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Digital Tv In Ballarat

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I have a USB digital tuner (YESS brand) which I have connected to my laptop. When I am in Melbourne it work perfectly. i have recently moved to Ballarat, Victoria. I am now unable to tune into digital TV. I have gone back to melbourne and it works perfectly so I don't think its the hardware.

The onscreen info says that signal strength is 14%.. I have it connected to an external aerial which gives good analogue reception. I am almost 100% sure Ballarat has digital TV, so has anyone got any suggestions?

For those who live in the area, I am just off Sturt Street, near the Red Rooster (which is pretty close to the centre of town).



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All networks are available on digital in Ballarat on Band 5 UHF

(All Melb channels except SBS are VHF)

USB DVB-T tuners generally require a very strong signal to work.

You can't compare analogue reception to digital.

Just because one system may appear to be OK, doesn't mean the other system will be.

You need to ensure you have a Band 5 external antenna pointed towards Lookout Hill.

There could be numerous reasons why the signal level is low.

Start with the antenna and work your way down. EG: Correct band 5 antenna with sufficient gain for your location...(if the antenna is old, it is probably suitable for the digital channels) quality coax cable (RG6 Quadshield).. F type splitters (if used) connectors and outlet plates.. good quality flylead. If you are down in the "Dip" of Sturt Street, you may require a taller mast.

A competent pro installer can measure the digital signals at your location and advise you further.

Ballarat Digital Channels are as follows:

WIN UHF 37 Hor 592.500 MHz

SC10 UHF 40 Hor 613.500 MHz

ABC UHF 41 Hor 620.625 MHz

SBS UHF 43 Hor 634.625 MHz

Prime UHF 46 Hor 655.500 MHz


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