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    New unit came today and went through setup ok. I now have a nice even screen Will be testing all HDMI inputs tomorrow after work.
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    I spent last week in Adelaide visiting Krix, VAF and some others that call SA home. I'll be writing more of a story on Krix shortly, but I just had to post this pic. Pink Floyd's DSOTM in 4.0 at full tilt via a full commercial cinema system is pretty impressive
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    Whilst not quite the commercial cinema 2.6m units, I'm a believer here and the Series X Theatrix are serving me great! http://www.krix.com.au/theatrix/
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    A long time ago, I had been exploring options to improve the 2-channel sound within my home theatre room. About 2 years ago, I treated the 4 corners of my HT room with the Vicoustic Super-Bass Extreme absorbers. This reduced the boominess of the room and secured a significant tightening of the bass notes of my music. Then earlier this year I opted to replace my single Bowers & Wilkins AWS650 sub-woofer (still for sale by the way), with 2 SVS SB2000 subwoofers. This iteration evened out the bass response of the room, and tightened the sound further than compared to the single subwoofer. Previously you could easily notice that different seats in the room experienced obviously different bass response. Then I began to read about how to improve the room response by electronic means. Prior to trying out the Amethyst in my system I experimented with the Behringer FBQ 3102 Graphic Equaliser. Unfortunately, after a week of listening to a range of music, I came to the conclusion that I did not like the sound that the Behringer GE produced or should I say introduced. In short, I lost some precision in the sound, and whilst I was able to reduce the 50-60 Hz peak due to my room … I knew that it was a backward step in terms of what I had before. So even though I had spent about $300 trying out the Behringer GE to no avail, I thought it was something worth trying. Along the way, I received much advice from members of the DTV Forum and after a great deal of research, thought and experimentation, I decided to purchase a Trinnov Amethyst to integrate into my hifi/theatre system. This was after a great deal of help and assistance from David Moseley from WaveTrain Cinemas. He offered a very good reduction off the new price on a demo Trinnov Amethyst. He offered a 7 day trial of a demo unit and so I accepted this. The Amethyst acts as both a pre-amplifier and a digital sound processor for 2 input channels, and I have now it configured so that it can act in home theatre bypass mode, to permit the use of my Paradigm S6 speakers to be used for both 2 channel and HT duties. The Amethyst replaces my NuForce P9 preamp and Cyrus Streamline2 music streamer (hmmm shall I sell these?). The Amethyst is also a music renderer and it is hard-wired to my 6 Tb NAS storage device so I can play all of my digital music, previously played by the Cyrus Streamline2. The Amethyst does its processing in the digital domain, converts to analogue using high quality DA converters, and outputs the signal to the left and right inputs of my Elektra Theatron, and to output to my two SVS SB2000 subwoofers. The Amethyst is effectively a computer that accepts signals and does all of its signal processing in real time, optimising the sound as it encounters what is being input. Graphic equalisers and other similar sound processors simply apply the same ‘mask’ or ‘treatment’ to different music. Hence the optimisation is unique for different music. I shall try and keep the technical details to a minimum here. The special Trinnov microphone (which was part of the deal that David offered) was quite easy to setup, but it needs a proper microphone stand. I borrowed a dedicated music stand from Oliver Loweth, a colleague of mine at Hale School who is a music technician-specialist. The Amethyst comes with a very well illustrated manual, and with this, and lots of questions answered by David (via emails and text help), I was able to get the room measurement and setup done with a minimum of trouble. To view the results of the room optimisation you need VNC software (so you can see all manner of graphs and settings and control the Amethyst). I opted to use the Tight VNC software running on my PC and VNC Mocha on my iPad. I am also using JRiver22 Music Centre to retrieve the music files from my NAS drive, with JRemote on my iPad and on my Android Samsung S5 phone. After the initial calibration, measurement and optimisation calculations, the Amethyst gives you 5 sound modes, each of which you can customise to the n-th degree. Actually you can have MORE than 5 sound modes/settings (I think up to 19), but I found that being able to customise 5 is more than what I needed. I like the NATURAL mode the best, along with the tweaks that I have added. Okay … here comes the key observations and comments about the sound. Initially