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  1. Noticed the latest Topfield 53xx series twin tuner models released last year. TRF-5300 - 500GB TRF-5310 - 1TB TRF-5320 - 2TB. Looking to get another PVR. Already have a Topfield TRF-7160 500gb twin tuner recorder that works great. Since these are relatively new just wondering if anybody has one and what they are like?
  2. Hi, I'm looking at adding some new features to jdaSkip. Feel free to add comments or other requests: Binary skip – allow the user to press one of 2 keys, forward/back. Each change halves the last skip distance Skip Multiples – support pressing a number key then a skip key and it will jump that many instances. E.g. "9" then yellow (30secs) would skip 9*30secs Skip Minutes – if you just press a number key then it will skip this many minutes forward, overriding the PVR's skip percentage cheers John
  3. My old Topfield 5100's harddrive stopped working and I bought a new TRC-1400 (500gb memory). I live in Finland so the model number may be a bit different than in Australia, but here is the issue: On the old Topfield I could leave the box on a channel overnight and in the morning use timeshift to back up and view the most interesting parts of the morning program. Did this for years. Also used timeshift to back up if I missed the beginning of something (as long as the box had been set to the channel I wanted to back up on). With the new box, timeshift works perfectly until the box has been on the same channel for 4-5 hours, after which timeshift will not work. If I change channels it will again start to function (starting from that point in time), but of course that doesn't help me much. It doesn't matter whether the timeshift is set to 1 hour or up to the max 5 hours, the problem remains. I tried contacting Topfield support but no luck, and finally made a youtube video ( of the problem which I sent to Topfield and my retailer. The retailer took back the box and sent it for repairs, giving me a new TRC-1400 to borrow while I wait. BUT THE NEW BOX has exactly the SAME PROBLEM! So now I wonder if anyone has a suggestion/solution? We bought this box with timeshift as a major feature, so are very disappointed. Setting the box to prerecord anything that looks interesting is possible but means a lot of messing around compared to using timeshift. Thanks!
  4. We have recently purchased a SONIQ E40W13A. We have it linked to a Topfield 2460 (for the children). We are having a hideous time trying to locate any codes for the SONIQ so they can use the Topfield remote with the TV. Any suggestions/solutions would be appreciated.
  5. HI, I finally converted an old 5000 tap to run on the TMS Toppies (7260 & 2470 anyway). It toggles the subtitles with a single press. The original was by Toppytools. This was my second attempt at it. For some reason RKEY_Down didn't work. I tried FKey_ChDown today and it works. I've posted it here (with source) in case it's of use to others: Thanks, dRdoS7
  6. I've done a 'service search' after hearing about the digital retune required. I did it early - it's not due until August, but no harm should be done by this. However, I now find that I have duplicate channels - I have three to four of most channels (not just for each station, but for each channel, i.e., four ABC1, three ABC2, four ABC3, etc. How do I stop this? I do have SmartEPG and I thought that by ignoring most of the channels, I could resolve this at least on SmartEPG. But it doesn't seem to be saving my changes made in SmartEPG. After closing the channellist screen and doing a scan, I still have the multiple channels. So I'm a bit lost on what to do here? Are there any known issues that could explain this?
  7. I have just purchased a second hand TRF-2400 and yet to pick it up. I am wondering what I need to do and/or check to set it up for internet use and for my IceTV account. I also wonder how I will know what TAP's if any have been installed. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers Anton.
  8. G'day there, Apologies if this is not in the correct area. I have searched this forum, others and the internet in general for an answer on this and haven't been able to find one. I've had my Topfield 2400 for a few days now and have mostly ironed out any small issues I've found, except this last one! Basically the unit does not keep time in standby mode. For instance if I put it into standby (active in this case, so I can see the clock), at say 12.01 pm, it will never move from this time, but rather just display 12.01 indefinitely. If I switch it back on and go into EPG it will take anywhere from 10 to 25 seconds to update the time (move the red line to the correct spot). Basically this renders the unit useless in standby mode as if I have anything scheduled for recording, it never reaches the time and hence simply doesn't record it. Things I have tried: - With or without ICE TV enabled - AUTO time (from signal) - Manual time - Factory reset - Active or passive standby It's a brand new unit with the following in 'system status': Loader version v1.03 (firmware?) Device version v1.01 Last update Jan 7th 2013 I realise a temporary fix is to leave it on all the time, but would prefer to be able to leave it in standby. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, Considering the Topfield forum and TAPWorld are down, I am having great difficulty finding the Australian logp pack for TMSArchive. Can anyone help out or point me to a link for it. Cheers
  10. Hey guys, After cancelling foxtel due to not really watching the channels apart from free to air, i found that i was missing having the ability to record tv, so being new to HDTV recorders i did alot of research into which system suited me best. I settled on a Topfield TRF7160 and bought one for a great price at JB HiFi. Went to install the new PVR and this is when the strange issues occured. This is what i did: Unplugged the coax from the tv and plugged into the antenna in port of the pvr. Plugged in HDMI, TOSLINK, ethernet & power in. All Ok Turned on tv & pvr, went through the setup scan of channels to which the unit found none. Puzzled, as my HD TV with in builtin HD tuner works perfectly fine, i started to fiddle with the cable. After no more luck, i came to the conclusion that somehow my existing cheap coax cable was faulty and bought a new $40 one from Jb HiFi. No luck. I then plugged in a portable powered rabbits ears that i use in the spare room (which works ok), and ran the scan again. The toppy picked up SBS stations but nothing else, tested the channels to which were working. I then plugged the wall coax back in and found that is lost signal straight away. Plugged it directly back into the TV which worked fine on all channels. Thinking that there may be something strange going on with the coax port on the toppy, i loosely plugged it back into the toppy and i started to get a picture.. I then ran the toppy through a channel scan again and it found all channels with 90+ reception. At this point i settled on there must be something wrong with the unit and returned it to JB. Brought new one home today and same problem exists.. I have found that as long as the coax cable is loosely touching (or even not touching by around 2-3mm) the signal is perfect. I have no idea why this is happening but was wondering whether anyone had any ideas, as the way it is set up now is not ideal? Cheers in advance and apologies for the essay, but i thought as much info that i can give will help.