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  1. Mine doesn't. The only thing I remember was internet radio would keep playing after you turned the Denon to stand-by, unless you stopped the music first, but it sounds like something else if you set all zones to tuner.
  2. Mines still original. 3 years old maybe? From the first batch whenever that was. Never had a hardware fault. Software and firmware updates have caused plenty of grief (especially trying to deal with some of the people on the beyonwiz forums, that seem to have a major god complex at times), but has been pretty stable for the last 12 months since I refused to make any more updates. Still, as others have said it'll be my last Beyonwiz. I'm quietly hoping it'll die so I can get a Fetch TV, but that means it'll most likely live forever!
  3. You could also try a motor start circuit breaker. These usually cope with inrush current much better. If you have a tame sparky, see if they can measure it, so it's not trial and error. Edit:Autocorrect errors!
  4. I bought eight Blu-Rays today from JB at Eastgardens, the missus and I split up to maximise the discount, and to my surprise, the guy serving automatically split the two groups of 4 to maximise the discount. I was pretty impressed! I also went to Big W in the same centre to see if they had The 5th Wave, as JB was out of stock. They had it and with their 30% of sale I was happy to pay the reduced price. When scanned at the register it showed full price, I challenged it, and after much tooing and frooing between staff members, she was told to reduce the price by $13.20, making it just over $20! I was never going to pay their ridiculous full price of $34, so I was happy to accept their discount of nearly 40% instead! Blonk
  5. I've used this site to help decipher some of the Denon speak. As already suggested, try a factory reset. Not sure on your model but the site should have some info in plain english to help. Blonk
  6. Target have it available now for $25. They've always price matched in the past. Blonk
  7. Just checked for Jupiter Ascending, for some reason the regular blu-ray is $23.98, but they have the 3d/2d version as part of the buy 2 get 1 free sale, and is listed at $12.78! WTF! Blonk
  8. Haven't they been making tow bars on cars out of this stuff for years?
  9. There were 2 copies of American Sniper at Target Leichhardt (about 30 minutes ago anyway) for $17.50, if anyone is near Sydney's Inner West. Blonk
  10. Another vote for My Movies, have been using it for several years. If you use a PC, the software is free, and it is easy to modify things to suit yourself. You can change the artwork if you like. If you use a MAC, the app is $25. I changed from PC to MAC a while ago, and haven't needed it. I only used the PC version for a few older titles that didn't exist. Generally the app is fine, and works well with Australian releases. Blonk
  11. Curious how you can do this. I can only create new keys for devices that have licenses linked to my account, and therefore my pro kit. Yes if I bought a new kit I know I can use it for these licenses, but if a mate asks me to calibrate his equipment with a license linked to another account, how can I generate a key with my kit, without a new license? Blonk
  12. They are also linked to the pro kit that was used to purchase the license. I'm pretty sure you can transfer them from one kit to another if you ask, although you may need to find out the serial number of the kit originally used. Blonk
  13. Red Spade Audio, or should I just call you Red? Can you please provide some more details of how your remote room analysis works? Blonk
  14. Crikey! If patience is a virtue, you're certainly leading the pack! Hope it all works out for you. Perhaps Red-Spade has a market for potential Seaton Customers if he can build something of similar quality, yet maintain some kind of customer service. Blonk
  15. Personally, I'd give the 2 subs you already have a go. I went from a single 12" to 2 x 8" subs, and the bass is significantly better. Smoother and a much better chest thump. My room is slightly larger than yours, and if I run them too hot, the pressure in the room can cause my ears to hurt! Give them a go. Blonk