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  1. every single one of your posts is that, and you keep saying 'no affiliation' kinda funny :lol:
  2. yeah, the masts around here are pretty high.. im in the castle hill area btw
  3. Hi guys, a month or so ago, i had a few antenna 'specialists' come out to look at my situation, and they said it will end up costing 700$ for a new transistor, a new antenna rod or something else. I said to him (he was from mr antenna) that I dont want digital, just the normal free2air is fine and he said some **** like its the standard one, and he cant do it any lower. The only channels I can get at a pretty average reception is the coast channels , like prime and win etc can an honest guy around the western sydney area come out and take a look and/or offer me some advice recommendations? cheers
  4. money or power, both the hardest temptations to say no to
  5. cool , that will come in handy in the near future ( i hope , after my pay rise )
  6. kinda obvious question but have you actually called channel 7 up and asked them?
  7. channel 9 is always **** reception , well at least in my experience. sbs isnt usually much better
  8. can someone help me, im in the hills area (western sydney) and I need a new antenna installed, I got a few guys to come out and give us a quote , and they are saying 6-700$. I told them I dont want digital, just the least expensive option and the guy from mr antenna said thats all they have. Theres an antenna installed here already, but he said the transistor is gone on it or something and it needs a new this/that/and the other. anyone here do the hills area?