Stunning Monitor Audio PL300 speakers

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Item: Monitor Audio Platinum 300 floorstanders (pair)
Location: Sydney
Price: $7000
Item Condition: Very good (If there's a blemish in the finish, then I can't find it!)
Reason for selling: Need the funds!
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash preferred

Extra Info: These really are as gorgeous to look at as they are to hear (they passed the gatekeeper test with flying colours when I first brought them home - and that's saying something!)

There are much better pictures here where an ex demo pair is avail at $12,500.00 (reduced from $14,300.00)
Note, like the ones at New Fidelity, mine are the Mk1s, not the Mk2s - like those available here for $18,975.00
You can find more info here and there are tests here,35/
They are wonderfully musical with classical.......... and rock the house-down when you're in the mood for it!I can only imagine what a surround system with these in would sound like with something like Seven Years in Tibet playing.....
I do have the shipping cartons but they are pretty big so local buyer would be preferred. If you are interstate and prepared to take on the shipping costs, please get in touch and I will follow up if no local buyer comes forward. (I have the leveling and jumpers kit too)




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