I was blown away by the clarity and coherence of the sound, noticeable mainly in the mid-range. Certainly the bass response is very even and well bodied, but not over done, which is to my taste. [Perhaps I also getting the benefit of the 2 subwoofers in my room]. You also realise that many tracks do not have a great deal of bass on them compared to others. It is a cliché but I am now hearing sounds I never thought were there. Of course some recordings are now brutally exposed as being quite poorly done, but this is what you get when you reveal all the details of all the 1’s and 0’s in your music file (or lack of them). The one negative is that I thought the sound lacked somewhat in ‘warmth’. Bass was deepened but only when it was there. However, it sounded a tad too computerish to me, but that was before I got to work on the TARGET frequency graph. Well well well … you can spend hours and hours here on nudging levels at any frequency you care to target. David suggested that it is best not to do anything too severe, and he was right. Boosting is best done in most cases by at most 1 dB and often more effect was found by reducing particular levels. I settled on reducing some of the low bass frequency levels and boosting some of the high-bass levels by 0.5 dB. An analogy provided by David is one that struck a chord with me (excuse the musical pun). The analogy was that how we perceive colour is dependent on what colours surrounds a particular image. The same can be said with sound. To reduce my perceived lack of warmth in the sound, I boosted, not the sounds in the range I wanted to change, but in the range NEXT to the range I wanted to change (this being the high-bass levels). After a month now, I have almost given up on tinkering with the Target frequency graph, and have told myself that I am very very happy with the sound I have. It can be quite addictive to continually tinker with many of the settings, but I have learnt not to change too many aspects at a time and then use my ear to tell me if what I have changed is worthwhile. The level of detail now achieved is fantastic and I can honestly say that I did not think this could be achieved. It is clear that the Trinnov Amethyst is a genuine triumph of sonic engineering. The phase correction occurring is superb and contributes to the coherence achieved. Overall it is hard to fault and I am experiencing a renewal in the enjoyment of my 2-channel music. Then I realised that I had to redo the Audyssey calibration with my Onkyo PR-SC 5509 prepro, now that the Left and Right channels being output are now travelling through the Amethyst. This was important since the real time processing in the Amethyst adds some small delay (about 40 microseconds I think). After the Audyssey re-calibration, all channels are now in synch, particularly left and right with the centre channel (important for dialogue). Then I played some bluray discs that have a good deal of music … and whoa what an improvement in music!! So after a month now, I am in a very contented state. Regarding the state of my 2-channel music in my HT room, I can declare: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The Trinnov Amethyst has been a wonderful acquisition and I can attest to everything that is written about it. Yes, it is much more expensive than other more limited sound processors, but for me it just delivers. Those considering the Trinnov Altitude 16 should believe what is written about it. At the very least they should do is to audition it, learn more about it. Now for my eventual upgrade to 4K …. hmm .. perhaps not just yet, reading some of the angst of those on this forum!! For the time being I will just kick back and enjoy my listening experience. Cheers!
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    Picked up my screen,8802,projector today from Oz theatre screens and was blown away with the quality off the projector.Back home now after a 7 hour drive and am typing this on my iPad laying in bed.Very happy.
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    Gents, please keep the comments to the subject and not disparaging remarks about each other.
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    I had my JVC X-35 calibrated by this place: http://audiovisualcalibration.com.au/ Contact details below: Stuart Barrie Phone:0408353736 Email: [email protected] From memory cost was below $400 and he spent over 2.5 hrs to get it as close to perfect. He was using some state of the art calibration equipment so it was very accurate. I tried doing it myself using WOW disc etc but always wondered what it would be like having the projector done by a professional. I use it everyday so thought why not watch it in the best possible way. Never looked back.
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    Last one I hope you got something out of it @Cooler32. it's probably not exactly how you expected (I'm still learning myself and learnt some stuff in the process) but hopefully you got something constructive out of it. I look forward to seeing some pics when it's all done!
