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  1. Sorry for the lowball offer, but if you have no luck i'll offer $200. cheers
  2. Agreed! Remember, there are still a lot of movies that are 16x9. If you plan on any gaming, Sport, TV, Foxtel etc.. then it will ALL be in 16x9. i wouldn't really look at a scope screen unless you are a BIG movie "only" watcher.
  3. It was actually the X500 that was $4299.
  4. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    Hi Guys, We (Rio Sound and Vision) got our shipment in today. As far as I know we are still the cheapest in OZ. Give me a call at the Hampton store if you are after one. I can't wait to get one home and give it a spin
  5. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    Ahhhh, that's the million dollar question. I wish i could say which version but until it's in my hands i won't know. The second i get any new info i'll post it. REALLY looking forward to having a play with this machine.
  6. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    Hi All, It looks like we (Rio Sound and Vision) have scored one of the first small batches of the Samsung 4K player. We hope to have it in our hands the first or second week of May. We have it on pre-order at the moment for $495.
  7. I'll take it! How much for postage to Melbourne metro?
  8. Here is a chance to get hold of an instant, high quality DVD library! Roughly 250 including box sets. Im selling off a big chunk of my DVD library. Close to 40% to 50% are R1 titles. If you go through the list you will see there is NO $2 bin cheap/no name titles. Heaps of box sets (15+) included. I'm selling as i need the room and they don't get played much any more. Would prefer Melb buyer as they weigh a tone! I spent over 10k on this collection over the years. Looking at $600ono 2001 007 diamonds are forever 007 dr no 007 from Russia with love 007 gold finger 007 golden eye 007 on her majesties 007 the world is not enough 007 thunder ball 007 tomorrow never dies 007 you only live twice 13th floor 21 grams 6th sense 8mm Alexander aliens almost famous Amazon women on the moon American history x American pie ants Armageddon armies of darkness back to the future trilogy bad company bad Santa beautiful mind being john malkovich Ben hur big mammas house bjork Cambridge black dog black mask black rain black Sabbath story blade runner directors cut Blair witch project boiler room bow finger bullet proof cable guy casino castaway Charlies angels full throttle children of the corn chopper clerks clock work orange close encounters 30 anniversary complete office UK con air Conan the barbarian confidence cop land crouching tiger hidden dragon cuckoos nest cypher dasboot deadwood box set deep blue sea deep impact deep purple deer hunter devils advocate diner double jeopardy dude where's my car dune Jurasic park Jurasic park 3 electra entrapment equilibrium ET special edition existenz eye of the beholder family man Fargo fast and furious fellow ship of the rings special edition fifth element final fantasy finding nemo firefly Firefox first contact flags of the fathers flight of the navigator flight of the phoenix futurama season 1, 2, 3, 4 galaxy quest generals daughter ghost dog ghost in the shell giant gladiator deluxe go godfather collection goodfellas gremlins hang em high Hannibal Herman and friends high fidelity hollowman hostage ID 4 identity in the name of the father Indiana Jones box set invasion of the body snatchers jackal Jackie brown jungle book kill bill 2 killing Zoë king Kong lady in the water land of the dead last tango in Paris legends of the fall lock stock lord of the rings return of the king lord of the rings two towers lost highway lost in space mall rats mad max 2 matrix experience matrix reloaded meet the parents men in black 2 mercury rising Mi2 microcosmos mimic minority report misery monsters ball monsters ink mr and mrs smith Mulholland drive muse absolution tour mystic river near dark night breed oceans 11 one night at McCool's payback perfect storm pitch black place in the sun planets poltergeist poltergeist 2 prisoner box sets x 10 proposition pulp fiction quills quiz show willy wonker requiem for a dream reservoir dogs x 2 road to perdition Romeo and Juliette romper stomper rules of engagement saving private Ryan Scarface serenity Shrek 2 signs sin city snatch Solent green south park Spiderman spy who shagged me star gate SG1 Season 6, season 5 star trek rath of Kahn stir of echoes street car named desire super troopers superman the movie taxi driver Texas chain saw massacre the aviator the beach the big hit the cell the complete black adder the cook the thief his wife and her lover the croupier the cube the dark crystal the five doctors the insider the mummy the one the rock the score the shinning the skulls the thing the thing 1982 the x files movie thirteen days Thomas crown affair time machine titan AE Titus to kill a mockingbird tomb raider Traffic train spotting twister two towers special edition U571 unbreakable unforgiven usual suspects v the final battle video essentials volcano walking with beasts walking with dinosaurs warlock wickerman young lions
  9. Hi Guys, We have a HUGE birthday sale on for the next 2 weeks. Here are just a few great deals. Shoot me a PM or call one of the stores and ask for JASON if you have any questions. ONKYO PRSC5530 + PAMC5501B 11.2 channel Pre-Power RRP $7198 - Sale price $3599 JVC DLA-X500 Projector inc 4 x 3D Glasses Sale price $4139 ONKYO TXNR 838 THX 7.2 RRP $2299 -- Sale price $1345 DYNAUDIO FOCUS 380 FLOORSTAND SPEAKERS --- RRP $12999 - Sale price $5939!! ONKYO TX-NR545 Dolby Atmos Home Theater Receiver RRP $1299 -- Sale price $ 737 !!!
  10. Room Selling House

    Stunning room!!
  11. Fs: Ultratel Acoustic Insulation

    I used this in my room also. It does an amazing job! Cost me $350 per bag of 3 sheets, so you have a bargain and a half there!!!
  12. Rio Sound and Vision are clearing out a bunch of Dynaudio stock. All needs to go ASAP. Ask for Jason.
  13. San Andreas In Atmos

    Don't expect Shawshank and you will be fine