Antenna adaptor help ... please?

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Your existing wall socket could just be loose, it could be replaced with a wall plate using an insert like this:



If you look closely at the socket, compared to the image you posted of what is presumably your socket, you can see a circlip around the outer edge of the socket, which helps to grip the plug more firmly.


A view of the wall inserts I use shows this more clearly:

F to PAL insert.jpg


Another method, which may be the one you are after, is to use a F wall plate, such as this:

F wallplate.jpg


Which then requires the following flylead:

Flylead F to PAL.jpg


Hope this helps. I am presuming if a change of wallplate is anticipated, the correct connector & or tool is to hand to reconnect the cable at the rear of the existing wall plate to the new one, if there is not already a F connector on the coaxial cable in the wall cavity.


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Duck (he is a duck) gave some good options. 

I'm guessing you want a plug in solution and not have to unscrew the wall plate and perhaps attached wares from behind?

If that's the case there's no 100% solution as anything that uses the slide in connectors (like you have) could just slide out again with the cat. 

As duck says, it seems your plate connector is loose (but it might just be the cable end is a bit small and another cable (same type) might fit more securely.

If you want to replace the wall plate then its actually very easy to do. You'll find the antenna cable all trimmed correctly and a single screw should enable you to slide it out and slide it into a new plate with say "F connectors" (the screw type)

Have a watch of this video. The first minute details how to cut the antenna cable yourself (which you probably won't have to do.). Ignore the bit in the middle and At the 2:45 minute mark he shows you how to attach the cable to the back of the new plate.

Good Luck

Peter Gillespie

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