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    Since upgrading my HT gear, including JVC X500, Oppo UDP203 & Marantz AVR 7010 to allow for 4K viewing the one weak link has been the HDMI cable running from the front end to the PJ. As anyone who has a 4K setup knows it's a hit and miss affair. My old 10m HDMI cable was not up to the task so I bought a Kordz PRS 10m active cable, which I am currently using, but it's only good to 10.2Gbps so I am needing to keep the Oppo set at 4:2:0 chroma. Which doesn't actually adversely effect the PQ however I really want a cable that can handle the full 18Gbps. I bought a Celerity fibre optic HDMI cable and it worked brilliantly.........for about a month, before it turned it's toes up and refused to even pass a 1080p signal. The other drawback to the Celerity is that it needs to be powered on at least one end and in some circumstances both ends. So the Celerity, which was not cheap by any means, at $395 for the 40'/12.2m cable, was returned for a refund. I went back to the Kordz and as I said earlier it is what I'm still using now. I have been watching the threads on AVS forum discussing long HDMI cables for [email protected] to see what others were using and had been having any luck with. The one thing that has become apparent is that what works in one system will not necessarily work in another. There has since been a UK poster who has gone to the trouble of buying cables of many different brands and lengths and testing them. They have tested 4 of each brand at any particular lengths and the testing is still ongoing. The thread and the test results can be found HERE. The two brands of cables that came out on top were the Monoprice SlimRun AV HDR Cable and the Ruipro Ultra-Slim HDMI Active Optical Fibre Cable, with the performance on both being identical. There have been many follow up posts from other users praising the Ruipro cables both before and since the test results were posted. My issue with buying either cable was having to buy it from OS and any issues that could crop up if needing to return a defective cable. So following the announcement by Foxy (EZYHD) over the weekend that he would be getting the Ruipro Fibre Optic cables into Australia the decision was made to order one from him for my system, after all I will now be dealing with an Australian seller who I have bought many cables from over the years. I can't wait to try this cable in my own system and I am tentatively confident, from all the reviews that this cable might actually operate as advertised. I will post a follow up review once I have the cable in my system.
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    Consumers drive price, if something is too expensive it doesn't sell so well and pricing needs to be adjusted until the consumer feels like they're getting 'value for money' That is what we all want, be it motor vehicles, white goods or electronics. But yes distributors are the ones making all the money on these items as their prices are set (unless they put on an EOL sale). It's the poor retailer that has to slash their margins to move product and stay competitive.. And if they don't stay competitive they close up shop and we've seen plenty of that happening too.
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    If they can drop the price of this TV over $3000 and still making a profit today what are they paying for it. A Week before they were $14,600 for the tv and if you bought it them they would be making over $3000 profit + the Profit they are still making today at $10,993. Maybe everyone is fleecing us.
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    its also worth checking out adelaide speakers. http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/ I have the Ambassador slimline series are are extremely happy with them. Very good value as they are hand made and you arent paying a middle man. They are made to order but you could give the owner a call and discuss with him.....he is very knowledgable and he wont automatically try to sell you the most expensive product
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    Opening sequence of Fellowship of the Rings. In 5 minutes, it brought anyone who has not read the books, up to speed on what the ring was and set up the movie and the rest of the movies. It also provided the historical context, something that you could only get by by reading the appendices (I did! )
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    Hi All, Some of you may know i have recently gone from a single sub to a dual setup. Whilst a long way from High End, i have always tried to get bang for my bucks and the sub I had been using was no slouch (it'a all relatve) being a home made jobbie running a Peerless 12" XLS in sealed alignment powered by the old faithful Jaycar plate amp. I have built new boxes, added a second driver (same as the first) and run both in a dual mono configuration of a Dayton SA 1000. Obviously with twice the cone area and nearly 3X the power output i was expecting some good things as far as headroom etc but i have honestly been blown away. The paradox is that the subs actually don't sound like they are there at all which funnily enough is pretty much perfect. It appears i just have some magical standmounts with really low extension! All in all I am very happy with the Dayton amp - I haven't used the parametric EQ at all and the bass boost is defeated but the fully adjustable phase has been a godsend. The sub stage integrates best when the phase is set to 180 deg. I need to learn a lot more about the science behind it but am assuming that the combination of the main stage being in front of me and the subs located behind and at about 1/3 of the distance explains why the 180deg out of phase actually works for the smoothest response. So after playing around with many tweaks over the years I can report that IME having a dual sub output stage and plenty of power for them on tap has made a huge difference to both 2 channel listening and HT. More so for me than running power amps for any or all of the main channels (having had 2 channel, 3 channel and 7 channel amps added to my AVRs over the years (although i still enjoy this option)). Far more so than going from 5.1 to 7.1 (even just in HT playback). I can whole-heartedly recommend building from a great sub bass foundation and then adding quality main speakers as the way to start towards audio nirvana! Of course...YMMV
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    Trinnov have been developing a less expensive 16ch version of the 32ch software/ firmware upgradeable pre pro . This is a bit of info on the French prototype to see what has been optioned out to drop the price - looking promising if you can live with 16 channels Note the xlr balanced only outputs ; no unbalanced - no great loss
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    Change the HDMI-2 EDID to "B". B was created so that "older" equipment will work. This was the very first problem I had to troubleshoot, when Al and I were in the first group of people in the world to get their X7000's. Even tech support in Sydney couldn't help me for the first couple of days. So nowadays, when watching through my Oppo203, I set to EDID "A" for 4kUHD-HDR with a higher bandwidth. But my old Region-free Oppo BDP83 still needs to be run on HDMI EDID "B" otherwise everything is GREEN.
