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  1. Thanks guys. I guess not too many are using an external HDD but I do. Even so I run a 500Gig internal drive I always seem to run out of space. I record mainly movies, 50% in HD, (I gone watch in the next millennium) which gobbles up a lot of space as we all know. So I shovel those movies across to the external drive, but am absolutely in the dark how much space there is left on the drive. If that information could be included in a future FW the Wiz would be even more part of my life and I get rid of my………..
  2. I just bought a DPP1 and cranked it up xxx5.301. Everything works fine but what I miss is the ability to check the free space on an external HDD. I know that if the drive is formatted on a PC one could find out how much is left but that is kind of tedious and clunky; so why not having the WZ providing that kind of info, or is it hidden somewhere under the hood? Thanks very much. Wolf
  3. It would be nice apart from all the other niceties the DP1 has to be able to check the state, i.e. used space on an eternal HDD, as is possible for the internal drive. Now I can only guess.
  4. I use a DPP1. The HDD is full so I copied a lot of movies across onto an external drive. That drive is formatted by the DPP1 so I can watch programs from that drive. Now I would like to copy some movies to the PC (Win XP2), but that drive can not be seen. Is there a way that a PC can see a DPP1 formatted drive? Thank you. Wolf
  5. Thank you Peter. I guess I have to live what's given. I thought that there is a way of changing it. It would be nice but alas. Regards Wolf
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaa, this is getting into something interesting. Well, perhaps I have been wrong that the file system can be set to a certain order, but that isn’t the first that time I am be proved to be wrong. The strange thing though is that the internal drive displays a file stack with the latest recording on top and the ext drive displays everything lined up to TV channels first with days increment down and mouths increment up. Decimal zeros seems to be incoherent. If one considers that the ext drive displayed the internal version, i.e. latest recording on top, before removing it from the box and now runing it as an ext drive than one can assume that the firmware is sorting 2 different varieties. Remember I removed a full 500Gig drive with a file stack showing the latest recording on top. Now, the same drive displays a different file stuck when running as ext drive. Peter you may like to have a look at this link which shows the stack from the top down. www.users.on.net/melchhart/FileStack.jpg Regards Wolf
  7. Hi guys, I haven’t been around for a wile, (standing in the corner in shame) and also I am very happy with my BW-DPP1 (261). But I had to replace a full 500Gig drive with an empty one. The full drive I put into an ext caddy and everything is running fine. The only problem with the ext drive is the file system that seems to be sorted in a ridicules way, by TV station and other things I can’t figure out. I do remember that we talked about the filing system but I forgot how to change it. As I remember there was a combination of buttons to press but I just don’t know what it is. I promise that I tried finding the posts with out sleep and foot for the last week, but I am now so hungry tired that I be prepared to put up with any abuse you guys draw at me as long as you let me into the secrets of how to change the file system. Now that I am on my knees I wonder if you guys have found a way how to record onto an ext-HDD? In endless dead to you all a cringing Wolf
  8. I agree, files can not be downloaded from the BW onto an ext-HDD that is formatted with NTFS. Files, of differed file sizes that had been uploaded to the BW from a computer seem to have the property to be downloaded again to an ext-HDD, formatted with NTFS. However the download started, but always crashed after several minutes. Therefore IMO this can not be done. I got caught by only observing the download possibility but not hanging around for the finished result. Therefore again I apologies by doubting those who do know what should- or should not be possible within the BW. Sorry Peter.
  9. I apologies; you guys are right and I am wrong. To day I had more time and went trough everything again when I found that only files from the computer that have been upped to the P1 can be downloaded again onto the LaCie, formatted with NTFS, and that at a very slow pace. Native files from the P1 however can not be downloaded. So I got suckered in by not going the full length. The whole reason for using NTFS is to be able to copy large files to the LaCie and then upload to the BW. So effectively one has to format the drive for every direction, ie NTFS for up and FAT32 for down, unless one uses 2 different drives. The other thing is that 1080 MPEG2 files only play 10sec interruptions with no fast for/back, whereas 1080 M2T and 720 MPEG2 play very smooth including for/back. So the whole thing seems to be a bug which may be of interest to developers. I go now and stand in the corner for 5 minutes. www.users.on.net/melchhart/LaCie4.jpg
  10. prl, that proves that theory is just that and very dangerous when tackled narrow minded. Anyone around Melbourne can come and visit me. PM me.
  11. I copied some video files from the computer to the LaCie. As can be seen in the image below they are AVI and M2T on the way to the P1 HDD. AVI is reported as ‘unsupported format’ M2T is playing jerky if played from the LaCie but perfect if played from the internal HDD. That is understandable as this M2T file is HD and has a constant bit rate of 25000000. It seems to me that video files based on the MPEG format are accepted but AVI, which can come in multitude flavors is not. www.users.on.net/melchhart/LaCie3.jpg
  12. Well, like I posted earlier, the reason I formatted the LaCie was, (I call it LaCie from now on in order to avoid confusion) that I could not load a 6Gig HD MPEG video file from the computer to the LaCie which had at the time the FAT32 format. After I formatted to NTFS I had no problem to copy. After reading your post Tony I noticed your last paragraph which made me think……… I only did a fast format. I don’t know if that is the reason. Perhaps it should be investigated.
  13. I always felt that pushing ones “discovery” should be gentile until one hits a brick wall. That’s the point one should consider suicide or tell the rest of the world to bugger of. Have a guess what I prefer?
  14. Tony, have a look at the pictures again, I put another one in that shows the connection, ie the LaCie is only connected to the BW via USB and to an external power supply. The BW has no network connection to a PC. The only connections are Power, Arial, HDMI and USB.
  15. It is straight forward. It is a LaCie drive, 150Gig. Formatted on the PC with NTFS. That’s all. The only reason I can see that it doesn’t work with other drives is the size of the drive. Here are a few shots which doesn’t prove anything either because I am very good manipulating graphics. www.users.on.net/melchhart/LaCie2.jpg