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  1. Mede8er

    But there is a difference between BD players and the picture quality they put out right? Otherwise why would people buy an oppo vs something for 40 bucks at aldi? I know I see less grain when watching a rip via a media player like my dune vs my oppo bd83 which is getting on a bit now. Just some scenes I'm familiar with I've noticed that difference.
  2. Mede8er

    Thanks cwt. Zappiti looks the goods. Turns out one of my distributors here in Qld is the oz disty so will def grab one and run a special on them too I think. The 'ONE 4K' is 299 Euros which is about $485 with our less than ordinary banking or paypal exchange rates (around .62) and the DUO4K at 399 Euros works out to $640 or thereabouts. The RRP has been set here for the ONE4K at $550 which is a bit more than the exchange rate but local warranty. The DUO at $650 RRP which appears to be right on the money. Seems to tick all the boxes. A shame dune didn't come to the table with the right specs in place.
  3. Mede8er

    Dont suppose it has a backlit remote? something missing in the dune range which is annoying
  4. Mede8er

    Which mere8er model do you have? My dune is playing up so might replace it. cheers!
  5. Atmos ceiling speakers

    Dilute your paint if spraying speaker grilles.. A spraygun would be required.. and yep pretty messy I think too.
  6. jvc x5500 rego

    No need Al. If there is something in there for registration it comes from overseas. No requirement for that here mate.
  7. Hi All, July 27th 2017 update. The DLA-X5500 has been put on sale by JVC Kenwood. PM for incredible pricing on offer! First in, while stocks last. cheers!
  8. You mean QLED? Panasonic don't make an OLED. QLED is nothing like OLED.. just sly marketing.
  9. Consumers drive price, if something is too expensive it doesn't sell so well and pricing needs to be adjusted until the consumer feels like they're getting 'value for money' That is what we all want, be it motor vehicles, white goods or electronics. But yes distributors are the ones making all the money on these items as their prices are set (unless they put on an EOL sale). It's the poor retailer that has to slash their margins to move product and stay competitive.. And if they don't stay competitive they close up shop and we've seen plenty of that happening too.
  10. SD TV looks soft? that's what I'm reading. I wonder if a darbee would help with that?
  11. I'm thinking of buying one of these (65-vt20) to replace a 63 inch samsung lcd. Can pickup a mint condition (cosmetically) for around 800 bucks which I think is not a bad deal. A 7 year old plasma, supposed Panasonic flagship model vs a crappy LCD samsung with damaged screen coating,crappy motion and ordinary contrast. (I only used windex on it and the coating came off and looks terrible) I had the VT50 50 inch version of this the last one made in Japan and really regret selling it. I'll have no warranty of course.. but I think it might be worth the risk as they seem reliable.
  12. JVC x500 replacement lamp

    Pureglare use the same globes, made by phillips, just the housing is different. But their 3 month warranty is a little unfair so you just have to weigh up the pros and cons.