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  1. Sorry for not looking through the previous 30 odd previous pages but does anyone know if the currently sold versions of this pvr still come with the skip functionality? Currently in the market to replace my currently no longer used toppy 5k and the magic seemed to fit the bill.
  2. Has any one read their backgrounder pdf at all? VERY enlightening. From it I would be extremely surprised if nine won. In a nut shell it comes down to the fact that ICE are independently gathering their info. Seems pretty clear cut to me. Hopefully the Judge seems it the same way and throws nine out. Now what IS curious is that the same legal company ice used to make sure they were not infringing copyright are the SAME company nine have employed to fight them! Sounds a bit doubious to me. Maybe its a case of they KNOW they don't have a leg to stand on but will take the case anyway (Ed's got a big(ger) wallet now I suppose).
  3. genx: I've got an iRiver pmp-120 (paid $400). TV playback is deperate at best. Its low res even with good quality almost dvd res source video. I'm not sure what its doing, its almost like its down sampling it. I don't watch it via tv much at all however so it might have only been the few videos that I did test with it. The player is good doing its main job of watching videos on the go. My wife and myself use it on the daily hour trip to the city every day. Menu system is difficult at first but I got used to it.
  4. Tried just splitting the file without projectx? ie. using a tool like http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/
  5. *looks at sway's sig* you've got a visionplus in your pc. Can't you just schedule your recordings with web scheduler?
  6. I wonder if Topfield will have a stand at the Melbourne Home entertainment expo? Any one know?
  7. The ata66 caddies definately support 133 speeds as they have the 80 wire cables in them. If the cable supports ata66 then it means that it will almost always support everything above ata33. This is the actual product itself. http://www.vipower.com.tw/product/MobileRa..._10LSFU_133.htm They work perfectly fine in my pc. The real issue was the cable between them and the pvr. Even when I don't use the caddy I still couldn't get it to work.
  8. foss: yeah, i ended up buying 2 of the ata66 caddies and tried every combination of hooking the cables up. Works fine with the default cable though. I have a bunch here at work that I can try out but I have a few other priorities first
  9. The only thing that's stopping me from using the caddies is that I still havn't found an ata cable apart from the original one that works I've drilled out 3 ata66+ cables so far with a 1mm drill bit (2 old + 1 new) and none of them worked except for the original one. If its an urgent transfer I just rip the HD out of the toppy. I no longer have anything screwed down so its a fairly quick process. The only problem being that the toppy becomes unusable.
  10. holy cow! They are functions that I never expected without TAPs! My suggestion is to redownload the firmware and try a reflash. If the default behaviour of the 5k is playing up who knows what else isn't working correctly either.
  11. IF you notice that the buttons don't work straigh away get up and have a listen to the machine and see if you can hear the HD spinning up. If it is then thats the culprit. Just enable timeshifting or turn off the HD powering down options. If its taking multiple key presses to get the channel to change then it will be the remote itself which will need to be replaced. Be 100% sure its the remote before sending it back as a new remote will still leave you with this problem otherwise
  12. If the RRP is going to be $2000 I think the best longer term price you'd ever see would be about $1450-1500 judging from how far the prices of the 5k have come down.
  13. Dan: Good of your to post a bit more detail on what that "First loooks" page was about. I was one of the people that emailed and asked about it (looks like I might have to owe someone $10! lol). Just another thing, you said "the picture was supplied by Topfield, with the assurance that it would be available by the time the magazine came out" but would you really trust them with their track record of hardware release annoucements and times they where evenutally available? I suppose if you were verbally told "feb" then I suppose thats all you can do.
  14. I've emailed Dan. $10 says I don't get a decent response. [edit] I stand corrected! Looks like I owe someone $10 lol
  15. Would have thought this would have been posted in here but it wasn't. http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=13137 Seems like a pretty piss poor review really, but what can you expect from APC. The mag with more ad's than actual real content! Almost seems like they've made up that blurb from information available on the net. Normally for a review of a device like this I would have expected that would have commented on its ease of use, how easy(or hard) it is to schedule.