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  1. Not entirely happy with it but it's an improvement. One more to come.
  2. They're grey believe it or not. The warm light bouncing around changed the colour of them a bit. That carper is supposed to be darker too. I'll give them a bit of a tweak before I do the last image.
  3. The TV was in a bit of a weird spot facing the entry from the start. The room isn't big enough for it. In regards to the TV, It depends what you want to do with the room. if it's a combo dedicated room/entertainment area, then get a roller and just pull it down when you want to watch a movie on the big screen. I haven't had any experience with these screens but in my research picking a fixed screen, I've seen plenty of options you can choose from. You could also gain space by having a acoustic screen and mounting speakers either in or on the wall behind the screen (that's what I'm doing) You gain space and de-clutter the room. Personally, I'd ditch the TV and keep it a movie room. It's less stuffing around and you'll be surprised how often it gets used. But you''ll have to convince the other half! The other thing to point out is your room is slightly smaller than mine. I get the feeling you're gonna want to push that couch up against the rear wall - which you shouldn't do. You'll need to allow at least 1m. 4 seats is also going to be a massive squeeze in that room. Keep the ceiling black regardless of the wall colour. It's definitely a must in my opinion. With black carpet, it will look brilliant. Anyway, I've got one more image to render out of the next day or two and I'll re-do that one I posted this morning with the TV unit in it - and call it a day and move on to Figjam's room.
  4. Sorry I've just seen this - and realised there should have been your tv unit in there.
  5. No worries guys. Some nice designs. Coming through. There's a bit of a line now so just be patient and I'll get there.
  6. Another test I did before I went to bed last night. I've done quite a bit more today since then but you get the idea
  7. Yeah fixed that up. Didn't see that rear window on the original plan so I'll add that in. Is that entire wall removed where the entry way is or have you added a wall? It's looking really good btw!
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I literally just finished modelling cove cornice because I didn't know what you wanted haha. I'm probably not the best person to be asking about couches because I haven't found any I like for under $8k. I've got a few different models in my collection to put into your scene which are all based off the real thing tho.
  9. Alright, some very early images I just rendered out for Coola32 just to prove I'm actually doing something lol. Random chairs and no cornice yet. Bad quality everything but its getting there (Charlize doesn't look happy, does she?!). Should have something finished Saturday in much better quality. I just realised the room is ass about Coola. Screen should be down the other end. I'll fix that up.