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    Here is a couple off more pics
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    7 ch power amp Location :Melb outer east Condition :8yrs old,presents as new,unmarked,has gold colour fascia Currently at Arthur's for pre sale check over Price:$1800 offers via pm accepted Payment :Money please!Or pro rata swap for turntable !!??Denon or Victor vintage Jap Reason for sale:have purchased new XLR version(HD2),of the same amp Any questions feel free to ask Photos will be supplied via SMS or email if you pm me,unable to load because of tapatalk restrictions Cheers Muri Mods pls delete previous listing
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    I have built heaps of these for mates...Don't spend $300 for 20 games. Im happy to do it for members at cost price plus shipping... Except mine will have nes, snes, sega master system, sega mega drive built in Pm me if anyone wants one.
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    Picking up Projector,screen and Marantz on Monday from Oz Theatre Screens.I must say Richard is on the ball.Great service
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    I think the only way forward is for the two of you to take your in-depth discussion to direct communication via the PM system. While no one doubts either of your technical knowledge or expertise, it is becoming tiresome for other readers and getting beyond the scope of the original question and answer.
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    My only qualification about paying for a professional calibration would be with regard to 4kUHD HDR. A good calibrator should be able to get Blu-ray ( rec709) & SDR BT2020 set up well on a JVC PJ, but with the X5000/7000/9000 series the ONLY way to get a good UHD HDR image is to bypass JVC's default Gamma D setting and create one or more custom gamma curves using Arve's python app. No amount of tweeking of Gamma D will fix it. If your calibrator doesn't know about Arve's curves and you want HDR, my belief is that you will end up disenchanted. As I'm also in Melbourne SE suburbs, would be great to have a get together.
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    I am currently venturing in to the world of JVC Autocal with the Spyder 5 for my X5000 Running an autocal and loading a custom gamma curve is a good start.
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    Thanks for the link to the Spendor review Colin. He sums up the signature sound of the speaker really well. Now I have a clearer idea of what I need from any future upgrade. A bit of the same, but more.😃😃😃 I was talking to Michael from Krix earlier in the week, and he said the Epicentrix mk2 had a nominal impedance of 6 ohm with a minimum of 4.3 ohm. The Marantz SR6010 can supposedly drive down to 4 ohm safely, but having a power amp would obviously provide a lot more headroom. Might have to get off the computer and see if I can demo some of these modern speakers, instead of reading spec sheets.
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    Thanks Al. Great stuff. As always you are a font of knowledge. This stuff has been a passion for more than half my life, but love to learn from other enthusiasts. I think that ultimately I will invest in a power amp, just based on my zealous pursuit of "perfection " 😁, but for now I find myself "Googling" LCR speaker combos ( mostly B&W, but Whatmough, Krix and Focal have a look in as well). Oh for a Tatts win.🤣
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    All well and good if retailers are available to you. in my case, and most of regional/rural Australia they are not and we don't have the luxury of trying before we buy in a showroom ... thus biting the bullit and buying online is the only practical option.
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    Agree that retailers' margins are likely to take a hit with Amazon's arrival. On the other hand Amazon has become less competitive on price and service in recent times (last few orders have taken nearly a week to ship and that includes one during a free trial of Prime). I'd love to see Amazon stick it to a few of the more outrageous markup culprits - are you listening Qualifi?
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    Our retailers' margins are about to be hit when Amazon arrive. It will be interesting to see how Amazon deal with the importers and distributors. Will they work with them to maintain the status quo or will they use their size to do parallel imports?
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    While retailers' margins here are a bit higher than the US, so are their costs (wages, rent, power etc). The real source of outrageous markups are the local importers/distributors (whether manufacturer owned or independent) - these are the ones that deserve contempt.
