be I need to turn down the gain on the amplifier? Regards Dave
  5. They are metered. Problem is because you can download at fast rate (in my case 18Mbit/sec) I tend to chew through my 60GB download limit rather quickly so one evenings worth of documentary downloads can put a big dent in my allowance. cheers Dave
  6. I am with Internode which hosts a premium usenet server and I use grabit with newzbin for nzb files. Since Internode usenet server has been up I have never had to use bittorrent again. Besides getting shows downloaded in a short space of time is a nice thing. If not with Internode sign up to astraweb or giganews. (The internode server is a mirror of these I believe) cheers Dave
  7. After asking here and pm'ing a known user i got completely ignored so I will offer a bit of advice. I was after the 46" 800a model and walked into DS powerhouse in Brissie and asked straight out what is their best price as I would like to buy now and I am not interested in shopping around. I said I am a keen buyer and if the price is right I'll take it with me. Immediately they came back with $2290. Suppose based on this I then could have gone off and got it cheaper seeing how easy it was to get this price with no haggling but to be honest, they gave me a decent upfront price so I gave them the business. So be honest and let them know you are not tyre kicker (just shopping around for prices) and you should get a good price. cheers Dave
  8. Yep. 8800GT and has two DVI outputs. One to the PC monitor and one which was connected to the Pano. Interesting little bug isn't it. As mentioned not concerned as I am not going to use this connection method but had it connected to see what the games looked like on the Pano cheers Dave
  9. Hi All Have a 46" 800a and also have this problem with only channel 7 digital and analog displaying. Drove me nuts trying to work out what was wrong as I had a PC (DVI - HDMI) connected to port 1 and xbox360 connected to HDMI2. Since leaving the PC disconnected it is all fine. Doesn't really bother me as I stream all video (media player videos and media centre) through the xbox360 anyway across the LAN. cheers Dave
  10. Hi All Not too sure if it is a reception problem or an actual bug. I purchased the item in question and tuned it, connected both xbox360 via HDMI and my home PC using DVI to HDMI. After a while I lose all channels on the TV except 7. I do a rescan and can only pick up the four or so channel 7 digital channels. Quality and strength are both at 10 so it has me totally confused. I plugged a normal TV into the aerial and can pick up the analog fine. I then did a factory reset so it goes through both digital and analog tune and again picks up only 7 digital and 7 analog. Unplug HDMI cables and do another factory reset and all is perfect. Plug HDMI cables in and runs fine until a few days later I lose channels again. This time I left the PC off and seems to be working fine. So not sure if it is aerial, TV or having PC connected via HDMI. Don't think it is aerial as I get perfect reception all 10's across the board. If anyone can offer an explanation that would be good. cheers Dave EDIT: Just searched a little more and found others with same issue. Disregard this post. Thanks
  11. Got the 46" 800a from DSP at Logan Megacentre. Picked it up on Saturday but completely dead when tried to power on. I went down and replaced with another yesterday and couldn't be happier. High Def is fantastic either streaming from Xbox360 using media extender from PC video's or the HD channels. $2290 plus I paid 370'ish for 5yr warranty. cheers Dave
  12. Hi Is anyone able to shoot through the receipt for the 46 800a model for $2275 to [email protected] ? cheers Dave
  13. Hi could you send a copy of receipt to [email protected] please. Been looking around this morning and was looking to buy the 42" but the 46" is so much better. Went to JB-HiFi, WOW and Clive Peters and out of all of them Clive Peters were the best and willing to talk about pricing. cheers Dave