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  1. Used Speaker Trade ins

    As @:) al suggests, many do. One thing to check though or ask, is if the dealer is a licensed second hand good trader. Some are operating outside the law in this area.
  2. Dropped over from Stereonet

    Brodricj, you have nothing further to contribute because your account has been banned there. You had already been banned once before, and against the clear Website Guidelines created another account. After being given a second chance you once again gave the mods a reason to suspend you and given your prior history, it was then permanent. Pretty simple really. The fact you went and sought this thread out specifically is just another case of stirring the pot.
  3. Control 4

    Control4 is not the only automation system around, but they are the market leader and have the widest range of compatibility and drivers. You can easily build upon the system and expand it as your needs change, but you will need to find a good local integrator/programmer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Control 4

    That's got nothing to do with helping the OP with their question. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Control 4

    If you can afford it, then this exactly what you'll get. Set and forget. If you're into tweaking - it's not for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Control 4

    To be fair (to Control4), you're not the intended market/customer. Control4 is designed to be setup by a professional for non power-users. It is set and forget and generally a tech can diagnose and fix most things remotely. With your tech ability @brodricj, you most certainly don't want to be locked out of managing it all yourself so this platform is not for you. Hundreds of thousands of applications around the world though are highly successful and in most cases, once setup correctly, it just works for the end user. I myself have been contemplating a system for a few years as most of my house is "smart" already. For the same reasons though, I'm going down the ELAN route now.
  7. Dropped over from Stereonet

    All databases are now optimised and super fast. Both sites are successfully updated and running the latest versions and we can now resume normal programming
  8. Philips Hue

    I use GU10 LIFX throughout my home. The GU10 has been discontinued. They've hinted at producing a next-generation version for quite some time but haven't revealed any details and don't answer any questions on timing. This was taken from my media room last night:
  9. Read the full article:
  10. I would certainly get it serviced right away and stop using it immediately if there are any issues. This is not to cause any bad reputation for Arthur as I consider him a friend, however I did purchase and older one of these second hand recently. It developed a fault on one of the channels so I stopped using that channel but continued using the amp. It caught fire .... It's back at Arthurs now to see what failed and whether anything can be salvaged (I suspect not). My point is, and this was a 10+ year old amp, but if there is any signs of something not perfect, shut it down immediately (this applies to all electronics, not just the Elektra amplifiers).
  11. I would highly recommend the Bluesound Vault 2, or for a higher end option I'd be looking towards the Antipodes range.
  12. Radio Paradise is on Alexa! Loving that in the office with an Echo connected to NAD Integrated and B&W Ceiling speakers. At the moment when the phone rings I have to tell Alexa to pause, but I'm sure I'll be able to set up a IFTTT command to automatically handle this.
  13. It's all very interesting. I'm still reading Thanks for the input. /down the rabbit hole ...
  14. SNES Mini Classic Edition

    I do want one, but not prepared to spend $300+ with opportunists to get one.
  15. I think this one is going to be popular. Even my wife has come out this morning and said I better find one of these come the September 30 release. The question is will they manufacturer enough for the demand? Mario Kart and Street Fighter II are enough for me to want one Looks like pre-orders are already sold out at JB and EB Games. Might be touch and go for this late starter.