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    Yes Steffanth I agree, others should check out Adelaide Speakers, I've been making loudspeaker enclosures since 1991. I'm an OEM, and have build brands that you may know, Duntech, Orpheus, Vaf, Sonique,Vintage sound and other minor brands I actually manufacture Adelaide Speakers enclosures and I can tell you that the same amount of care and quality of products go into these enclosures as the brands mentioned above. Edward (owner) is easy to deal with and his follow up service is second to none. The value for money they represent is incredible. Check them out
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    STOP PRESS: 22nd July The world beating Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cable shipment arrives Monday 24th, all but 1 x 15m sold and 10m was a sellout, all backorders out the door once to hand. More arriving Friday 28th its gone crazy. We have been inundated with enquires and orders from (mainly 4K PJ) dealers across Oz since media release advising EZYHD as New Australian Distributor for Ruipro, we are extremely happy at the excellent reception to date. 16.7.2017 Its arriving to us late next week one of the best HDMI Fibre cables on the planet Ruipro, sure it aint cheap but hey it works for real 4K - yep, priced like others once USD/AUD converted and post to OZ. Initially in 15m being the most popular long length, need longer 20m to 100m or more contact us, but lets not go on, and yes we know of others but see it and our provided review links here. Other news: We are looking forward to having the Lenkeng range available from the new OZ distributor and while we don't drop ship from China on any item, they have local facilities to deliver direct direct to our customers from each of their warehouse's in Australian capital cities (except Darwin, Canberra and Hobart), saves time plus having local supply warranty here too is a bonus. First shipment available 27th July next. New model HDMI over Cat 5e/6+ Sunking 1x2 Splitter extender with EDID and IR arrived so info & specs up on site now. and thank you DTV members for you support.
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    Terminator 2, remastered in 3D, is screening in Australian cinemas from late August (just weeks away). My favourite scene in Teminator 2: Judgment Day is at the steel works where the T-1000 cop receives a projectile into its chest that explodes, triggering a fatal sequence of events. This is a definite spoiler for anyone who somehow hasn't already seen the 2D version of the movie. Even in 2017, the special effects are very impressive for this 1991 released film; co-written, produced and directed by James Cameron:-
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    Hi Dylan, IME the difference between 5.1 and 7.1 is subtle to say the least. There is still much more 5.1 source material than 7.1 and well set up 5.1 does an excellent job creating an immersive sound field. In saying that it's worth noting that all 4 of my surround channels are mounted above my head in a bulkhead and not at the 'optimal' height. I built the room when 7.1 was becoming the new standard and my surround channels were always going to have to be in ceiling/wall types and it was easier to go overhead, so thats what I wired for. There was relatively little extra hardware cost in expanding to 7.1 so I did - tbh the question I would look to answer if setting up a new system is for any budget what will meet my end needs best? I can't comment on the worthiness of Atmos etc but the cost of 6 extra speakers over good old 5.1 and the extra amplification makes me wonder - would a better 5.1 implementation (still recommend multiple subs in that .1 if possible) with better speakers and amps perform better in your space than a 7.2.4??? Sorry I don't have the answers just the question! Also to me great musicality and stereo performance is probably more important than the surround capabilities... Obviously this isn't the same for everyone 😎
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    Here is another which is a doobie bros cover.
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    Received the 780 really happy and no black light clouding like the samsung tv's.
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    Yea,my light meter got delivered the other day,as I took Dave,s advice and got this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005A0ETXY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Marc an electrician and AV installer based in SE Melbourne my business is Superb Cinema & Electrical. Thought I'd join to see how many other AV fanatics are out there. My home system isn't a huge deal but is comprised of Yamaha 777 fronts, 444 centre, 8" yamaha in ceiling's, Yamaha RX-V2073 and a SVS SB16 Ultra (perks of being a installer/supplier) the area is more of a living area so I haven't bothered really upgrading my speakers the past few years.
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    Nice clean set up. How are you finding the reflective tiles? Ideally, this end of the the room is where you want absorption. Tip on your centre channel speaker. This is a D'Appolito 3/2 Geometric Array and this design dates back to the 1970s where it was intended to run vertically. The design shapes the sound of the HFs into an ellipse. In your case, that ellipse is running vertical. If you were to turn the speaker 90 degrees to be play vertical, that ellipse would now run horizontal and two things would happen - 1. you get smoother integration to the L and R speakers and 2. you minimise reflections off the floor and ceiling. Dialogue becomes clearer.
