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  1. Yamaha Rxv3800

  2. Thank you all, I thought it was a little steep. I'll stick with my Rotel 1075 for a little longer.
  3. I'm just wondering what these go for on the second-hand market, I can get one for around $2000 in mint condition. Is this a good price? It has the switch rather than the push button seen on the new version. How do you tell how old they are? Thanks in advance. Steve
  4. That brings back some memories, great sub !!
  5. OMG Surround speakers!!!!
  6. No ballpark figure here? $300-$500 for the pair ???
  7. Any idea's what these would sell for guys? My Dad has a pair in great condition, and not sure on the value for them! Cheers in advance. Steve
  8. Pricing around $1500+ maybe, I have a 50 inch version and I reckon would get maybe $1000 for it. Still a beautiful TV. Good luck with the sale.
  9. I have this Yamaha DSP-A1 sitting around not being used and I'm wondering if its worth selling and for how much? It's such a beautiful sounding receiver, has had little use for a few years and before that only 2 channel music. This was the Rolls Royce of Receivers, it weighs a tonne and it cost an arm and a leg. Give me your thoughts people. It needs a good home.....
  10. Wtb Older Projector

    INFOCUS IN82: FULL HD 1080P PROJECTOR. I'm happy to take offers for this, its been sitting in the front room in a box for about 2 years since upgrade. Remote, manual and bracket. Purchased late 2007 for $6490. I believe 450 hrs on the globe, but can check later. A beautiful picture. Pick up Boronia or Braeside Vic, post at buyer expense. I' m not sure if you're still looking??
  11. I love my Darbee still going strong.
  12. Purchased and loving it, still holds up today. Into the spare room for Retro gaming with the Nintendo and Sega Mega drive. Digital TV is perfect on this. Bargain at any price.