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  1. I have the RX-V765 with iPod dock and I find it good. I did look at the 565 amp when hunting and found it had reasonable reviews and I don't think its a POS. I assume there were no errors messgaes when you ran the YPAO? Is the problem limited to just TV ads and iPod songs or other areas as well? Would you say the system sounds good when you play a shop bought CD or DVD? I've heard people say the iPod delivers somewhat inferior sound because is compressed. I can't say I have any issues with sound iPod quality but it does seem less than a CD. How are you outputing sound from your TV to your amp? I'm using optical audio. The TV sound should be off when you play audio via the AV receiver. What type of speakers did you get? Are they OK? Did you use decent size/quality cable for the run?
  2. I've bought several HDMI cables over the last month. Some from EZYHD and some from Ugly. Both seem to deliver the same quality picture. Construction wise, I've found the EZYHD one to be of superior quality with metal connectors and robust braid. It was delivered fast and well packaged. Next time I need a HDMI cable, I'll be using EzyHD.
  3. As I understand, the 3 variables you need to account for are: 1) the impedance of the speaker 2) the wire size 3) distance of wire run. This table should give you a guide.
  4. Hi Prior, I 've sent you an email too. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance. Peter
  5. No. The reception issues with cloud/rain is a problem the in-laws have.
  6. I was adding an extra TV point socket last year and I got a shock when connecting the coax. I quickly gave up and got a pro in.
  7. Does anyone notice a change in reception quality when there is heavy cloud/heavy rain?
  8. We had an antenna guy relocate out mast to a better location and raise it from a 10' to a 15' mast. He used his signal meter to find the best spot with strongest reception. He also replaced all the coaxial cable with new quad sheilded RG6. The end result is perfect. No affilaition, we used AC Antennas, 2 Banks Road, Castle Hill. Phone: 02 9894 0800 Cost was very reasonable.
  9. I've used AC Antennas, 2 Banks Road, Castle Hill Phone: 02 9894 0800 They did a great job for me!!!!!!!!
  10. My biggest mistake was not buying a bigger TV - I got a 46" when I should have gone 52 or 55
  11. I bought a 46Z5500 in late December. Great TV. No clouding. Very happy.
  12. I'm based in Sydney I am interested in..... 4 x Equinox or Brix 1 x Microcentrix or Graphix 1 x Seismix 1 Thanks