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    I need to update my HT room thread. Replaced the BenQ W6000 with a JVC X500 back in September 2015, which was a nice step up in PQ. Also took the opportunity to install a Cineslide for the Mk4 A-lens (had previously left the lens in the light path for 16:9 material and just used the W6000's image squeeze as a workaround). However, the biggest upgrade I've done was when I installed a Panasonic UB900 player. The big upgrade was not from the player or the UHD discs, but because it meant I had to bypass my old Integra DHC-9.9 for video - had never realised, but the supposed video pass-through was softening the image significantly. I've kept the old Oppo 95 for Region A discs and am using the UB900 for everything else. The improvement in image quality running video direct to the X500 has been a revelation - it's also substantially reduced the HDMI handshake issues with the X500. Haven't had any audio/video synch issues running separate HDMI outputs for sound and picture. If anyone's wondering, I'm using a HDFury Integral to get around HDCP 2.2 issues with the X500. Tried a Monoprice Blackbird as a cheap test device first and this was good, but want to try some of the workarounds on AVS for BT2020 and HDR and need the Integral for these. Will put the Blackbird up for sale soon. And before anyone asks, IMO UHD (at least without HDR and WCG at present) is only a modest upgrade on my setup.
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    managing to get these things? is that what you mean? im a bit of a gamer, and i follow alot of news about gaming stuff. when E3 is on, im up all night or get up really early to watch all press breifings etc. will do the same when gamescom & TGS are on also
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    Good post Dave and great little story mate.I am slowly getting there and every little bit off info helps.I have a feeling i will not only be buying a projector and screen but learning a thing or two on the way. Makes for a good buying experience too.Very happy at the moment.Great help here.
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    You are correct, that link points to the initial instructions for setting up Arve's custom Gamma curve generating app to replace Gamma D for HDR in the JVC's. The app is now in it's 4th incarnation and even more precise than that initial calculation. The full content for using the AutoCal program for creating these curves is embedded within this AVS thread, about half way down Post 1. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/2246658-jvc-calibration-software-v6-2015-models-x9000-x7000-x5000-rs400-rs500-rs600.html It's all pretty messed up, and could do with a re-write, but I can't see Manni ever getting the time to tidy it up. For those interested in it's evolution, here is a recent post by Manni: "Thanks guys, it's only has a limited interest but for the record here is the history (as I remember it!):- I had been bugging Spectracal to give us HDR suppport for projectors for a long time, but nothing was coming as there was no standard for the EOTF for projectors, so we were stuck with SDR BT2020 using the Integral, at least with the Pana UB900, as Gamma D had too many limitations.- A Calman user called @mkoper posted a really good idea to use a multiplier in Calman to be able to display the measurements in a meaningful way. He was using meter profiling to do this, which was complex and had limitations. @Chad B and I started picking up on his idea at about the same time. This was in the Spectracal forums http://www.spectracal.com/forum/view...hp?f=92&t=6122 - I came up with the idea of using the screen multiplier instead of profiling. This made things much simpler and both Chad B and myself obtained very good results with manual HDR calibrations.- I started sharing a few of my custom gamma calibrations using the export feature of the JVC Autocal in the owners's thread, to allow others users with a similar set-up to get better results than with Gamma D. At the time it took around 30 minute for each manual calibration, which made it difficult to issue calibrations for others than those with a similar set-up as mine.- @arve saw this early work and posted about his tool in the owners thread. I downloaded it and immediately saw the potential, as it allowed to achieve in a few minutes what took 30 minutes manually. Plus it offered lots of options that a manual calibration didn't offer, as well as a better resolution (33 point instead of 21), which makes a difference to shape the main control points of the curve accurately. I am convinced that Arve had already started developping his tool a while ago, but we just didn't know about it. Otherwise we wouldn't have wasted hundreds of hours doing manual calibrations! Arve has since developped his tool further and has implemented many suggestions offered here. I stopped doing manual HDR calibrations (except for verification and fine-tuning purposes) as soon as I first used Arve's tool, and suggested right away that people use it to create their own curves instead of downloading mine. It was really a game changer. I and others posted parameters for their curves, and I exported a few using the JVC Autocal to share with the community, as it was now easier and faster to create curves that would work well in different set-ups. I created and shared a Dolby Vision Emulation curve using the same peakY as Dolby Cinema (106nits) so that those who didn't want to create their own custom curve, or who had a similar peakY, could get accurate results by setting peakY close to 106nits and using that curve.