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  1. I understand that was the finding of the folks on the UK forum about this screen. Basically you can't get 1:1 pixel mapping at 1080x1920 via HDMI on these screens; they always overscan. So if you want 1:1 pixel mapping at 1080p you have to use the analog VGA, or choose another screen. I think the TEAC 4235A with firmware update, and possibly the Sony X allow 1:1 pxel mapping at 1080p via HDMI .
  2. Andy-Roo, you are a champion... I reckon I'm a starter for one of these if 1:1 is sorted. If you're looking for 1080p its either the Sony X which is expensive and ugly, the new Samsung just coming out which is expensive and has overscan/ no 1:1 mapping... or the Teac. I reckon I'm sold.. .
  3. Great. I and many others here will be keen to hear how you go. By the way, which would you say looks better for on-screen text clarity: your current 1808x1016 scaled via HDMI; or 1080P60 via VGA cable? Cheers, Jocko
  4. Note that according to the Teac website the LCD3233A is only 1366x768, so won't display 1080p natively .
  5. Andy-Roo - Which would you say looks better for on-screen text PQ: 1808x1016 scaled via HDMI; or 1080P60 via D-sub VGA cable? .
  6. I hope the Australian X-series 46 inch model doesn't look the same as the UK one. - Thats an ugly looking beast with the 1990's style floating glass...
  7. For those in Sydney, if you want to get a look at one of the 42 inch 1920x1080 screens, I understand they have them on display at these locations (may also be at other stores) - Retravision Ingleburn - JB HiFi Liverpool Westfield - Betta Electrical, O'Connell St Sydney City I had a quick look at Betta Electrical today, and thought it looked great. - very impressive PQ, despite being fed via composite. Can't wait to see how it looks when driven by 1920x1080 content at 1:1 mapping via HDMI, but don't have the kit to test it properly. Anyone had a chance to test one of these out yet? I reckon you could pick up one of these for around $2900 with the right bargaining.
  8. I spoke yesterday with the NSW sales rep for Teac, and he said that there are four of the 42 inch 1080p LCDs at Ingleburn Retravision. He said he will call me back with details of other retail outlets that have them closer to the city. Apparently there were 100 nationally in the first shipment, with another batch due in 2-3 weeks. .
  9. I've also been trying several Retravision and JB stores in Sydney with no luck finding one in the flesh yet. Both of these stores have it on their systems, with a list price of around $3,450 but at one Retravision store the guy said over the phone he'd do it for $3,075. .
  10. - Has anyone tried using this as their main PC monitor running windows? I'm keen to understand how you found it for eyestrain, brightness, general functionality etc... .
  11. Bring on the 1080p LCDs...! The Westinghouse 47" 1080p screen is now down to US$ 2,399 in the US. I'd settle for a 42" at these prices. - Maybe we need to charter a flight over and bring back a planeload... ----------------------------------------- WESTINGHOUSE 47" 1080p Monitor LCD TV HDTV - LVM-47W1 16:9 Widescreen / 1920x1080 Screen Resolution Contrast Ratio 1200:1 Screen Response Time 6.5 milliseconds Brightness 450 cd/m2 Up to 176-degree viewing angle Video Processing - Progressive Scan, Aspect Ratio Conversion, CCS (Cross Color Suppressor), 3D Noise Reduction, PIP, Inverse 3:2 pulldown, Freezing Picture, 3D Video Processing, 3D Comb Filter Audio 2-10 Watt speakers + 10 watt Subwoofer Westinghouse 47" .
  12. Note that link relates to the old Benq 3750. Has anyone come across any info or reviews on the new PL4271? - Its due out anytime now in the US, and here in a couple of months. .
  13. - Is $2500 your landed cost after GST, duty etc, assuming you do need to pay them...? I guess the logical comparison would be with the Benq PL4271 42" 1920x1080, (which may even use the same panel) apparently due here late March/ early April. I understand this has a US RRP of US$500 more than the Benq 3750, which I estimate should give it a street price here of around $3500, although it may start higher than this... .
  14. Thanks for your response mybrains. - So if I understand this correctly, to get a basic windows desktop or MCE running at 1920x1080 on one of these screens we might be able to get away with a single-link DVI (if the TV hardware permits) or else with a cheaper dual-link video card (say the ATI X1300 ( ~$140). However, if we want real-time 1080i TV de-interlacing, you'd need one of the serious cards like the nVidia7800 (~$500) ...- Is that right? .