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  1. PSA S7201

    Trading up Yorac?
  2. This was always going to end badly ,the words "Blackman " and LG should not be used in the sentence sorry to hear of your woes Blackman Send the LG back and start over
  3. Speaker Wire for New Build

    Tycab in dandenong will sell to you direct over the counter
  4. Neighbours impressed ?
  5. 7 ch power amp Location :Melb outer east Condition :8yrs old,presents as new,unmarked,has gold colour fascia Currently at Arthur's for pre sale check over Price:$1800 offers via pm accepted Payment :Money please!Or pro rata swap for turntable !!??Denon or Victor vintage Jap Reason for sale:have purchased new XLR version(HD2),of the same amp Any questions feel free to ask Photos will be supplied via SMS or email if you pm me,unable to load because of tapatalk restrictions Cheers Muri Mods pls delete previous listing
  6. Hi All,amp is currently with Arthur the manufacturer getting the once over /checkup ,have installed the new HD2,so this is now available ,open to sensible offers,photos can be emailed /SMS if you pm me your details,sorry unable to load using tapatalk ,cheers Muri
  7. ABC now promoting DAB+

    Lolz,very true Juggler
  8. ABC now promoting DAB+

    Welcome to DTV Marc
  9. Projector calibration

    If not at Als happy to have my JVC used as a ginea pig out Berwick way
  10. Kaishin,what area are you located,if in melb I can help
  11. Yorac,I thought you were an oppo man?
  12. All set for new projector

    Wow interesting mount!
  13. Help building my home cinema

    Rephrase that question 2 subs??
  14. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Only problem is still the hdmi input has audio sync lag,oppo are working on it still!!
  15. Hi Kaishin,definatlly don't need a big room for an AT screen,suit narrow rooms well with speakers behind the screen enables screen to go full width of a narrow room,don't need to leave 500 mm each side of screen for the left and right speakers