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  1. Did you (or anyone else) end up getting one of these? How well does it work?
  2. Sure does. And did you notice that in the last few months all the EIT tables have become very accurate and dynamic? If your PVR is smart enough to pay attention, it can be very accurate. Much more so than the 5 minute estimated window that IceTV provide. As someone who has 6 months of T3 usage under his belt, I can tell you right now that you can not put the T3 in the same box as the rest of the PVRs on the market when it comes to these features. Your assertions are based on your experience with other products. The autotimers on the T3 are more like TEDS, but smarter, more flexible and self-correcting.
  3. My understanding is that with the Humax, you need to have a paid up IceTV subscription and an active/always on internet connection to get this feature. The Beyonwiz T3 does this out of the box and does not require any payments, subscriptions or network access at all. The smarts are already in the box. Magic!
  4. With the Beyonwiz T3 you don't need to tweak your timers on Sundays. Once you set up an AutoTimer, it'll just follow your shows around and make adjustments as required. Broadcaster decided to move the show to 45 minutes later? No problem! The T3 will pick it up from the EIT and adjust your timers. It even works if your show goes off-air for 9 months and then comes back.
  5. Sure, there's a big difference to the company and the creditors. A liquidated company will cease to exist. Liquidation is terminal to the ABN/ACN - there are no come backs. Most of the time a liquidation means that unsecured creditors get nothing and even secured creditors will be disappointed. A company being placed under administration usually means that one of the secured creditors is concerned about the ability to pay up, but every now and then a company can come back from the brink. I don't know what's happened at DPG, but the ASIC web site clearly shows liquidation, not administration. I guess if one wanted to pay one of the brokers to get a copy of the paperwork lodged with ASIC, one might become a bit wiser. Both during liquidation and administration, assets of a company will generally be disposed off on a tight timetable and that can mean that things like inventory, premisses and even business databases can be transferred to new owners pretty quickly. Depending on the company structure, it's even feasible that the new owners/management end up being the same people that were involved in the running of the old business. What you can see externally is that the business appears to continue trading under a new name or ABN, perhaps with a few glitches, such as telephones being cut off and then reconnected a few days later. At the end of the day, stuff like this really matters to the creditors (including employees [and more often ex-employees]), not so much to consumers.
  6. As I mentioned above, the forums are being moved, but there are issues. I don't have the full details, but basically the forums are not only moving between hosting providers, but also operating systems and databases. Apparently, it's not at all that easy getting the data off the old Microsoft Windows based system. As far as the company is concerned, it's not as gloomy as some make it sound. As far as I can tell, DPG is in liquidation, but it may very well be a part of a restructure, where we will see more than one entity rising from the ashes. As far as I can tell, Dealspace is the new DPG, but I have also seen references to Digital Trading Co. being the new DPG. I'm pretty sure that the dust will settle in the next month or two. Who knows, we may see a leaner operation that is focused on lower retail prices or direct sales.
  7. Not with the current standard firmware. In theory, it would be possible to either get an updated firmware that supports streaming from a Beyonwiz PVR or an enterprising third party developer could provide an Android app for the WizOTT that enables this. Very easy. Just plug in a USB WiFi dongle and configure. I tested an Edimax 150N WLAN USB - it worked.
  8. The WizTV service and WizTV registration is up and running again on a new hosting provider. Beyonwiz forums are still down because of issues related to moving between hosting providers and hosting platforms. The problems with forum post corruption that some of you experienced were related to that move. I believe that Beyonwiz have had several people look into it, but it may be a while before they can sort it out completely.
  9. I'd be surprised if iiNet end up going with those (or similar) SA boxes. That design is being retired / superseded by most operators.
  10. Nope. All Beyonwiz PVRs play MKVs.
  11. Yes and sort of yes. To write to external HDD, you would first record on the internal HDD, then copy the results to the external HDD.
  12. Not to mention that a DP-P2 is not exactly the same thing as a DP-P1 with a LiDiC. For starters, there's internal passthrough and only a single input on the DP-P2. Then there is a change in the analogue audio outputs. A standalone LiDiC can be used directly with a PC too.
  13. The DP-P2 records H.264 with AAC. All current Beyonwiz PVRs can play H.264.
  14. I can not find any "news about a new chipset" and I am told that your assumption about "a new processor" is not correct.
  15. I've been told that Vortical is wrong.