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    STOP PRESS: Thursday 17th Aug. 2017 Announced last month EZYHD is the new Australian and New Zealand Distributor for fantastic Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cables true [email protected] in 10m to 100m!, we've had numerous enquires and orders from dealers, installers and 4K PJ owners in OZ and across the pond since the media release. And if a bona fide AV or PJ dealer or installer please contact us for trade pricing!. All Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cables sold out real fast, however, we currently have 10m and 15m in stock and 20m coming next week, so be quick, however, we can fill backorders in just 7 days. Also, KAZZ's excellent review at bottom of page here and similar to those on Amazon is awesome (never seen reviews on any product this good anywhere). New HDMI 1x2 Splitter arrived selling like hot cakes and works so well with Foxtel boxes, has device IR control from distant TV and EDID - and lower price - can see here. Other news: The vast Lenkeng range of HDMI Cat extenders and splitters are now available to us from the new Australian distributor rather than importing from China as we did, they have local facilities to deliver direct to our customers from their warehouse's in most Australian capital cities (except Darwin, Canberra and Hobart), so its been super fast delivery to customers of late. Of course some Lenkeng splitters we usually have in stock. and thank you DTV members for your ongoing support.
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    http://procision.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MODL029629&pathId=71&page=10 Seems theres been a mini - refresh.. higher lumens among other things
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    good points from Al.. but i never bother with too many charts.. just what i like to look at. :-) still goes to why you should never buy/install a screen until all seating etc is arranged in your intended position then throw the picture on the wall and experiment with what you like from there. the fun of it all is getting it to your level of acceptance, fine tuning as you go along.. well its fun to some and to others its just a pain in the a***
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    So we have professional reviews comparing the DV disc to the HDR10 disc with the following observations: Dolby Vision’s superior color and light management also produces a more refined contrast range. You feel aware of more subtle light variations in pretty much every part of every frame, regardless of whether you’re watching a dark or bright scene. The DV versions of the Despicable Me releases also deliver a clear uptick in visible fine detail. This is probably the most unexpected benefit of Dolby’s format, but there’s just no question that every single frame of the DV image looks more refined and textured than it does in HDR10 mode on the same OLED screen. Also startling is how much more dynamic images look in Dolby Vision on the Loewe OLED than they do in HDR10s. There’s markedly more punch in small HDR brightness peaks such as the white strip in Vector’s orange tracksuit and the numerous reflections in the Minion’s glasses and goggles. And then the Fate of the Furious (C7 this time instead of the Loewe) Colors look more natural and precise, there’s more subtle shading in color details (which has the effect of making many shots look sharper than they do in HDR10), and there’s usually a more natural, life-like feel to the contrast that further enhances image depth and detail. Pausing any bright sequence in Dolby Vision and comparing it with the same shot in HDR10 readily exposed the differences as you toggle between the two. The differences didn’t appear quite as pronounced to my eyes as they were with the Despicable Me releases, but they’re still there, and they still mean that the film looks consistently more refined. For the record, I used an Oppo 203 and LG OLED55C7 TV for the Dolby Vision testing, plus a Panasonic UB900 running into the same OLED TV for comparisons between Dolby Vision and HDR10. I even used two copies of the Fate Of The Furious so that I could more easily flick between the two. So unless one has two players in two different HDMI inputs on an OLED (one with the HDR10 disc, and one with the Dolby vision Disc) then pause the same frame and switch between them, I cant take Evolution's anecdotal "Having seen a couple of Dolby Vision films, I can't say the difference is very substantial, if at all" evidence seriously.
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    Ok il talk to my builder n pre wire for 7.2.4. For now il have atoms pre wired but wont bother with speakers yet so il focus on a good 7.1 set up. Will that be a better option?
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    That stand is a total fail, doesn't even allow the screen to sit vertical, and why would you what the bottom of the screen touching the surface the TV is sitting on? Crazy and a classic case of fashion before function.
