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  1. Would also be interested in buying another one:)
  2. It seems strange that they couldn't just send out the part for local replacement. Especially with the XMC-1 being a modular design for easy upgrades. This was widely done over the years for many international customers. They would go out of their way to help out with local repairs rather than having to ship back to them. Wonder if this will now apply across the range for people that previously bought direct.
  3. Now sold. Thanks to those that expressed interest.
  4. Hi apologies for late reply. The unit looks like it is sold pending pickup this weekend. Will update listing to confirm. (Shelves not adjustable, will measure heights for each if sale doesn't go through) Thanks
  5. http://www.stereo.net.au/news/emotiva-audio-coming-to-australia/ Should be interesting......if this means deephz is one of the sellers this is a HUGE win!!
  6. Thanks!! Have to go to JB this weekend so will check out this same tv and see if it has improved at all. It also looks much worse in person unfortunately (will try and get better photos )
  7. Yes fair enough hopefully not permanent, but it is something that would probably detract from enjoyment of the tv, especially in this price range. This wasn't image retention that disappears after a few minutes, it was still on the display many hours later without showing any improvement. Whether this is an issue in home use away from the shops torch mode settings remains to be seen. Hopefully it is like plasma, in that towards the end they were very hard to permanently burn an image in. Time will tell. I have to go back to this store this weekend so will have another look and see if any improvement etc Ummm can anyone please assist as to how do you add photos to a reply???
  8. Was in JB Hifi over the weekend. Wanted to have a look at the OLED's. Only had the 55EC930T on display playing what looked like a looped section of a movie (it ran for about 20 minutes before starting off again).Unfortunately I straight away picked up some very nasty image retention in the bottom right hand corner. Looked to be a bluray menu or similar. This image retention was very noticeable on light backgrounds. Bugger was hoping image retention would be a thing of the past, but looks like it may still be an issue under certain conditions. Obviously JB would be running high brightness and not being careful with static images, settings etc, but still a worry!! I left before returning to the store a few hours later to check for any improvement,. Sadly ZERO improvement the image retention was just as noticeable. Hmmmmm I cant help but think of what nasty Fox sports and Win logos may do. I guess we will have to wait until more people have them at home!!. Tried to take some pics of it on my mobile, will upload this evening.
  9. Only a little interest here so off to ebay auction she goes. I was thinking about just storing it until our Beyonwiz DP-1 dies (it has been bullet proof over many years though!!!)..with some luck it might be easier to convince my wife by then! I have my eye on another audio purchase so decided best to let it go for now. For those interested will start auction at a low price to keep it interesting. Cheers
  10. Dropped to $575 or closet offer. Grab a bargain, or off to ebay she goes. I need a prompt sale to partly fund another item, so all reasonable offers considered....... Amazing unit. Sound and Image Highly commended Award winner http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/sound-image/beyonwiz-t3-pvr-and-media-centre-full-review-399018
  11. Have for sale 1 x Beyonwiz T3 2TB It is as new, only taken out of box and played with for a couple of days, but unfortunately my wife wants to stay with our current setup. Unit has been boxed and sitting in the cupboard for last few months with me hoping she would have a change of heart Paid $699 plus post, so $599 or pm best offer Plenty of info on the beyonwiz website and forum about this great unit. Pickup Canberra or will post (buyer pays half) Australia wide.
  12. Spot on, awesome speakers!!
  13. +2 That would be a very nice setup!!
  14. Hi, I saw one of these on ebay just last night (I am not the seller). Search Velodyne DD18 and should find it easy enough. Cheers
  15. I wonder if they have solved the image retention issues with these? There was talk this could be even a bigger issue than with plasma. It is such a pain to see the channel logo retained even if it fades after a few days or weeks. Even running at low contrast and brightness levels! I know they will use similar methods to current (well just finished) plasma's to deal with it, but the static bright channel logos that everyone is now using (especially on sport) could remain a problem? Hopefully not. Its funny that the older Kuro plasma's seemed to have this licked, but it returned with other brands newer model plasma.