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  1. no more reasonable offers?? ill put this on fleabay as well now
  2. dolby vision firmware update dropped. looks like oppo have picked up there game and are back on top
  3. asking my brother in law now as he is doing his room this year. ill let you know
  4. i have had my xpa 5 gen 1 up for sale before. It didnt sell, ill still sell it if your keen. Pm me
  5. Yeah still rocking the X35 mate And scratch that i just checked my hours and when the indicator light/message popped up it was 2900 hours.. My globe had dimmed a lot and on bright white scenes i could see it slowly pulsing like the globe was flickering. Happy to be corrected and informed that the new Jvc projectors have improved there globe life
  6. 350 - 500 seems really high to me. Considering your lucky to get a good 2000 hours out of a globe before it starts to look average. 100 hours is all thats needed before a calibration.
  7. backlight at 100 and contrast at 100 wow!! i have never had a tv that needed that.. You should get your tv professionally calibrated blackman
  8. ^ haha i have to agree though
  9. $12k get some Seaton actives and be done with power amps
  10. anyone here ever demoed these against paradigms in the same room? Thoughts?
  11. Ahh the high speed part and not having 4K in the title threw me
  12. couldnt find the 4k premium comsol 10m cable. must be all gone
  13. Thanks, pretty much sums up what i have read over at AVS for the last couple hours.. What a joke? They are talking about hdmi 2.1 and they dont even have this hdmi mess sorted for hdmi 2.0 So how did you get 4k working? what cables do you use? My projector run is 12m away not much i can do about it