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    2x 4K Ultra HD discs for $40 at JB currently - including a couple that sell for more than $40 on their own usually... https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/4k-2-for-40/
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    We this is a movie to get in 4K. It has a marvelous Transfer and I would have to say it has to be just about the best of HDR Mastering I have seen so far. I wrote the below on the Dolby Vision Vrs HDR 10 thread below. Well I was Shock last night as I watched Prometheus in 4K and Considering this Movies has a 2K intermediate Master Format (Redcode RAW 5K) the Transfer was Very GOOD but when it come to the HDR and HDR effect I want to congratulate the Mob that done it. I has to be the best Example of HDR I have or still remember today. I was a Master piece. The LG 86SJ957T is known not by have good Blacks and considering this movie is DARK like Deep Water Horizon, John Wick 1 and 2 + Start Trek Beyond It SHI.Ts over them with the HDR. I would love to see this Movie on a LG Oled Or Maybe Samsung that has Good blacks and having higher nits (Samsung Only). Maybe our LG did a good job of showing tius movie because of having 1500 nits on peak brightness It show you that the Person responsible of the Mastering of HDR on this Movie needs to be given a medal.
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    Hi everyone. This is my first post/topic. We are currently renovating our home and I'm including a Theatre room. The dimensions are 5m x 3.7m x 2.4m. My questions are. Do we run a large Tv or Projector? Is a 3.7m wall big enough for the projector screen? Also is the room better suited for 5.1.4 ,7.1.2 or full Atmos 7.2.4? Thanks for reading.
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    I watched this on again on bluray a couple weeks back and loved it this time around. Maybe it's an upgrade if its in the 2 for $40 UHD sales that JB have jumped on to compete with Sanity. I never took nay notice of this title on Sunday. Just saw that JB didn't have UHD copies of Alien Covenant or John Wick 2
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    Same, for a second I thought the other thread had been removed and we were back to square one!
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    Hey Al, I believe this post was an accidental double from the time of initial post and everyone just ran with that one. So Clinton has probably following that one since.
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    Well I was Shock last night as I watched Prometheus in 4K and Considering this Movies has a 2K intermediate Master Format (Redcode RAW 5K) the Transfer was Very GOOD but when it come to the HDR and HDR effect I want to congratulate the Mob that done it. I has to be the best Example of HDR I have or still remember today. I was a Master piece. The LG 86SJ957T is known not by have good Blacks and considering this movie is DARK like Deep Water Horizon, John Wick 1 and 2 + Start Trek Beyond It SHI.Ts over them with the HDR. I would love to see this Movie on a LG Oled Or Maybe Samsung that has Good blacks and having higher nits (Samsung Only). Maybe our LG did a good job of showing tius movie because of having 1500 nits on peak brightness It show you that the Person responsible of the Mastering of HDR on this Movie needs to be given a medal.
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    Mark, I've never seen a report that 90% of people rejected 3D. (Am not even sure what "rejecting 3D" means.) I have never seen reports of "further studies" indicating that the rejection was everything to do with undiagnosed eye conditions. Can you recall where you saw such claims, or perhaps provide a current link? I am a bit mystified as to where this claim, regarding something like 90% of the population having 3D eyesight problems, has come from. The public I saw leaving a 3D showing of Avatar at a RealD public cinema in Australia in 2010 had smiles on their faces. Certainly I saw no general mood of gloom and dissatisfaction in the expressions of those people. Avatar was the first 3D film this century to be seen by a large number of cinema goers. For many it would have been their first experience of 3D at a cinema. It was a roaring success and relaunched 3D right around the world. Mark, I believe that you have been involved with sales of home projectors. It's my understanding that the 3D home projectors that came out a few years ago could only manage a Left Right alternation rate of 120Hz (some models even less). That certainly wouldn't have helped fluidity of the 3D effect. I myself find a 120Hz alternation rate annoying despite being a great fan of 3D. I often see these factors cited as reasons for the failure of 3D on home television sets to attain popularity: 1. The inconvenience of wearing 3D glasses. 2. The discomfort of wearing 3D glasses. 3. The expense of purchasing active 3D glasses. [This reason was more significant in the early years when one pair of active glasses could cost as much as $100.] Factors I've seen cited in more technically pitched articles about home television sets and 3D: Picture too dark when wearing glasses. Too much ghosting. Another factor sometimes cited: Too flickery As for public cinema 3D showings, there are complaints about the surcharge usually payable for 3D, the inconvenience of the glasses, and some complaints about lack of brightness. Then there are those who complain that the 3D effect of a movie [whether viewed at a public cinema or at home with a 3D Blu-ray] is too mild and that there should be more obvious pop out (negative parallax). I see such complaints from time to time on AVS Forum and I suspect there is a significant percentage of members of the general public who expect to be shocked and excited by 3D rather than simply seeing a realistic portrayal. Such people report being disappointed by 3D.
