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  1. HAs Anybody got this firmware yet? I have the 40" and also experience it on the inbuilt DTV. I can live with the halos but on some material its quite annoying. My plan B is to use the mediacentre DVB card and completely bypass the TV inbuilt tuner to avoid it. Not ideal but possible.....
  2. I bought a M81 for $3150 at HN moore park NSW. 3400 ISNT cost dude
  3. I can confirm that I have not experienced any issues Audio wise on my 40" using either the external RCA stereo or today the optical out to my Sony 5.1 amp. In both cases I disabled the internal audio. Im using the DTV internal tunner and an external HTPC. All good. So if my set does have the issue talked about, I doubt I will ever notice as I dont use the internal speakers. Also I have not experienced the picture flicker that others talk about. Maybe im one of the lucky ones?
  4. Gday matie I got the TV from Hardly Normal in moore park Sydney. This is my final barter price, not their ticket price. I also went to their top salesman - (Asian) John. He is a real shark, so watch he dosent sell you his shoes Also, having a bing lee and DSE in the same complex is a good lever.... good luck PS re the lip sync - I have no such issue at present so its not worrying me. This may be because I turned *off* the internal audio all together and use the stereo outlet to drive my amp. Soon Ill connect the 5.1 once I get a digital cable to suit (the amp is a Sony 5.1) pete
  5. Im sure I read on the UK forums somewhere that this bug was already identified on the UK equiv model. Ill need to chase that up... ahhh.. in UK its a M86 model and here are some UK owners threads to red thru;highlight=m86;highlight=m86;highlight=m86 here is the review of our set in the UK and go to page where he says [sidenote: "Movie Plus" was automatically engaged (as long as it's possible) every time I changed input source, or even change resolution/ aspect ratio over the same connection, despite it being labelled clearly as "Off" in the user menu. To disable it I had to turn it on first and then turn it off. I have fired an email off to Samsung informing them about this issue, as it could potentially be fixed with a firmware update.]
  6. No problemo. Im happy to give back to the family that has given me so much info over the last few years. Re size. Im in a two bedroom unit and this is way big. I couldn't have fitted a 46". I sit under 2 metres away. 40" seems massive! Funny how much bigger they seem when you get them home
  7. Well, I had a fusion plus card in the HTPC. Piece of doggy do. software always crashed, poor signal, couldn't ever get 7 etc. Wont be getting that brand again..... Once I replace it I will be using the the media centre to just record HDTV. Might as well use the TVs inbuilt DTV to watch shows as its quality is great and signal strength is perfect. I believe this is easily achieved by using the PIP function so I can see what the media centre is recording while im watching TV shows on the TVs inbuilt DTV !
  8. Inbuilt DTV settings dude. Im using the inbuilt TV tuner here with these settings. HDMI2 settings for HTPC is still in progress. stay tunned !
  9. consider this a work in progress, but here is my DTV settings at present. Seems a lot more natural than default Mode: Dynamic ----------------- Size: 16:9 Contrast: 90 -------------------- Digital NR: low Brightness: 50 ------------------ Active Colour: On Sharpness: 30 ------------------ DNIe: Off (thank god) Colour: 50 ----------------------- Movie Plus: On Tint: 50 Colour Tone: Normal Backlight: 4 love your feedback
  10. What you say is true but the screen was def a generation better than the SonyX (and thus the previous sammy). I didnt see that soft blur on fast animation like the previous models (and most LCDs before this one). The blacks seemed much better than the current X too. One thing that does annoy me is the default setup with DINE and all the image crap. I find faces show natural sometimes, red sometimes and washed out sometimes. I look forward to turning all that crap off
  11. narr, not faster, but it does piss off my mates with SD plasmas a LOT! hehehe PS VGA connections dont mandate either interlace or non. They support both (but progressive is the norm) and a wide range of resolutions.
  12. I have posted a mini review in this thread btw
  13. Mini Review of 40 Inch LA40M81BDX I picked up this two days ago and some old timers will remember me being very active on this forum about 2 years ago but I gave up. Well things have changed now. 1080p LCD is now affordable (this was $3150 with free delivery in NSW). The PQ compared to plasma is a mixed bag. The HD is definitely better/sharper (no screen door) the extended colour range backlight says 105%PAL but the black crush is still present from the CR of the panel (1200:1static, 15,000:1 Dynamic). It draws a tiny 124Watts and thats half what a 42" plasma draws (no fans, no noise, bugger all heat). firstly the items u are after! pictures: Build quality is excellent. Samsung make a product well. Its was surprisingly light however. The screen seems to have a plastic coating over it (the shiny stuff!). The black case is very shiny but this has a big downside. Its a magnet for dust! If anybody has ideas for coating it to prevent this (say amorall or solargard etc) let me know. Sammy give 3 years wty standard. This TV is jacked to a media centre (AMD x64, nvidia 7900GS-TV, Nvidia mx4400-Panel, Media Portal) using a HDMI to DVI cable from Jaycar electronics $40. The manual says to use port 2 for PC (DVI) connections. When I connected first, the PC sensed the monitor as "Samsung" and auto worked. No messing with powerstrip etc and was able to use "just scan" for exact 1920x1080. I also have the absolute latest nvidia reference drivers loaded (96.x from memory). However on reboot it 'forgot' the TV and I had to install powerstrip to get it back - Bah, bloody windows & PCs (trust me, buy a mac@!) Anyways, the media portal is a dream and I was able to play all the 1080p samples on the web. Its funny you know - i can now see flaws in a lot of the 1080 samples because its so sharp. Shows that started as Film and were digitised show all the typical scratches and spots of film. brilliant! I cant convey how impressed I am at playing 1080p material. Its breathless. Bring on bloo ray & HDDVD! Something most may not realise is that the TV setup is unique for each input (mostly). This means the HDMI settings are independent to regular DTV or Analog TV settings. While on DTV, I had to read the manual as the set on first start decided to auto setup for Analog. Annoying, but I found out u need to hit a button on the remote and re tune DTV instead. This worked flawlessly and i got perfect reception on all the HD channels (something my fusion plus card could never do (that brand DVB is crap IMOP) Inputs/Outputs. yep, the BDX has 3 THREE HDMIs. 2 on the back and one on the side (see piccys). Otherwise, you could say it has everything you need and then some. Fast animation and 8ms. I cant see any bluring on this set. It was in the shop next to XBR2 (current sony 40" 1080) and the sony was showing blur on fast moving material. I believe its because this has the next gen screen in it (same as XBR3 out in states now). Im sure sony will catch up some time in OZ.... Blacks and 15000:1. - THis set can go black, REAL black. Match a pio plasma black. I cant fault it here. However it has trouble with shades of black (black crush). This is inherent with all lcds. Only the new sharp 46 and 52 were better in this regard but i didnt want such a big (or expensive) screen. Sharp 42 was a very average IMOP. For review part 2 colour calibrating (firstly experimenting with TV defaults, then creating an ICC profile with a calibration tool) PC games - FPS at 40" drool drool - measuring lcd lag with pixelperan checkin for pixels with dead pixel buddy (cant see any with the naked eye so far)
  14. Sydney I bought the 40" today for 3150 inc free delivery. Hardley Normal moore park (ask for John). I have found that this shop will haggle better than most. Be prepared, John is a real wheeler dealer, but having dse powerhouse and a bing lee all in the same complex makes this harvey very aggressive on prices.