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  1. Too many nit wits here on these threads. I've been using HDR for the last 20 years in photography. The process is not the same but the effect is same enough. It's over processed garbage. I'll stick to normal wide colour gamut monitors thanks.
  2. Why change one channel in expense of another. We should have HD/MPEG4/H.264 across the spectrum.
  3. Have you thought about getting a universal remote?
  4. 50" in the bedroom is quite large, I have this setup in my bedroom but I would not recommend this to everyone.
  5. Thanks I've bought a Topfield unit
  6. Thanks, my only concern with getting a cheap Chinese, $50 set top box was that they were still as terrible as the last time I tried one. Ideally I would get a software update that would resolve this issue. It seems the last time Phillips released an update was 2011. It's very much just a codec issue at the moment. I will be keeping this TV for the foreseeable future as I don't see UHD as being something that is even really on the horizon, and by then it will probably be something that is easier to deliver over copper anyway like every other nation that already does it in Europe and North America.
  7. Yes, thank you, the bandwidth of television would simply be monumental to try to encapsulate an MPEG2 UHD stream. It would be practically infeasible. I obviously need a set top box of some description, some recommendations would be nice, my previous experience with set top boxes was going through a few of them with my old CRT TV and all of them were rubbish back then one in particular would get the video and audio out of sync. Would I be better off getting a brand name PVR or just a generic set top box?Is it best off to find one I can connect by HDMI. My last unit just used a standard RGB/VGA Analogue cable. I assume a pure digital connection would provide better results?
  8. Yes the new HD channels from 9 and 7. I'm getting sick of the 480p MPEG2 quality SD streams we're still getting over the generic channels and this TV is far better than that anyway. Somewhere along the lines they stuffed it all up by using MPEG2 and things have gotten progressively worse as they try to jam more TV channels on what is a heavy bandwidth using streaming method from the early part of the 1990s. Not "everything" is made in China some things such as Phillips branded TVs are Dutch, and their panels up till 2011 were made in Europe, I have had expensive TVs in the past and never dropped below 1080p/100hz even when I had a Panasonic 32" CRT TV unit, made in Japan. That unit produced better picture quality than anything I've owned since, with no pixels to worry about. My Phillips TV is not made in China, it's made in Europe [Hungary] Most TVs you still get now have a worse response and refresh rate and contrast. My Phillips is a 100hz/3ms response rate, dynamic contrast of 30,000:1 and back lighting and all so there you go. No point there in upgrading this unit yet, especially not to the new type of cheaply made units I can lift with 1 finger, especially when Phillips doesn't make TVs like this anymore. Sorry for being a snob, but most of the new Sony Bravia type units don't stack up here under $1500 I may get a TV for watching 4K, but while 4K is a pipe dream for over the air TV and especially with the state of the NBN for cable TV in regional Australia I wont be upgrading, and having gone straight from DVD to digital streaming and not having a 4K BluRay library, again there is no point in upgrading yet for TV viewing in Australia. It just needs a set top box. I won't be getting rid of this one for a good few years yet especially when its only got 2000hours on it and over the air TV doesn't do 4K yet either. Once you've shoehorn one of those "Strong" or "Dgtec" or whatever type of set top boxes on the front of a TV, the menu system sucks as does the build quality and eventually last time I had a Chinese Set Top Box it blew up, so I'm wary of those units. I understand the principle that its just a DVB-T tuner. I use an Elgatto DVB-T tuner with my Mac, the thing is the software doesn't suck on it. It's just most of these cheap set top boxes, from my experience, are built to the lowest common denominator, the interface sucks, as does the whole experience of using one and then there is the experience where the video and audio can get out of sync on some channels with some of these cheaper units Nothing against it at all, it's just that I've had some fairly bad experiences with set top boxes in the past. Maybe I just got a really bad example, you could be correct with regard to that. EDIT: I just ran the software update, to bring it up to a 2011 model version, but it didn't add any additional functioning. Nuts but anyway... looks like it can't do MPEG4 on its own. This is what happens when you own a 5 year old TV.
  9. Hey guys, I'm in need of some recommendations for a set top box MY Phillips 47pfl7403d/27 is still going strong and after spending $2500 when it was new, and without any real idea of when 4K is coming to Australian TV I have no need to upgrade what is an overall awesome TV with 120hz/3ms response rate. I do need a H/2.64 converter though because my TV has no idea what that is, are there any decent non-Chinese set top boxes that aren't horrible? I used a set top box back in the day with my 32" widescreen flatscareen CRT, and it was horrible. I'm just trying to solve the H2.64 integration. My TV literally has 2000hours on it, I have no need to upgrade yet.
  10. Hi, the tv tuner works fine under windows however I'm not picking up anything under Linux, I'll test those frequencies and see if I can get them to work... I am at Marcus Beach so due to Mt Coolum it's a bit hit and miss where my signal comes from, some appear to be coming from Tewantin while others appear to be coming from bald knob. At the moment I'm trying to get 1 station to work just to see that it isn't a driver related issue from Linux but I'm not having much luck. I've run through all the diagnostics and it appears the card detects fine, but channels are another issue. I could go back to windows but would prefer not to. In terms of what's already at home, I have an SDTV that's working fine, and this card works fine under windows... I guess it's half my luck for using Linux that things don't just work as they do otherwise.
  11. I was wondering whether there's any Linux users on here that could provide me with their channels.conf file for the Sunshine Coast I'm having a hard time detecting anything...
  12. Hi guys sorry to dig up an old thread, but I'm trying to get 10HD on the Sunshine Coast so I can watch F1 on time and the other sports that 10HD broadcast, would it be possible or am I banging my head up against a brick wall. Southern Cross 10 are still broadcasting nothing but their demo loops I can get a few Brisbane stations such as nine with grainy quality on anologue, I was hoping someone could possibly fill me in with the audio and video pid's and what not for 10 in area slightly closer to Brisbane such as Caboulture or similar so I could give it a try
  13. I'm sick of Channel 10 not broadcasting on Southern Cross 10 HD what's the point of having the station if you're just going to display a demo loop over and over especially when the delay on sports coverage such as Formula 1 is sometimes 2 to 3 hours between 10SD and 10HD I'm just wondering if it would be possible at all to get 10HD coverage on the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane? I know I can pick up some analogue signals from Brisbane such as 9 from Marcus Beach would it be possible or with a booster to pick up 10HD from Brisbane, or is it not worth wasting my time?
  14. Ok, getting some really wierd bugs with (leaving a grey area on my desktop, and also not rembering screen sizes setting etc) I think i'm going to go back to
  15. hmm... I just installed, but haven't tried to record anything yet, maybe I should switch back, keep me posted on the results even though i'm only runing the T200 (same card, digital only version)