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    jvc will be fine they are great units for the money, re the centre speaker, just cautioning to not drop it too far down, have seen some systems where centre speakers ends up so low its firing at shins ! you can angle speakers but sounds still end up coming from source to great extent, our ears localise very well. so try keep it up there
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    just a note with the centre speaker.. if it is not "pointing" to your ear level when seated, just get some soft rubber door wedges from bunnings to lift the front a bit. oh and from my even basic ht rooms.. buy a screen after you can test sizing /position on the wall first or if you have one already set it up last.. use the wall to get the position right first
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    looks perfect I would say go for it just on the screen 110" might be pushing things a tad, keep in mind in screen heights sitting at 3m thats about 2.1 screen heights which is a little too close in my opinion. also would need to be at 5.2m to been closer to 15 deg viewing angle for comfort. i probably wouldn't go any larger than 100" gives you 2.4 screen heights as is. and would go further larger or closer. 100 to 102" is probably enough and be something will be able to enjoy with lot of material. keep in mind even 1080p you will fully resolve sitting as far back as 4m. so at 3m be fully resolving and also benefiting with 4k uhd. and also every day TV DVD etc will be watchable with a larger screen you could sit further back.... but then will leave less room for speakers in surrounds and heights... so going slightly smaller in 100-102" I reckon at your viewing distance a better balance ? just my thoughts anyways .... however great to hear going screen techniques i run one of those myself and something owned few years now and very happy. another great local made product.
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    a room depth of 5m, can have you sitting at 3m point and leaving 2m behind you. at 3m you have enough width in front of you to run a 92-100" 16:9 screen and will easily resolve 1080p and do 4k uhd some justice. at this distance. an OLED with max size of 65" at 2.5m is farthest away before stop resolving 1080p and most definitely at that point even you will not be fully resolving 4k uhd. a 65" to 92" screen is 50% increase in diagonal and 100" even more so. the size difference up is significant and if viewing at say 3m it will very much be appreciated with not only 1080p but also for 4k uhd material. a 92" is over 2m wide, 100" is 2.2m wide so no problem with a 3.7m wide front wall still leaves suffienct space to side for speakers so wont be squashed in to the sides and will have room to breathe as to size ? vs speakers will fit in. with the 2m behind your seating out leaves enough breathing room for 7.1 and also a full complement of .4 height speakers around the main seating area. re subs i wouldn't go two subs, for a room that size., i would go one decent good quality sub, and there are plenty about. place it well upfront and utilise eq on board your AVR to dial in to perfection. so I would say go for it !!! you have what is likely be a very nice setup and something to have a lot of enjoyment with.
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    I'm not here to preach to the converted. I'm simply stating facts about today's hardware limitations. When I say a couple of films, I mean the only 5 that have been released so far. If you think you see the difference (even though it's more than likely due to mastering) then all the more power to you. My point still stands however - Dolby Vision is capable of 12 bit, today's TV panels are a maximum of 10 bit. Unfortunately, that's where we're at, and most defiantly likely why Panasonic haven't jumped on the Dolby Vision bandwagon yet. I'm not going to say anymore on this topic now, as there is more than enough evidence backing my claims out there for those that look for it. Thanks for your interest al, I'm currently using the UDP-203 as my main player. Movies I've seen are Despicable Me 1 & 2, Power Rangers, Resident Evil Vendetta and Fate of the Furious and a few other bits and pieces on offer through Netflix. Back on topic - For those that are researching the A1 and have found this thread - I implore you to compare this TV in store before purchasing it. Good luck.
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    interesting point, i have quoted it in the following thread below as adds good context to other perspectives, could you add though which player you are utilising ? to complete the context and what discs/movies/media/sources you have experienced this so far,
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    I am shocked it is that low based in what hear from people when I discuss 3D with them. The problem is, not all eye exams I've had included the needed stereoptic tests. I had to ask about viewing 3D. When comparing 2D AVATAR to the 3D version, there way more detail to be seen in the 3D version. So I welcome the new technology, but as mentioned, the public will still reject it when they can't see it properly.
