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  1. Thanks Alan, Have hooked up the newly purchased series 6 samsung LCD and the integrated HD tuner seems to work better than the el cheapo Set top box I tested with. Can get stable pictures from the Mt tamborine transmitter with the current OMX300 antenna in its current poor position with the old RG59 cable. Will see what happens under varying weather conditions. have got the ANUY 18/5 and the new Quad shielded RG6 ready to go, but can probably put the job as low priority over the holidays.
  2. Am wanting to set up for digital reception from dwelling at Currigee on South Stradbroke Island. Current analog reception is adequate and antenna is pointed in the direction of the Mt Tamborine transmitter. (Hills OMX300WB). The existing antenna is mounted in an awkward position on the edge of 15 degree 8 M high sloping roof, 3/4 of the way up the slope and only about 2 ft off the roof surface (less on the elevated side). Behind the antenna is the remainder of the sloping roof and extensive array of solar panels and a stainless chimney. Have hooked up a STB and can get the three ABC channels from Tamborine, Mt Nardi and Mt Cootha but all just affected by pixellation ( approx 40/70 quality/strength on STB). The wiring is RG59 with a screw on F connector at the antenna. Also there is a run of about 6 metres where the RG59 runs straight silactic to the valley of the colourbond roof sheeting. Direct line of site to the Mt Tamborine transmitter is obstructed by the top of a tree 30-50 metres away. Have looked at the coverage maps and am just outside the main area and into the adequate areas for both the Mt Tamborine (H5) and Mt Cootha (H34). Plan to changed to RG6 (25-30M) and change the antenna mount to a pole that will be supported off the solar panel frame work and will put the antenna above the roof line, chimney and solar panels. In this location should I aim for the Mt Tamborine H5 Transmitter with something llike a Clipsal Yagi 2ANUY 18/5 or would I better off using a phased array 2ANUX43? Or should I be concentrating on the Mt Cootha Signal with a H34 antenna. It is not straight forard to get an installer with a meter over to this location. Thanks for advice.