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Alternative TAP environment.

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As I mentioned previously, I have an alternative TAP development environment download available for those who are interested.

This is really only of interest to TAP programmers. I think that most professional programmers will be right at home with my version, as opposed to the Windows specific batchfiles that Topfield provide.

Here's the content of the README file included in the archive:

$Revision: 1.4 $

$Date: 2004/07/23 15:31:21 $

Copyright © 2004 Peter Urbanec



This archive contains a distribution of the TAP development environment

based on rev1.0 of the file released by Topfield in

April 2004. The TAP development environment allows a programmer to create

applications that can be executed on a Topfield TF5000PVRt. See for more details.



This distribution is designed to be used on a number of host platforms,

including Linux, Windows, OSX, *BSD and others. Dependencies on Windows

are removed and replaced with more portable alternatives based on freely

available GNU software. Some of the changes and improvements:

* Replacement of DOS line terminators with Unix line terminators.

* Correct case of filenames for case sensitive file systems.

* Configuration based on the TAP environment located in /usr/local/tap

* Automated Makefile system for both C and C++ programs.



This distribution does not include the crosscompiler environment required

to generate TAPs, since a different version will be required for each host

platform. Topfield make a Cygwin hosted GCC crosscompiler binary only

distribution available on their web site. Unfortunately, Topfield do not

make the source code to the crosscompiler available, nor do they publish

enough information to enable the creation of a Linux hosted crosscompiler.

If you can assist in the creation of a Linux crosscompiler, please post a

message in the "DVD & Hard Disk Drive Recorders" section of DBA Forums at



The distribution will expand to a directory containing three items:

* This README file.

* Directory named "tap".

The tap directory should be moved to /usr/local, so that you end up with

the directories /usr/local/tap/include and /usr/local/tap/lib

* Directory named "SampleTAP".

This directory can go anywhere you like. It provides a trivial sample

project that demonstrates the use of the Makefile mechanism to build

a TAP.

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