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    Hi Al i forgot to thank you for the reply. I rented a movie to see the quality through fetch and played in Dolby so looks as though you are correct regarding FTA to. cheers
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    only two chips. one goes inside and one external working off the usb. in use either are same from what i under stand.
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    an old photo, but using an articulated mount, will see my pio kuro now sits about 300m off back wall, bonus also with this is lamps to the side can act as back lighting, so 7 - 8 cm off wall if wall mounted is not a bother at all, and indeed can be floating off there and we love it mounted that way,
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    absolutely. has to. they have to be measured individually so phase and delay etc can be appropriately applied, however eq'ed as one as they work as one replaying one LFE signal. however elli is correct in that they are calibrated taking them in individually
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    Looks nice on the wall at JB but the stand holds the screen 7 or 8 cm off the wall when it is wall mounted. If you were to put it on a full motion wall mount it would potentially be floating out a long way off the wall. The picture was very appealing though.
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    Nah mate... OLED is a self emissive display, i.e. each pixel produces it's own light. So viewing angles are a complete non-issue with OLED. JSmith
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    That issue . Its a Long story and I brek it down 1/ wife friend buy a the lates 75 inch Samsung and has a loung at 75 deg. (they have a washed out Picture. 2/ they return it. 3/ they get a 75 inch LG IPS, 4/ I told them DO NOT PUT IT on the wall at the same height of the samsun 5/ They came to my house ans shown them the 86 inch Lg and the reaon why is on the wall so low. 6/ Tommorw I'm going over at night to watch A HDR movie there. 7 I can see tears
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    al, I don't like losing. I fight hard for anything I do.
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    am very particularl with this kind of thing too. these kind of things you do once and do it right Its very good to hear wiht your telly and i am glad things worked out just as wanted
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    Well I got this right, dead right, to the inch. Tell me does anyone use Dumpty water levels to see how your tv is for height. I did, and its spot on.
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    Definitely go the 4 in ceilings. I run 5.1.4 in a similar sized room, and I absolutely love the Atmos sound. Imo it makes even non Atmos tracks sound awesome.
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    Wiring for the full 7.2.4 is definitely a good idea. Personally I think adding in some rears in that length room is a good idea. It would also be nice to make use of overhead speakers, but that can always be added. The main thing to watch out for is try to thin about what setup you'll end up going, so you don't need to buy a second AVR. So look into an AVR that processes and amplifies 7.2.4 if that's what you think you may do down the track. They may cost a little more but it should be less than buying, selling then buying another. If you've got a 7.1 AVR now that will see you through then you can see if funds will allow for 4 speakers and a new AVR when the time comes.
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    Thanks, one day I'll get around to it Al - you know how life goes and trying to spend more time enjoying the system/room more than tweaking it. I'm also in the process of testing out some acoustic panels, which will change the results too. Ref vs pref - there's probably a bit of both in there. The mid and top end tweak was based off measurements... the lower end based off what I enjoy
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    I believe Denon/Marantz and Yamaha have seperate "Front Height" and "Top Front" placements which can be substantially different depending on the room size and your seating position. As mentioned in my other post I don't profess to know how it handles the mixing to speaker positions that aren't at the positioning in the Atmos home spec. You don't say? It would have been good to read the THX post you linked at the start... I would have understood where you were coming from sooner! I still think that article was written at a very early time of Atmos where there were still so many unknowns. What do we have one DTS:X at the moment? Not many specifics
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    Most of us buying the 4k probs already have it in Blu too lol among others....
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    Thanks everyone, I have got the projector to give a try. still working out on the placements and PJ size. between the projector is awesome. can't expect beyond. because the room is bright, the light is reflective and making the full room bright, when I projected the apple TV its just like a mac screen. I'm loving it. TW9300 awesome. I'll give a few days on the wall without mounting the projector and speakers, once I found the best place for projector and speakers will be getting screen. oops I almost forget. I noticed the screen aspect ratio kept adjusting automatically, I mean based on the content, the screen keeps changing to cinemascope & 16:9 . not really sure working on the screen size with this. but it looks amazing when the lens auto adjust to the content playing. or I may be wrong technically but I noticed this behavior with TW9300.