- We were left with two main limitations: JVC forced Gamma D whenever HDR content was detected, which meant we had to reselect our custom gamma curve every time we pressed play or resume, and the dynamic iris was disabled when playing HDR. @stanger89 and I had the same idea at about the same time: what if the HD Fury Integral could fool the JVC into thinking it was still receiving SDR? I explained the issue to @HDfury (I beta test for them), asked them to develop a solution, and helped them to implement it in the Linker (it wasn't possible in the Integral due to hardware limitations). In just a few days, they delivered the option to disable HDR in the linker in order to fool the projector into thinking it was getting SDR, so that we could keep our custom Gamma at all time and enable the dynamic iris in HDR if we wanted to. That gave us BETTER than the new models, as they still can't use the DI with HDR content, even if their implementation of HDR is better out of the box than Gamma D (but not better than a custom gamma curve).- I had to go back to work so I left it to others to pick up the mantle and explain how it all worked to newcomers.- @lovingdvd (Ric), who had a limited peak brightness (under 50nits) but was determined to get HDR in his set-up rather than SDR BT2020, came up with a quick guide to use the auto set-up feature of Arve's tool which really helped those with similar low brightness or those who wanted a more automated way to end up with a good curve.- All along, others such as @Wookii , @zombie10k , @stanger89 , @Javs , @nathan_h , @claw and others posted screenshots, parameters, advice, guides helping to share the knowledge and progress the research and development.All the relevant links, including download to Arve's tool, were added to the first post of this thread.This community effort happened very quickly (mostly in the owners thread starting here), over a few weeks, but it gave our models the ability to display as good or better HDR than more recent models, giving them a second lease of life. I certainly put many hours into this because I had been looking for better than gamma D HDR for a long time (like others I had been using SDR BT2020 up to that point), but I'm convinced that @arve would have posted about his tool at some point or the other, and that users like @stanger89 would have come up with the idea of using the Integral to get rid of Gamma D and get the DI back. We were all figuring it out at the same time and feedback from others helped a lot. It was really a joint effort. So I might have contributed to make it happen a bit faster and to share the fruits of this effort, but I don't think I have invented anything (unlike @arve who has created a wonderful piece of software and is generously sharing it with others)."
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    We can get you 90% of the way with the JVC AutoCal program and a Spyder 5 colourimeter. Add Arve's gamma curves and you are to 95%. The last 5% comes from having your Spyder checked against a " reference " meter. I haven't bothered. If D6500 is really D6450, I don't care THAT much.😊 Have faith.
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    There's only one screen speaker larger than that (the KX-5996), which has two quad 15" bass enclosures. They are huge at 3.6m tall. This photo was kindly passed on from a Dolby technician, taken in the largest screen in the Middle East and North Africa (VOX Deira). The scale is enormous... it makes even the KX-5996 look small. As you may see in the photo, they also installed 16 dual 18" subs behind the screen. Edit: For those interested, here's a video showing how they got the screen into the building: https://vimeo.com/168597726
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    Nice work Al. Here is a screen cap of some data from January for my X7000 displaying on to my 130" Oztheatre scope screen. It'll give some perspective to the numbers.
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    While you're there combine shipping for one of these:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005A0ETXY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Set up your baseline brightness and measure your lamps deterioration over time. Will allow you to measure how many Nits your getting and know whether HDR is even a viable option for you.( If you're under 80Nits , you may as well stick with SDRBT2020, and not go through all the hassle involve in trying to make HDR watchable) Pretty cheap tool compared to the investment of the PJ itself.
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    absolutely same here. just been way too busy. but on other hand its still looking great ! @lucmor444 i think has run his on his jvc.... and he is in vic... perhaps a "masterclass" is a possibility @IMDave is another... I think/suspect just down the road happy to have you guys over one quiet monday night or something and welcome to guienea pig my jvc and we can bring a few of these spyders together maybe be able to work out how accurate they are ! there are other jvc owners nearby in @murawai and @blybo so could be a good get together ! @drummerboy01 we could always Skype you in... or could do something similar your way
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