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  1. Good to hear you like the way it looks at home Blade .I will most likely get the 60" Sammy this weekend and spend difference on upgrading the sound in that room. Brendon
  2. Hi DK Going through the same process myself between VT60 55" and The 60" Sammy and about $450 bucks difference is the best I can find so far. Whilst I suspect the Panny's are more reliable and it will play nicely with the wife's Panny HDD/bluray player and all the pro reviews give the VT60 an edge in ultimate PQ I am struggling to justify the extra money for what wont be my primary HT . I also don't have a well controlled room for light so the extra light output on the Sammy could be handy. would really love to see them side by side with a variety of material and realistically setup. IF anybody knows of some body in Perth that has both well setup I would be grateful. Interested to here what you choose DK. Cheers Brendon
  3. Thanks PM replied
  4. Thanks for the suggestion Storm I will check them out. This setup is being driven by WAF...I have my man cave with a projector,100 inch screen dark ceilings and walls ,seating risers, sound treatments and Monster sub where I do my serious watching. See link in sig. This set up is for casual TV watching predominately free to air and the occasional Blu-ray or PS3 game. If it was my choice alone it would be a decent set of book shelf speakers with matching centre and a sub but the wife wants a fully on wall no wires install which is going to be fun on an internal single brick wall where the builders failed to put in the conduits I requested (which in my ignorance would have been too small dia for HDMI anyway ). Any body in Perth SOR know a good tradesman for chasing and plastering internal walls and installing conduit and wall boxes ? I have been seriously looking at Panasonic TV's as well in the plasma VT/ST and LCD WT ranges . I prefer the look of plasma to LCD and as the room its going into is possible a little bit brighter than optimum for a plasma at times so the significantly brighter Samsung F8500 is attractive .All the pro reviews I have read rate the F8500 very close to the VT series Panasonics in outright performance and as I can get a 60" Samsung for $600 cheaper than 55" VT and $1000 than the WT. I have several stores near me that have all the models I am looking at side by side and I cant see $600 difference over the VT. What do like up to say $3000 price point? Cheers Brendon
  5. Hi all long time between posts...Now that I have got my dedicated Ht room sorted its time to get the family room TV setup upgrade underway. I am looking at picking up a 60" Samsung F8500 plasma in the next couple of weeks which will be wall mounted and I am after wall mounted speakers or sound bar to improve the TV's sound and play music .Initially I am looking at a 3.0 setup and would not want to go much over $1000 . Any suggestions gratefully received.
  6. [quote name=' timestamp='1346239951' post='1829845] nice cabinets homer and brendon. the idea of the whole rack slidding out is a beauty brendon ps re tops coming off. was also one reason I went for my cubelok and removable shelves. my shelves can just pop out the top giving good access from top as well if needed brendon with the encapsulated rack how do you go for heating/ventilation given an avr in there ? I have had to leave the glass door off for now.The PS3 actually was the item that felt the heat the most. I have been meaning to purchase a cooling fan kit with thermostaitic control for some time..... As it is with the door off heat no problems at all as I have very generous spacing between shelves and a cut out at the back of each shelve for cabling and to allow the heat to rise to the top where there is a vent to the roof cavity.Imediately next to the roof vent is an eaves vent for the whirley birds on the roof so I think that should get a bit of airflow past the vent to help suck the air out of the cabinet. Part of the reason I have been procrastinating is that I am strugling to find a spot to put an inlet vent down low in the cabinet that wont be an eyesore.
  7. Wow some nice units there . The sliding top idea is a ripper for a low line unit.I will have to keep it in mind for a setup for my lounge room. In case you have not seen it before here's my custom unit Still have yet to install the additional fans I was going to and have simply left the glass door off for now. looking forward to see the finished unit . Cheers Brendon
  8. Picked this up from JB's on Saturday along with Robert & The Band of Joy at The Artists Den . Enjoying both .The picture quality on the Secret world disc as described in the reviews I read is very soft but the concert is well filmed and the sound track sounds great and the staging would have been state of the art at the time. This review pretty much covers it Must say its a relief to watch a concert film without interviews scattered through as every disc I have bought recently inc the Robert plant does.If the directors want to do this they should also offer a seamlessy branched version thats straight concert footage as IMHO it ruins the feeling of being in the audience. The plant disc has excellent sound but the picture taken from a 1080i source is a hair softer than the best of the current discs. Excellent band playing a handful of zepplin tracks along with a number of americana roots songs Also picked up New blood a few weeks ago and enjoyed that as well and it was funny to see Peter wearing the same head cams as he was in Secret World.
  9. Saw it last night in a very run down cinema in an arcade in Perth city . Have not taken much notice of the first three MI's and this is the first i have seen at a cinema. The PQ at this cinema was at an all time low ,the front two thirds of the cinema was blocked off as the seats all looked trashed and where we sat you had to sit bolt upright or else lose the bottom part of the screen which over all looked super grainy as if it was mouldy .It was obviously a film print and had lots of damage and specks after only a few days WTF? To cap it off had two dopey woman behind me who gave a moronic running commentry for half the film until I told them very firmly to shut up...(did not take the hint when I turned around and glared at them 10 mins in) So in short cant wait to see it on home . Worth seeing just for the Dubai sequence alone .Would have looked amazing in a IMAX theatre.Did not think it rated its 95% on RT but a solid action flick Oh and AQ was bloody ordinary as well at this cinema had no idea that there was such a bad cinema in perth
  10. I just picked up my new 7D .batteries still charging.... Love the big bright view finder compared to a 30D.
  11. Here is a very interesting article from DP Review about "soft" lenses and myths associated with.Also looks at how lenses interact with bodies and AF systems. Written by one of the biggest lens hire outfits in the US that has done extensive testing on the subject.
  12. Thanks guys Already have a 70-200 f2.8L and also a EFS 17-55 f2.8 IS (I know its not L but its a pretty decent lens for a crop camera and basically cost L money ) I now have a month to tame the beastie before three weeks holiday in NZ
  13. Just about to put a deposit on 7d body hopefully pick it up wednesday
  14. No.We ship/recieve a lot of sensitive aircraft parts the same with way no issues where I work. Came back from canon in a plastic bag as well (not heat sealed though).Also very little volume left in bag when I sealed it and I cant see it being at very different temp quickly unlike walking out of a hotel room or car in asia.
  15. I put in a heat sealed plastic bag then three layers of bubble wrap and then in a sturdy cardboard box with a heap of fragile stickers.Received it back in a card board box full of foam peanuts. If I had the original canon packaging the camera body came in would use that and may just put it in another box so its not obvious what it is . I also insured it when posting.