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    A quick note on the post above - some (maybe most?) of the current AVR's seem to have positioning for top front, top centre and top rear. Yet Dolby's Home Installation Guidelines only have positioning for top front and top rear if x.x.4 and top centre if x.x.2. I don't personally know how it mixes sound to the top centre speakers in a x.x.4 setup if they're not listed on the specs... perhaps they use the Dolby Surround 'upmix', but to my mind this would not be in a 'purist' line of thinking as it's processing/changing where it thinks sound should go. If anyone has any info on this it'd be great to have a read
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    Thanks for the link. To summarise my understanding of that article, THX are recommending to keep your side and rear surrounds a bit higher than Dolby's recommendation of ear level. They are saying having your rears higher than the recommendation then means that the separation between them and rear Atmos ceiling speakers is not enough to have a discernable difference in location. So they then recommend to install the .4 ceiling speakers in a top front and top middle location instead of top front and top rear. My thoughts: Dolby sets specific angles for speakers so that the processor knows where they are and will send the correct sounds to them at the correct location and correct time. THX may recommend different angles and placement, but at the end of the day it's Dolby's processor that will be working out the algorithm of where to send sounds. I know which placement I'd use if wanting to get the experience as close to how it was intended. To quote a larger part of that post: When it comes to Atmos speaker configurations, Buckley says “we wouldn’t recommend a 5.1.[2 or 4] scenario because we found if you don’t have rear speakers, you really do lose the whole fill of the space. In all configurations of a 5.1.2 or 4, we found that without getting that rearward pull, the sound field is much smaller.” What does THX recommend? They say that sticking with a 7.1 system is far more desirable than any 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 configuration. So, if you have a 9 channel Atmos receiver, your best option is to run a 7.1 or 7.1.2 set-up. So they're pretty much saying they'd fill the back in with speakers before going overhead. Saying all that, the article was written 2 years ago when home Atmos and AVR's with compatibility were still very new (a full 7.1.4 processor and amplifier wasn't even available I believe). Things have changed a bit now it's not as expensive to get a larger system... it just needs to be in the budget. So I completely agree with you on filling the rears in a long room if possible, but hopefully Clinton has the possibility to do 7.1.4 (or wire for it anyway and hopefully doesn't need to buy another amp if he adds overheads later). Edit: The same post mentions this if going for only 2 overhead speakers: Buckley says users with an Atmos system consisting of two presence speakers should place the speakers directly over the seating position.
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    Clinton if can david the what want do .4 but also do the rear speakers to do 7.1.4 it really is worth it, stacks of titles with native 7.1 and upsampling whther native or not will take to 7.1.4 it really is worth it. Those rears really add to whole room experience if nothing holding you back I'd do it,
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    Waiting for the next inevitable JB 20% off all Blu rays....
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    Speaking as someone who went with 7.2.2 to start my Atmos system, I would say go with the .4 setup. I only had the .2 setup for a short time before I added the extra 2 speakers and it now sounds how it should. My room dimensions are very similar to yours and I'n so happy that I added the extra 2 speakers, it's a much more enveloping experience now.
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    LCD screens were invented as PC monitors.If you had told the people that invented them that one day [email protected] would be buying these at sizes of 75 inches or bigger they would have looked at you like you was Jack Nicolson from one flew over the cuckoos nest.They are selling a technology that is dirt cheap to manufacture, blowing them up to unbelievable sizes when the design was to be viewed from strait in front and making a fortune cause consumers don't seem to care about quality.
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    Thanks cwt. It's an impressive piece of kit and the pairing is amazing in my setup which is why I've kept them but it's time to put funds elsewhere.
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    Mine two subs are stacked in the corner due to room cohesion (that is WAF)...... But they sound great. Rerun Audyssey and they sound way better than where i had them previously
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    No contest to the Z9D if the Whirlpool Forums is anything to go on and you play and watch HDR content. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2618726
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    As @:) al suggests, many do. One thing to check though or ask, is if the dealer is a licensed second hand good trader. Some are operating outside the law in this area.
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    I might do a smash video where i can see if it survives a 5 story fall or a wack with a sledgehammer if not sold
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    Did it come with a; JSmith
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    Not heard that one before I would have thought the sub signal has to come from the LFE Chanel on the AVR .
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