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  1. No idea what could be causing the problem you describe, but Teac will (or should) honor the 3 year warranty. The HDMI port has gone faulty on my 4235A, was going to get it fixed but just decided to live with it for now as I don't use HDMI much anyway, but I called Teac and they confirmed that the model was 1 year warranty plus 2 years bonus. I don't know for sure if that would apply to yours as well but if you've got/had a sticker on it like mine that says '3 Year Warranty' then you might be ok. Only problem is I doubt you can do anything without the receipt. Teac will tell you to go to a nearby service center (you have to take it there yourself, the in-home warranty expires after the first year, but being 32 inches that may not have applied to you) and show them a receipt. Without a receipt your only option might be to take it to the service center and get a quote, but I doubt it'll be worth fixing as the repair cost would be close to the same as paying for the majority of a new 32" set. Let us know how you go.
  2. I've found the few Samsungs I've played with pretty ordinary PQ out of the box but killer once they've been tweaked a bit.
  3. Hdtv Prices

    Samsung LA32A450 for $798 cash at Dick Smith Powerhouse Nunawading. Ticketed price was $898.
  4. picked up a Samsung LA32A450 today for $798 cash. Ticketed price varied between $900-1000 at most places so not too bad. The 550 looks nice but couldn't justify the extra on it, especially since it is a gift for my folks who wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway
  5. I'm hoping to get a Sammy 32" 450 before Xmas for my folks for $800 max. I've seen them ticketed at that price in the last month so hopefully can still be had for that. I agree the Samsung speakers are pretty crap but they're generally good sets and it means I don't have to pay extra to extend a Panasonic warranty from 1 year to 3
  6. what you're describing sounds like it could possibly be banding but it is impossible to tell without testing on other inputs. best thing to do is use a greyscale test DVD (a good free one is at which shows a low contrast grey screen that'll make any banding or clouds stand out. if the panel displays bands on all/most inputs and other nearby electronic interference can be ruled out then you can confirm something ain't right
  7. Xbox 360 <> Hdmi On Lg 32lc2r = Yuck

    The 360 has problems with overscan on many TVs via both component and HDMI. Unfortunately I don't think there is anything you can do about it; I have read of some success where people turn their 360 on with the VGA plugged in and then do some kind of 'return to default settings' boot and quickly plug the HDMI in, which allows the console to do a pixel to pixel map. I haven't tried this myself. On my Teac 4235A 42" LCD I had pretty bad overscan on component and changed to VGA, then got a new Arcade 360 and used HDMI. The overscan is still there but nowhere near as bad as it appears over component so I've just learned to live with it because VGA is a bit too 'buttery' looking for my liking If you are getting the weapon hud cut off in GTA then that is particularly bad overscan; most of the cases I've read of is just 1-2 inches of screen missing and I bet there are many out there that don't even know they have overscan because it isn't really a big deal. I didn't even notice it myself for 6 months until I played PacMan Championship Edition and noticed the pulsating box that surrounds the game screen was cut off at the bottom? Anyway as I said there's not much you can do other than going through the TV's options and doing what you can through that. I have heard that some TVs like Samsungs have a 'Just Scan' option or something that sets things right
  8. Cheap Hd Dvd Movie Thread

    god dammit I looked at it at about 2am last night and it was 4.93, I thought I'll get it in the morning, but no
  9. Xbox 360 Game Trade Thread

    sorry mate it has been nabbed
  10. Xbox 360 Game Trade Thread

    Ninja Gaiden 2 - $55 SOLD Tony Hawk's American Wasteland - $11 (Aussie PAL sealed) Test Drive Unlimited - $12 SOLD Postage is $3 regular or $7.20 express. Will combine for cheaper postage as well. Thx
  11. Xbox 360 Game Trade Thread

    I've got TWO copies of Ninja Gaiden 2 for sale Both are Aussie PAL and both SEALED in plastic still Each $65 + postage (regular is $3 or $7.20 express) Pick-up from Nunawading area also welcome I accept Paypal My ebay username is belgavin if you want to check feedback there
  12. New Foxtel Hd

    Thanks, I don't see anything much on the that schedule regarding baseball so might forget about Foxtel HD for the time being, I'd be better off paying a monthly fee for MLBTV and getting lots of games. Although I'm eager to just jump into this Foxtel deal I'm hesitant about the $200 plus I'd like to hear some feedback about what the image quality is actually like before going ahead with it. I'll be interested to hear thoughts here in the first week of June or so
  13. New Foxtel Hd

    would Major League Baseball games be on ESPN HD or Fox Sports HD, or does it go between both?
  14. Modding Xbox 360

    you'll be got in the end. I don't think it is worth the risk, I'd rather feel secure playing on Live knowing MS aren't going to pull the plug any second