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    • 19 years is a plus and a minus. Customers are no longer considered loyal, rather they are lazy. Most things we consume have more than one place to source them (insurance, electricity, phone plans etc.) Foxtel has until recently largely been a monopoly in the PayTV arena and is only just now being opened up to customers starting to have real alternative options. The contemporary businesses approach is to get people to subscribe with steep discounts and then keep increasing the price to 'reward' peoples (loyalty/laziness). Foxtel has a similar business model. Designed to minimize churn (people leaving after an initial subscription) but also to extract as much $ as possible per customer. A recent change in their approach has been to get the IQ boxes out prophetically for free. They discovered once people set up their viewing and recording around the boxes then they found it a LOT harder to cancel Foxtel and return the boxes. Anyway, i wouldn't expect much more of a discount. Usually the only way to get a negotiation is to ring up and request a termination. You've done that and now signed on again for a new deal. Perhaps try again in 12 months. Regards Peter Gillespie
    • Have the following titles for sale.

      All region Free unless stated, but are US slimline case version.

      All in mint condition.

      They are region B (Blu-ray) compatible (unless specified) and are genuine store purchased items.

      All in excellent condition and viewed once only.

      Postage $5 (Boxsets, due to bulkiness)



      -Iron Man 3: Steel-book: $40 (OOP)
      -Three Colours Trilogy (Region B): $30
      -True Blood - Season 1: $20 ------------- Region B
      -Scanners (David Cronenberg): $10
      -Love Exposure (Sion Sono): $12
      -The Brood (Criterion Collection) -Region A: $20

      -Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Big Screen/IMax): $25
      - Wreck It Ralph: $14
      - The Adventures Of Tin Tin: $10
      - Les Miserables: $10 - US Version: $10
      -The Past: $10
      -The Sweet Hereafter (Atom Egoyan): $10
      - All is Lost: $10
      - Repo Man: $8
      - Frances Ha: $8
      - Argo: $8 (US Version)
      - A Dangerous Method: $8
      -Sherlock Holmes (A Game of Shadows): $8
      -Black Snake Moan: $8
      -K19: The Widowmaker: $8
      - Anchorman 2: $8
      -The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (40th Anniversary Edition, 4K Transfer): $8
      -Barfly: $8
      -A State Of Grace: $8
      -Kill Your Darlings: $8
      -Day Of The Dead (George A Romero): $8
      -My Cousin Vinny: $8
      -Everything Must Go: $8
      -The Other Woman: $8
      -The Skeleton Twins: 8
      - Scream 4: $8
      -Sophies Choice: $8 (Region A)
      -In the line of fire: $8
      -Trading Places: $8
      -Manic (Elijah Wood - Remake): $7
      -Fright Night: $7
      -The Lone Ranger: $7
      -Before Midnight: $7
      -Bull Durham: $7 (Region A)
      -Bad Neighbors: $7
      -We Bought A Zoo: $7
      -Stop Loss: $7
      -Boiler Room: $7
      -Pawn Shop Chronicles: $7
      -The Fury (Brian DePalma): $7
      -The Whistleblower: $6
      -City Island: $6
      -Stage Fright: $6
      -A Mighty Heart: $6
      -Swingers: $6 (Region A)
      -Precious: $6
      -Boy In The Striped Pajamas (Region A - Locked): $6
      -Haywire: $6
      -Julia & Julia: $6
      -Mental: $6
      -Inhale: $6
      -Young Adult: $6
      -Marvins Room: $6


      Disc Only (No Cover/Cases) $5 Each. Region B

      Wild Target
      Eat Pray Love
      The Crazies
      Tropic Thunder
      Public Enemies
      Zack and Miri Make a Porno
      The Expendables
      The Informant
      The Exorcism of Emily Rose
      The Wolfman
      Red Hill
      A Serious Man
      The Losers
      We Are Marshall
      No Reservations
      Shes Out Of My League
      Away We Go
      Hall Pass Extended Cut
      Sorcerors Apprentice
      I Love You Man
      Funny People
      Dinner For Schmucks
      The Boys are Back
      Nowhere Boy

      Location: North Sydney
    • Item: JBL LSR305P Location: Melbourne Price: $350.00 Item Condition: Excellent   Has served me well for a year as my TV Speakers.   Will throw in a pair of balanced XLR cables, and 6.35mm to RCA cables.   Pickup only would be best as i don't have the original boxes unfortunately.
    • up for sale . lightly used [150 hr] . no faults . able to be viewed on a 107 inch screen in geelong or deliver to melbourne suburbs .includes roof bracket.1.8 mt throw gives  a 107 inch screen. comes with 3 3d glasses [dlp link] good for media room . best run in eco lamp for minimal noise.  $650 . no offers. 0425751369. or pm jeff.
    • yes, but which one Tokyo Drift for mine, it was the most realistic in a contemporary setting   Muholland Drive barely had a car in it, Tokyo Drift had more twist to it (especially the mountain race)   no?