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  1. Blu Ray Game of Thrones Season 4 Complete (from JB Hifi) As New, watched once. $20 including shipping. Sold, pending payment.
  2. Added these: Transformers Dark Side of the Mood (3D disc ONLY) $12 Pacific Rim (+ DVD + Special Features) $12 World War Z (+ DVD) $11
  3. Wow... I have been away for way too long.. Not sure what you guys are talking about re: target and JB Hifi but I have some blu-rays to sell. Sold the house with the home cinema and am now in a bit of a crap box unfortunately Anyway, here are the movies, open to offers as not sure what they are worth at the moment but need to get the plumber back in so everything needs to go Prices include postage and handling. Discounts offered for bulk purchases PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE ALL BLU-RAY ALL IN MINT CONDITION, LOCAL STOCK Avatar $7 Transformers Revenge of the Fallen 3D $11 Oblivion $11 The Day the Earth Stood Still $12 John Carter $12 Batman The Dark Night Rises (+DVD) $12 Hunger Games $10 Ted $10 Life of PI $11 Have some others but haven't watched yet
  4. Yeah good luck with it. As long as they are sorting it out for you but I can see having to go away a lot does not help. I am yet to run any more tests on mine but have been enjoying the movies. Watched Captain America in 3D and DTS-HD 7.1 last weekend which sounded great.
  5. That sounds like a real bugga I haven't had any problems with mine after many many hours of use.
  6. That's good to hear, I guess the Easter Weekend and long trip to Perth led to the delay. I notice there is no more refurbished SC-LX73s listed so lots of lucky owners out their. Still some scratch and dent ones left but extra $600. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I am planning to get my old 3-way Peerless speakers out to do a real test, just have to get the woofers re-coned. They are 10" and really rock!
  7. Found the snow problem to be a clipsal plate HDMI connector so had to bypass and plug directly into the receiver & no problem. For what its worth ran video conversion on with 1080p/24 fps. Not sure if I could see the difference. Otherwise I haven't found an HDMI connector that can work with 3D, although my cable to the projector is 10 m so could also be getting a bit lossey with the connector. Watched Twilight Breaking Dawn in DTS-HD 7.1 and the Three Musketeers in 3D & both sounded great on the SC-LX73 though probably reaching the limit of my speakers. Twilight has a great sound track . So cashflag, did your SC-LX73 show up?
  8. Mine arrived in thee days to Sydney with no shipping notice so unless you are on the other side of the planet it should be there any moment. I just checked and it looks to me they are down to 3 refurbished SC-LX73s and 4 scratch/dented ones. The VSX-AX2AS was a very good machine and good sound. I had the VSX-AX4AS many years ago before upgrading to the LX60. So far I don't hear a lot of difference to my LX-60 but I will have to try to give it a good crank this weekend.
  9. [quote name=' ' ] hopefully we can just get back to what people have found stunning ! Maybe it would be good to know what components people are watching the films on? A bit like what camera and lenses people use to take great photos. For instance what projector are you using? I am a bit late in getting on this topic but the movie Thor which I watched the other day comes to mind and in 3D There are some stunning landscape shots particularly looking across the bridge/ocean/city scene projected onto 135". Sorry to mention the 3D thing again but it definitely added a lot of depth!
  10. Yeah, I notice they have sold a lot and still a bargain price when you consider other online prices. Mine arrived last Weds week in good order. Looks like brand new with the exception of the underside of the remote. Power cord was also missing but I have plenty of them. I ran the MCACC and it was quite clever telling me that I had two of my speakers reversed. I was also impressed that when turning off my projector it was clever enough to turn itself off and the blu ray player. I haven't had a good chance to really test the sound yet but so far so good. I am keen to see what these B&O Ice amps can really do. They certainly run noticeably cooler. Also need to remember to turn of the video conversion for 3D content, otherwise produces a little snow. 2D content is fine.
  11. We have a viewing distance of approx 4.5m and was using an approx 100" Dinon 16:9 / 120" 4:3 screen which was purchased more for affordability. Don't laugh but I then installed some 3m wide white roller blinds behind and found the picture quality as good as the Dinon screen, bar a slight ripple on one side of the blind which is occasionally irritating but could be fixed with a weight. So now we have a 135" 16:9 screen which seems like the perfect size Though I would like to try a good quality screen one day, not to say the Dinon isn't?
  12. I agree looks very strange but could assist with cooling given it is a very compact design which Sharp seems to use. Not sure if this is a good comparison with the Z30000 but thought I would mention the XV-Z17000 given there is not much on Sharp projectors on here: I picked up a second hand Sharp XV-Z17000 3D projector and it is a very unassuming and compact machine in a very small enclosure but works great. I think they are currently retailing for approx $2800 US shipped. Compared to my old BenQ W6000 it is as good or better. 3D works very well like looking through a window though required a brighter mode to compensate for the glasses. This makes it a bit noisy (no more so that the W6000) but for normal viewing eco mode is very quiet. Yet to get time to really calibrate it properly but out of the box worked well. My only gripe as discussed above is for the occasional busy/fast scenes it is a little slow to refresh. I'm wondering if a 24 fps player would assist. Contrast could also be a bit better but you get what you pay for. Anyway, I think Sharp these days is now relatively unknown in the projector market place and other areas and have been struggling a bit, but my experience so far is they build a good projector. Obviously the price point for features will decide who will buy or people looking for a compact machine. I am wondering what they are compromising on when other makes projectors are so large? I'd say Panasonic is the only other manufacturer that comes close for size for similar specs. Forgot to mention there is a manual iris for high contrast or brightness which works well on high brightness, and an auto iris which I'm really not sure where it would work well so have left it off, perhaps for presentations or static scenery.
  13. Well with only one day of the sale left with an extra $110 off I decided to take the plunge and bought the SC-LX73 from Pioneer online for a total cost of $975.60 with full Pioneer warranty and to my surprise included freight from Vic to NSW. I also couldn't see a lot of difference to the newer LX75 model with the exception of some additional features in the 75. I read somewhere that someone felt their LX73 sounded better. The online purchase system was very straightforward and generated a couple of emails, one with order confirmation/invoice and the other to login online to check order details and print invoice. Now I will just sit back and wait for the knock on the door. Anyway I think it will be a great upgrade from my old LX60. I notice there are still 14 LX73s left down from the 21 since I last posted so they seem to be going relatively quickly so I would think quick. The sale also ends tomorrow and the price will go up so I have been told.
  14. I haven't really been to the cinema for years due to having small children to look after so the home cinema has been great and I have been really impressed by the home sound compared with the cinema, perhaps due to the smaller space. These days with the projector and large screen I look forward to my Saturday nights where I can relax and lose myself in the home cinema experience which is astounding. My somewhat distant memory of cinemas such as Broadway or Fox Studies is not something that blew me away. Funny enough my memory of great sound was my days as a student at Wollongong University in the hall when they played the Dolby Digital Promo at the start of their movie nights. For some reason it was great but perhaps the hundred or so hyped up students and the excitement may have made it sound better than it was. I just checked & the UOW theatre seems to have an impressive set up with Dolby CP500, DTS-6D, and SDDS DFP-2000 fomats with a Panalogic SP-23 centre surround processor. Their amplifiers are 12 QSC 385-watts per channel stereo amplifiers feeding bi-amped ElectroVoice screen channel speakers each with twin horns, 6 ElectroVoice subwoofers, and 24 Krix surround speakers. Doesn't mean a lot to me but assume this is why it sounded great. Though I am sure I need to get out now and try one of these modern top cinemas (or travel down to the Gong again to reminisce. In the meantime it is Iron Man 2 showing at home on Sat night.