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  1. I take both for 3.5k let me know.
  2. The M6i is now SOLD thanks for looking.
  3. Get your post count up to 5 so I can PM you:-)
  4. Hi just get up to 5 posts and should be sweet. I do have someone else interested at the moment but will let you know. Where about you located. ?
  5. I think at 2400 is a very good price for a 6 series musical fidleity.
  6. Hi Everyone. Am selling my JVC X70 4k e-shift Projector it has 300Hr on the clock only really used once a week for about 14 month, I have the box remote and manuel. Also with 2 pairs of 3D Glasses. Color Is Black. was Bought in Sydney. I would like to do a Pick-up if possble. Am Located in Sydney For my Work you could do a Pick-up there, or on my home on the Central Coast. Price $4900 or best offer in reason. Any Other Question feel free to PM Me. Regards Kris
  7. BUMP. All Boxed up Waiting for a new home
  8. Hi black label am just wondering if you are still interested in the M6i. You need 5 post to send messages back also. cheers kris
  9. I work down on the north Shore sydney but the amp is on the central coast I could bring it to my work place if you like. Get up to 5 post so I can PM you. Cheers
  10. Yes it still available where about you located?
  11. Very nive price I would of jumped at that but brought a X70.
  12. Happy you are liking the JVC. I have had my X70 for 1 year now and never stopped loving it.
  13. Hi brad kris here who you bought the rotel off. Just saying hi and hope you are keeping well. Regards kris could not send you a PM must be full at your end