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  1. Sure does say it all! There it is. I used to think this was a great forum, but it just hit rock bottom. Time to close this account and move on...
  2. I'm not suggesting these are top of the line TVs at all, and since when are Samsung top of the line? Rolls Royce my rear end, Samsung is the Hyundai of TVs anyway. Good enough to do the job, but no way would I be paying top dollar for it. All I was suggesting was that Samsung probably makes the panel. The rest is obviously cheap and nasty especially the case and stand.
  3. harness? not with mine, very little was inside the box. I wall mounted mine as there was no way I would trust that stand to keep it upright with little blighters running around everywhere. The sales guy said they were basically samsung TVs, and the menu options lean towards Samsung too. As do the shape of the cover and the stands.
  4. 1950's Seriously, with our disposable society, I got 7 years out of my last TV that I bought for under a grand, and I reckon I'd behappy with 7 years out of the TV I just bought for just over a grand. It's not like Samsung TVs aren't failing. Lots of reliability problems lately. Sony and Panasonic take more shortcuts in production every year, they don't make electronics like they did in the old days . It's now as cheap as possible. With the option of an extended warranty from a reputable store, it really doesn't matter how reliable the product is. Obviously there is the inconvenience factor to consider, but in the end it seems a lot of TVs are only as reliable as their warranty.
  5. literally... I bought the 55" Okano, and there is no way I'd leave that thing on a stand on a shelf... like this guy has... http://scott.yang.id.au/2011/01/bought-a-n...-from-jb-hi-fi/ He's just asking for that massive thing to fall on his little kiddies.
  6. There are a few things to think about here though. Not everyone likes to haggle with salespeople, especially when plenty of them just outright lie to your face. I disagree on the brand snobbery, this forum is full of audiophiles and videophiles who cannot stand 'crappy' brands. I don't think anybody is expecting cheap branded products to be superior to expensive name brand products that have an inflated price to cover advertising costs, the whole point of buying a cheap TV is that it is CHEAP. Besides cheap doesn't always mean CRAPPY, as many asociate on here. I've looked at plenty of TVs recently and from what I see in store the cheap models actually perform quite acceptably in comparison to significantly more expensive products.
  7. There is no doubt plasma is superior, but the point is LCD isn't crap, it's just not quite as good. It's all relative, a terrible picture would be one that is unwatchable. LCD TV is perfectly watchable, quite impressive. Plasma tends to be just a bit better. It's like every time I read a Sony thread somone pipes in and says their LCD TVs are rubbish and have an awful picture, yet every time I see a Sony LCD I am bloody impressed with how great they look.
  8. Plasma had a bad reputation for short life-span and image retention problems, plus they weighed a ton and used loads of power. LCD TVs do look great. It's all relative. New large LCDs are cheap and look amazing. Plenty of cheap massive CRTs from 10 years ago look rubbish in comparison. Plasmas do tend to have better picture quality, better blacks, higher contrast, more colours and greater handling of fast moving images. Plasma is generally better. But the bottom line is LCD TVs still look good, its only the Plasma snobs who think LCD looks crap.
  9. The only advice I've got is call them before you go, as people are reporting that there is no stock left at their store, and sales people are telling them these units are sold out everywhere.
  10. FTA looks good, One HD looked very good, but I don't watch wrestling and NFL so I haven't left it on for long enough, but from brief watching it looks superb. I'm not sure why 7 and 9 have their HD feeds on rubbish channels showing old SD programs, but the tennis looked good on SD 7.
  11. I bought an Okano today, the remote is fine LOL. Even programmed a logitech with it and it knew the brand, but not the model, and after teaching it the power, 1 and volume up buttons it said it knew the remote, and it now works fine. I don't think it will be too much of a problem, and I'd be more worried about the set crapping out before the remote, hence the $120 5 year warranty no-brainer from JB. Great TV BTW, I can thoroughly recommend them... okay its only been in my house for 5 hours now, but its an amazingly impressive set given the budget price.
  12. Just installed a newish 200GB hard drive in one of these and am running 'Erase harddisk' from the PVR menu. It's been going for over half an hour now. Is that normal? Yes, I am incredibly impatient...
  13. The $10k was a number I plucked out of fundamental orifice . I don't recall the exact details of the amps in the article, which I merely read and did not write, that the comparison was made from. And yes, if you read what I posted I am obviously not talking about my own personal experience. I don't know if it was true or not, but the article pointed to all sorts of double-blind tests to show that most people, including plenty of so-called audiophiles, cannot tell the difference when listening to a $500 amp and a set of high-end mono blocks. It went on to prove that you would be better off using two $500 amps than a set of mono blocks as there is a greater audible difference.