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13 Hours.   The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi 

Now here is a good movie. Based on a true story. Made very well and definitely worth a look.

i knew before I watched it that no way could they have filmed it in Libya so I knew I wouldn't see any places I had been, but I still wanted to see how and where it was made.

l had made 75 trips into Libya over a 20 year period, worked 6 weeks on, 6 off, spent most of the time in the desert but worked a fair bit in the office and workshop in Benghazi. So getting back to the film, it was done very well but I never saw a Vespa scooter or a Suzuki motorcycle in Benghazi.

I did recognise a couple of places in Malta, where most of the filming was done so I was happy with that. We use to fly into Malta, get a visa and fly onto Benghazi, but then had to overnight in Malta to get visa. Then it started to take a few days to get visa, the Libyan embassy doesn't move very fast. 

But all in all a very good film, director Michael Bay, done a good job and the special features disc is worth a look to see the effort that went into making it true to the actual advent. Apart from the Suzuki bike, you just didn't see motor bikes in Libya, just as well as they are crazy drivers, apart from going round a roundabout in the wrong direction, you have to give way to people coming onto the roundabout...

So enjoy the movie, it has atmos soundtrack for all you lucky atmos people....

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The Night Manager


Been up late watching this. John Le Carre's novel translates well into a mini-series, and this because the casting is spot on, and it's no wonder that Hiddleston is being considered as a potential Bond. 

Tight script, good acting, great chemistry and there's actual decent location shots, which shows that there was some money put into this, which is unlike most UK productions. But like many good UK shows, it's not the explosions and big sets that make it good, it's all about the acting and story.



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Skiptrace movie review:


Jackie Chan is famous for his slapstick comedy roles that is peppered with nonstop action. Think Project A, Police Story, and you will recall a series of movies with breathtaking stunts, amazing choreography of action mixed with humor reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin. Now I won't put Skiptrace in the same league, but it harks back to his heyday and it's nice to see him back for one more rodeo. 


For the uninitiated, this movie goes at a breakneck pace, and I wish I could watch it in Mandarin and English, just to see the difference. Think of the plot as secondary to the whole buddy scene, and it's a throw back to the Rush Hour franchise, and the plot is a mash of Midnight Run with Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Johnny Knoxville makes a good counterfoil to JC, and they traverse China together, in a funny travel-doco way, that invites you to laugh with or at them, marvel at the various sites and relive some of the old Jackie's action magic.


Don't let the Rotten Tomatoes rating deter you, IMO, this is worth a rental at least or a keeper.


The BR disc itself has superb video quality, and the surround effects are solid, with great use of the surrounds. Not a lot of bass, but an involving experience, nonetheless.  

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